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First Holiday After Being Sleeved Was Interesting

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I don't know about you all but Thanksgiving had a totally different feel for me. Won't be the same. Nit bad just different. So aware of how food plays such a major role in our lives. So grateful it no longer rules mine.

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Agreed! I wasn't with my family this year since we just moved out of state but, we went to a co workers house and I couldn't help but feel out if place. Not because I wasn't with family, but because it made me realize that my family has always revolved Thanksgiving around food not thanks or giving. I also couldn't help but notice how much food people put in their plates...and that they ate ALL if it. Now that I'm in tune with portions, it made me realize how I ended up this way. It was a true eye opener for me in several ways. Next year I'm thinking of a way to give thanks rather than give people I know and love further health problems!

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I had an amazing thanksgiving! I ate but never felt out of place. Everyone noticed my weight loss and was SO supportive and happy for me. All in all, it was wonderful. :)

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It was different for me as well. I sat there with my 2 oz of turkey and 1 oz of green bean casserole, watching everyone else with full plates. The interesting part is that no one went back for seconds this year. There were a number of people who were loosing weight or have lost weight this year and I am glad that my success is having a positive influence on others.

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I overdid it a bit but I had to take a step back and realize that my overdoing it this year was maybe an ounce or two over what I should eat (OMG I was miserable after) where before there would have been plate after plate of food. It didn't bother me as much as I thought it would at all! I was very pleasantly surprised by that.

I also fell back on something my favorite weight watchers leader used to tell us "It's a holiDAY not a holiWEEK.". Meaning, don't let the holiday be your excuse to just throw everything out the window for days at a time. We're eating leftovers, but in reasonable portions. Keeping up with exercising to help with the little food sins that were committed. Things like that. :-)

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Thanksgiving had different feel for me. aware of how food plays such a major role in our lives. So grateful it no longer rules mine.


DH and I went out to a buffet. It was nice , but it was strange the "food situation"

As we barely enterred the room, i saw the dessert table right there in front of me. I immediately turned aound with mixed feelings - but i was definitely laughing/crying inside???said to DH - OGM I don't believe this :lol:

Looking at that mass amount of desserts!!!! OMG

when i used to be a "normal" person ;) i would have gone out for a buffet with the intent that "boy oh boy, i can eat as much as i want!!! no more

Had delicious roast beef, sweet potatoe, and almond green Beans - little, little, little of course. i love stuffing, BUT the "sign" said cornbread sausage stuffing -NoThank you - i knew i would hate it!!!

Then a bunch of other stuff i knew i shouldn't/wouldn't eat-so i lucked out, food wasn't that tempting to me

I used one of those small plates you put a roll on

before the meal, waitress came with Water, I told her i just had stomach surgery and i couldn't eat much. I would like a take out container, she told me she had to check with her supervisor.

came back 5 minutes later with a nice container and cover

when you are at a buffet you really shouldn't be granted the request of leftovers - but i was honest and they were gracious :) not to mention we paid good money, and the amount of food i ate might have fed a bird LOL

at the end of the meal i went back and filled a regular size plate with roast beef and little little amount of sweet potatoe too - put in in the container, will have 3-4 meals LOL

After dinner i went to the table - put a cut up square of raspberry yummy something, and a piece of cherry pie.

I had 3-4 bits of each - yumm yumm ate and chewed so slowly, i enjoyed it and didn't regret anything i ate. :)

I give thanx for many things for our life that we are lucky to have

but then i got a little sad :(

don't mean to get toooo profound but all i couldn't help but think

there are so many obese people in the world (not to mention that room)

there are so many starving people

something is wrong with this picture :(

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