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How much hair did you lose?  

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  1. 1. How much hair did you lose?

    • none/very little
    • mild-more than usual, but it wasnt obvious
    • moderate-hair looked thinner in the mirror
    • severe-bald spots, needed a wig or pony tail

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That's funny. I live in the Pacific Northwest too and I have never heard of it.

I think anything anyone tries is going to take longer than 30 days to notice a difference.

I can't believe I am almost 16 months post op and it's still falling out. It must have something to do with anesthesia because I had my gall bladder out in Nov. My surgeon said it takes 9 months to stop , and it will be 9 months since my gall bladder surgery at the end of this month.

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i never lost any of my hair in fact it more shiny then it ever been in it life. i guess all the supplements and Protein shakes worked wonders for me of course it could of been just sheer luck who knows. but i swear by coconut oil i use on my skin, my hair for oil treatment it my eye cream

my mother been using it on us since we've been childern and we all still use it to this day my bf even use it now and it so funny because he always at school or work tellng people about it like his magic potion or something lol.

What are the names of the products you use?

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going into this i know i would be eating very little so i brought tons of things to replace veggies and what not. i do Garden Veggies Vegetable Supplement Nature's Way i use the powder now the same with my fruits one. pernatal vitmans, wheatgrass shots, Borage oil (great source of fat when i can afford it if not i just use Omega 3caps) Electrolyte Stamina Power Pak (or whatever one of those type of things on sell) Protein Shakes (again i personally love them) i think people are also talking about Vitamins all the time but you got to have those trace minerals. my fav ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Supplement Drops (when i can afford it if not i get whatever on sale) i eat seweeds as well (a lot) and kelp.i don;t eat chicken or beef anymore just seafood. i brought a vitman book and kinda did a recap of all the imporant minerals and stuff our body really need to fuction. again this is and was something that works for me sound like a lot but it not i make a great smoothie with it every time i wake up and get it out of the way. My bf swears i'm pickling my self to live forever but he drinks them now to.

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I didn't even know those things existed.

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lol oregon everytime i;m talking to one of my friends or something they say the same thing and asks me what DO i do in my spare time lol.:lol0:

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ryansgirl, Coconut oil, I would love to get some decent coconut oil for my skin and hair, do you have a particular brand you use?

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Thank you, do you just use the oil itself or do you buy body products and mix the coconut oil into.....I cook with coconut oil (and funny enough, spectrum is the brand I have here at home).

I can only find it in jars, where do you find it by the pound?

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I haven't had any hair loss at all that I can tell. I wonder if it's because I'm a lightweight and have been losing weight very slowly?

That's my question!!! What if I lose a lot but slowly will it make a difference in Hair loss? I'm 2 weeks out and have only lost 9 lbs. And my surgeon said I will only lose 1-2 lbs per week, so will I still lose my hair? ???

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That's my question!!! What if I lose a lot but slowly will it make a difference in hair loss? I'm 2 weeks out and have only lost 9 lbs. And my surgeon said I will only lose 1-2 lbs per week, so will I still lose my hair? ???

There's a lot of other factors beyond the amount of calories you take in and pounds you lose. People are more likely to lose hair after WLS because of the potential for malnutrition, but it's common to lose hair after any surgery. People lose hair from C-sections, having their gallbladder out, etc, even though their weight and calorie intake are unaffected.

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I thought this might provide some answers.....

Weight Loss, hair Loss and Low Carb

In ANY weight loss program that you follow, Hair loss often occurs at the same time. This is a natural result and the hair will grow back in once you reach your target weight. Often the hair is even thicker than before!

In fact, compared to other diets, the low carb diet is BEST for your hair. Three key Vitamins to take to help your hair are Protein, Iron and zinc - and these are in high supply on a low carb diet. Note that these Vitamins will not STOP the temporary hair loss while you diet. The hair loss is a normal part of your body's reaction to losing the weight. However it will help the hair grow in more fully when you have reached your target.

Two things that impede Hair growth are an excess of Vitamin A, and stress. So a way to reduce the hair loss situation is to find ways to relax in your life, and to make sure that your Vitamin A intake is not overabundant.

First, It's good to note that a hair doesn't simply grow forever. Each hair on your head grows for 4-5 years, then falls out. So your hair is always renewing itself. The long growth stage is called anagen and the short stopping phase that follows is called catagen. Then the hair falls out, which is telogen. The hair follicle then goes back into anagen and makes a long hair for the next 4-5 years.

What happens during weight loss is Telogen effluvium. It also happens after any stress to the body. Some of your hair follicles go into catagen to conserve body resources. So the hairs stop growing and "rest". Once your body feels safe again, those hairs go back into anagen - but because there was the pause in the middle, the brand new growing hair pushes the old hair out of the follicle. So in reality you have just as much hair as you did before - and it's probably far healthier hair. But the new hairs are short :)

Normally around 10% of your head of hair is in the catagen or telogen phase, in essence resetting itself to prepare for new hair to grow in. Because you have so much hair on your head, you don't even notice. During weight loss that percentage gets higher, but this is only temporary. Your body starts creating new hair in its normal cycle once it settles into a healthy weight and those hairs start growing again. Remember that hair doesn't reach a long state overnight! So all those new, healthy hairs need time to grow out to whatever length of hair you have chosen.

Usually it takes 6 months for your head of hair to have grown back out to typical fullness. Hair grows around 1/2" per month, so at the 6 month mark, the hair is around 3" long which is enough to seem thick on most heads. Again, it's not that the hair is MISSING during this intermediate time. It's just that it is brand new and growing from scratch.

DermNetNZ.org on Telogen effluvium

InteliHealth.com on Telogen effluvium

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I am 5 weeks out... have noticed a small amount of Hair loss. I've been using a product called Curetage that my sister recommended. The product is available online. She has thinning hair naturally, and this product did wonders for her. I'm hoping it will slow things down for me, too!

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      tl:dr at bottom,
      I could use some advice. I went to see my dietician today (not a bariatric surgery dietician, I can explain why I am seeing her if you want to know). She knows I am going to have weight loss surgery as long as I hit the goal weight my insurance told me I need to be at. I have to be at the goal weight by June 24, 2023, in order for my insurance to pay for my surgery.
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      Should I really be trying to eat enough protein for a 300-lb person or should I be eating protein for a goal-weight person (mine is 170)?   
      also, my clothing is loose like I lost the 20 lbs mine and the doctor's scale shows, and not 10 lbs like everyone else's scale shows. Also, I have always naturally been more muscular even when I was 120 lbs and did not eat any protein aside from what is in plants. 
      tl:dr- should I be eating enough protein to support a 300lb person or should I be eating protein for a "normal" sized person? AND should I trust the Doctors scale more so than the Dietician's scale? 
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      Post-gastric sleeve, lost 86 kg, gained 30 kg back. Cravings & balance struggles. Any tips? Let's chat! 💪😊
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        Hi I can relate... When were you sleeved?

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      Hi everyone!
      My name is Katie and I am looking for an accountability partner! I am having the RNY on April 3, 2023 - If there is someone looking for daily communication and support PLEASE contact me! I am so excited for this but I would love to have someone who knows exactly when I'm going through to support / be supported by along the way!
      I'm a 34year old mother of 2 living in central Maine. 
      Thank you!
      -Katie 💜
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        I would love to be your accountability partner. I had the sleeve in 2021, so maybe I can give you some insights.

        Please message me back, looking forward to hearing from you!


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        Hi! How exciting I see that your surgery date is coming up soon!

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      1 day a time.  
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