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Forks over Knives

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So I have had gastric bypass and I seen this 'Forks over knives' documentary and wanted to try this new plant based lifestyle. I have researched and those who have done this had weight loss success and overall improvement in health. The lifestyle consist of a purely plant based diet that removes all animal based products. So no eggs, no animal milk (soy milk is used to replace it), no animal fats, and they even say no processed foods. My concern was how I would be able to get in my Protein, I know Beans are a wonder and I love black Beans. Has anyone tried this lifestyle change? I would like to give it a week or two and see if I feel a difference.

I take a Multivitamin. It covers all the Vitamins you need. It's not as hard as some people make eat seem. I like it because I hate cooking and it's much easier plant based.

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On a vegetarian diet, vegan diet, there is NEVER ANY recognition of Protein deficiencies. B12 yes, but never protein.

I have no idea why people can say there is no protein in anything but red meat or poultry. If you look up the makeup of foods, there is protein in a lot of things.

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I couldn't see enjoying much of any of that stuff......but a can see a recipe book or two being a nice addition to the arsenal.
I'd never be able to eat the volume of food these plant folks live off.......but I could see making a vegetable juice drink to perhaps improve my nutrition. Hell, in my case.....I could substitute it for one or two of the cups of coffee I eat everyday.
I can see how folks jump into the ring and dive headfirst into the "movement". We are, on average, a society of unhealthy folks....and joiners. We love to be in groups that we identify with.
The only group I'm trying to exclude myself from is the folks in the graveyard. I'd like to stall that occurrence for a long time.
A homemade V-8 type drink seems reasonable for me.....as well as adding in green crunchy, leafy vegetables to my normal Proteins.
Just for shyts and grins I'd like to get my blood work done soon and then give one of the modified versions of the Engine2 28-day challenges a try and then more blood work after. It'll be fun. I've got the time and not scared to experiment. We'll see.

You don't have to eat that much, if you eat the right things.

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Wife & I have been on this whole plant food over a year now. She is off 90% of her meds. ( Back problems )

My weight is 153. Hers is 125.

Her last check up her doctor there was something wrong because she had lost so much weight. She couldn't understand the whole plant base food.

There is a cardiologist in town that teaches & offers this to her patients. She's tells them you can take these pills & see me for the rest your life or eat this way & never see me again. We will be seeing her soon.

Several friends have reversed there heart problems.

3 have cured there diabetes & off meds.

This is the easiest way to eat after a year. We don not count calories or worry about gaining weight any longer.

By eating this way everything else takes care of itself.

If you way of eating stops & reverses heart disease good for you.

The family believes if we had not found this way of eating I would of been a widower. This is why I come across so strong about this. This works. And it is sad that folks die & get sick because this information is not getting out, or it is challenged with fake information. The Tobacco company use to do this. Mix up the message to fool the public. Like the meat & dairy folks do to day. There is to much money in pills, to allow us to eat plants. $500 thousand is made off each cancer patient. Think about why diets are so confusing?

Bless all of you guys & Ladies.

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As for Protein if you get enough? Don't worry about it. Turns out protein is everywhere. Everything you eat has protein in it. All you will need is B12 if you eat health.

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      My life is WONDERFUL
      I am 10 weeks post op today. I have lost 43 pounds!
      I walk 3-5 miles daily and I have picked up Hoola Hooping! I am on a dang roll and I love it.
      Sorry I have been absent on here but I really have made it a point to take care of ME. My exercise time is precious so I have to get it in before working or anything else.
      I wish there was MORE than WORDS to express to you just how wonderful I feel!
      I even created a new blog post today! https://sabrinagoddess.com/create-a-life-that-you-love

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      Ok I had surgery on Jan 27 2020 so I am 3 weeks out and have lost 32 lbs  I wish I had this done sooner. Now just trying to figure out different things to eat so I am not eating the same thing over and over. I did order some stuff today from the Bariatric Store and that stuff should be here in time for my next phase. I have a goal of 50 lbs by the first of June hope that is attainable. Good luck to every one on this journey 
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        That wonderful. That's a lot of weight for such a short time.Hooray.

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    • Arabesque

      So went to my surgeon today for one month follow-up. Last time I was there he wanted me to put on 4kgs but oops I’ve lost another 2kgs. Told him it was intended, was trying to maintain, upped my food intake, was stable for almost 3 weeks but last weekend broke it.
      Mum turned 80. Drinks at neighbours, a couple of crackers & dip, home late, no dinner. Out all morning, followed by celebratory family lunch, home late, no dinner. Whole dietary routine out the window. Did have a protein bar & tuna frittata muffin in between but didn’t eat much at all those two days.
      What dumbfounded me was he was ok with it. I told him I didn’t want to put on his 4kg because of the weight gain many experience in the 12+months in maintenance. He agreed with me. What the??? Invasion of the body snatchers??? Totally opposite position from last month. 
      He was also ok with my stopping my multivitamins. Agreed with my thinking that is better to feel ok & eat then be nauseated & not eat. He’ll just monitor my bloods to ensure no problems which is what they do anyway.
      Not complaining. 
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