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Life threatning erosion but ready for Sleeve

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A port infection that isn't immediately post-op should be a huge red flag for possible erosion. The bacteria from your stomach love to travel down the tubing and start little colonies around the port. Hmm, another person in the 5 - 7 year range losing their band... can't say I'm surprised.

I believe Medicare doesn't cover the sleeve at this time. THere has been some confusion because they have the CPT code (used for coding and billing), but that doesn't mean it's approved.

My band slipped, and was removed yesterday. I'm pursuing the sleeve. If I couldn't do it on my own in the last 20 years, I have no reason to think that has suddenly changed. I know I need help to get to a healthy weight, and my family understands that. Your family's reservations are understandable considering the dangers of erosion and sepsis. Help them see the logical side of it. Right now they're stuck in the emotional side.

Sleeves don't erode, either. :)

Do you remember me from lapband talk, I was part of your little group back when the site was small, after my removal when I returned found this huge, very different site and lost track of some of the originals. Penny, DeLarla, you and me and don't remember so many more. Well here I am again to sleeve or not to sleeve?

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      Hey October Surgery friends...how are you doing? I've lost 15 lbs since surgery on 18th.42 lbs overall. Wearing clothes that feel great. Had a bout of cold and stomach flu and still having some nausea off and on after that but getting better, I think. 
      Seems like I fill up and have minor pain quicker when I eat hot foods rather than cold. Anyone else notice this?
      Still sooo glad I did this.
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      Hi I just saw that you are in Las Vegas too. We are going to the same center. Dr Laduc in same office as Dr Atkinson, is doing my sleeve on Nov. 28th.  I wish you the best!
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      24 days and counting down til surgery 
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      Just over 2 weeks post-op….I’m getting there
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      always look forward to your updates, Hope you are well.
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