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Talking about sex too soon? DATING

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It's very frustrating' date=' I'm also on the online dating scene and haven't found very many men that are not propositioning me for sex right out the gate. I didn't put anything like that in my profile, so I don't know why I'm attracting that element. And don't get me started about the guy who put "no big girls" in his profile that won't quit messaging me even though I've told him its not gonna happen. I'm gonns delete my profile soon. It's discouraging. Sorry, I had to vent for a minute. Lol

Like others have said before me, just make sure your up front about your intentions, even if that includes not jumping in the sack right away. Was it last night you were supposed to meet him? How'd it go?[/quote']

Tell the "no big girls" guys that you think that's sleazy then hopefully they'd leave you alone. And, as somebody who did online dating for a while, being explicit about the fact that you are NOT just there for sex or hook ups might help.

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I've had an online relationship now for two months. We've been out 3 times and they've all been in public. Today we are meeting at my house, I can hardly wait to see him. The last time we kissed, we both knew what was next. I'm scared for him to see my "firm body in compression-wear---80 yo type wrinkles nude!! This will be my first sexual experience since surgery May 2012. This man has called me/texted me everyday for the last month while I took care of my mother as she was dying, he also called me everyday while I was away for her memorial service in the Midwest. He is incredibly supportive of me and he lives 60 miles away!! Boy, I hope I'm as blessed as it seems. We spoke of sex once online, but that was it. On one of our dates, he took me out for dinner then came back to the hospital to meet Mom (she was in a coma at that time). But he held my hand and sat with me.

So, I doubt he'll run when he sees me jiggling without clothes. And if he does, there's not a thing I can do about it.

My Mom had a simple bladder prolapse repair and died 1 week later from infection!! It will be a very long time before I'll have any kind of surgery. So, what you see is what you get!!

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So how did the Starbucks Dea go?

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It went well. And then not so well.

Long story short: I ended up alone.

He doesn't talk to me and his friend that professed his love one drunken night and ruined what I had with the guy, told me that he didnt want to settle with someone who looks like me when he could have someone so much better.

Lesson learned: I'm still a blimp, but a baby blimp compared to the humongous blimp I was, and guys will just want to f*ck me and not settle into a relationship.

Huge blow to my ego, but I kind of needed it in a way. I was getting an over inflated head as to how I look (I'm down 70 post op, 100 including preop) and I'm over here thinking I'm a super model when the reality is: I'm a 5'4 size 18 apple shape. I am soft and squishy, have no shape, my hair is falling out, and I have acne. I have loose skin, and wearing nicer looking outfits doesn't disguise any of this. The reality: I'm a work in progress. Plain and simple.

It really did hurt my feelings. All of my friends who haven't seen me in 6 months are just like OMG! You look AMAZING!!!! And I really believed it. I've never seen a fat person looking back at me in the mirror even when I was 300+ pounds. But I am still the fat friend. And I am still token fat girl when I go out.

The crazy thing: I love my roll. My belly roll I mean. I'll honestly be sad when it's gone.

Surprisingly, I still talk to his friend a lot. As rude as his comment was, he is making a positive impact in my life. I feel more hopeful than ever for a better future. And for that, I am happy.

I think for now I am going to stay single and focus on me. Love will come eventually. I don't want to settle with just anyone because I am so desperate for a relationship. I want to find someone who loves me for me and loves my body, loose skin n all. I'm sure that there's someone out there for me, and I'm willing to wait to find them

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I feel so sad for you :-( That dude is a ****** bag how dare he! Babygirl please keep your head high, the right guy is out there looking for you. Your paths will cross when the time is right. I am so glad you figured him out before it was to late.

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It doesn't matter if you are fat girl or skinny girl, SOME guys are just a**holes no matter what. Just remember it's their issue and not yours. I agree with you that it's best for you to work on you right now and when you least expect it, BAM! There's Mr. Right! Good luck and keep us posted because your doing awesome! Good luck :-)

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I think you are right to stay focused on you right now but don't let one guys opinion make you feel bad. One day, love will find you. :)

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