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Does having a baby ruin your sleeve and weight loss?

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I delivered my daughter 3 weeks ago, weighing 10lbs less than I was when I got pregnant. A healthy 7lb8oz little girl. Today I am 20lbs less than the start of my pregnancy. I've been feeling a little paranoid that my sleeve stretched but it hasn't. As my baby grew, my restriction grew. I didn't realize it, I just felt restriction. Immediately after giving birth I was surprised at how much I could actually eat. I still focus on protien, healthy eating, etc. I am breastfeeding and honestly I feel hungrier now than I did the entire pregnancy! So anyway- I felt like I could eat a TON more than I could just days earlier while pregnant. I really looked at my portions and concluded it was the baby restricting me further, just like my bladder can hold a lot more now that she's born- so can my stomach! I still have restriction it just seemed like too much because as she grew she gradually restricted me further and I never noticed because it was gradual, it became the new normal.

I was 1 year out when I got pregnant, almost exactly.

For other sleevers now wanting to wait, I would suggest waiting until you are out of your rapid weight loss phase before trying for pregnancy, but totally understand not wanting to wait 2 years! I was sleeved in November and lost rapidly until march, and then march-September I only lost 15lbs) pregnant in October. Pre pregnancy I lost roughly 120lbs.

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I was sleeved 3/2012 and found I was pregnant 10/2013 so I was about 18 months out from surgery and down 115lbs (2 lbs from my goal if 145lbs). I started gaining weight very rapidly during pregnancy and felt no restriction at all by the time the second trimester came. I gained 71lbs. I am 6 weeks post partum and have lost 30 of the 71lbs. It was a struggle to start losing again due to hormones and lack of sleep. I started back taking adipex so that I could retrain myself to feel full. I've lost 9lbs in the past 10 days. Most of my weight is in my thighs. My body fat went from 27% to now 44%

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Wonderful topic to read about.. Im 33 have poloy ovarian syndrome 220 and decided before having children is prob best rather than after! Hope im right!

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what would happen after a pregnancy.


you've heard many good comments from "above" and you'll hear many more

there is a reason the doc says to wait a couple of years (healing, whatever his thoughts) :blink:

signing a paper is ridiculous

what are they gonna do if you get preggo???

take the baby away!!! :lol:

you are 30 (you "might" be feeling the clock ticking???) :huh:

many people PO get preggo, and lose the weight successfully :)

others gain a lot - then having problems losing the weight :wacko:

or gaining and not having problems reducing :)

as its always been said - we are all different

but.......its true that after surgery, it is/can be easier to become pregnant

some people shortly PO say OOOOOPS :(

other people want to lose the weight to help them have an easier time getting preggo - LATER

"sorry to be so blunt" as you said above

but i would use some sort of birth control!!!!

IMO for what its worth :wacko:

i would "try" and hold off getting pregnant right now

but definitely keep "practicing", and practicing!!! ;)

your sleeve won't stop working after having a baby

as long as you continue all your good habits you've learned

you need to eat the nutrients you've been doing

for baby and YOU

try not to let cravings get the better of you (easier said than done)

baby or you don't need that gigantic bowl of chip and dip :lol:

as me and others, you will always have to work for the rest of your life

to be successful losing the weight, and then maintaining

eating correctly, small portions, drinking etc

2.5 years PO - maintaining goal

i am not too worried about getting pregnant

then again I'm a happy, wife, mother, and a very "PROUD GRAMMY" :)

60 years YOUNG!!! :)

good luck with your future - baby now or later

good health and happiness forever :)

congrats on your wonderful weight loss

keep up the good work


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I am so late responding to this but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU everyone. It's now September. My husband and I started trying a few months ago but nothing yet. My once irregular periods are now as regular as clockwork (I can almost predict the exact day, whereas it used to be once every 2 months or so).

I'm down almost 100lbs (thank you God) and I have been trying to increase my activity level so I can try to keep the pounds off.

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I'm jealous of you ladies!! I became preg 18 months out (3rd child) and I became soooo hungry and all I could keep down was noodles. I gained 45 lbs and am down 20, 14 weeks out. I'm finding it so hard to lose. I ate better than my other pregnancies and still gained so much. Very discouraged. I'm nursing and surgeon wants me on 900 calories and that is near impossible.

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I am currently 17 months post-op. 37 years old. I am at the maintaining level and happy with weight. I had 2 pregnancies prior to surgery (many years apart). Spouse and I are thinking we would like another. original weight 240- now between 138-144. Water weight sucks. I am off the BC because of side affects. Any one have any input on side affects of losing weight after?

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Oh this is a great topic 😂

I got sleeved last march, getting married in May 😊 Woohoo!

im 30 and we are talking about trying for baby a few months out or so after the wedding.

I'm at 190lb from 283 (woohoo) but still have more to lose. My loss has slowed down significantly probably as I'm getting closer to goal weight. My fear and worry is about baby getting adequate nutrition. I'm still having issues tolerating certain foods, and I eat like a bird ..literally. I feel full very fast and I have thrown up several times since my surgery. Feeling nauseous after eating has just become something I expect now. Just worried of the impact it would have on baby. Still need to talk to my surgeon and get her blessing.

do they change your diet when you're pregnant ? Adding different foods or changing the frequency?

im sure these are things she will discuss with me but I am definitely a worrier and a planner- anyone have some advice ?

I also have pcos so I am hoping and praying we will be able to have a baby,anyone have experience with pcos and the weight loss surgery ?

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I had my gastric sleeve 01/20/16 245#s, got pregnant 11/2016 weighed 180, during my pregnancy I had horrible nausea the whole time and I felt more restriction when I would eat which caused me to vomit a lot. During the pregnancy my weight stayed at 176, after I gave birth I lost wore weight now I'm 156, but I noticed now I can eat more and I've been giving into cravings soda and chips [emoji50], I'm trying to get back on track with food otherwise I know I'm going to slowly gain a ton back. Does anyone know if there's a way to reset your sleeve? I'm scared to gain it all bck.

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I was at the same place as you [emoji4]. I had my son 5/1- I gained a whopping 1lb while pregnant( lost 15). I got pregnant weighing 149-150, I weigh 131 now [emoji4]

Tell me more about your diet! Currently 6 weeks...want baby to get adequate nutrition without weight gain! 1 lb! [emoji847]

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