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You LIKE the animated films? Ok. I like them too, but that singing. *shudder*

Reminded me of those science films where the guy's voice would sound all choppy.

ok, enough LOTR, back to language.....

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The only really funny one we have is one that almost instantly gets us over being mad at one another.

I'll ask him if he's on the "pouty potty" cuz when we first started dating he was a big pouter. Now he just laughs and gets over it when I say that.

Other than that, we do the same stuff you and your husband do FunnyDuddies, we're pretty much loving a$$holes to each other. It keeps things more interesting...since we're not exactly mushie kinda people.

Cute thread, I've loved reading all these. And my fiance makes fun of those WOW people (he's also a computer nerd, just not online gaming) he calls them all "barclock37" and then does this shhhrep sound like a kid with bad braces. lol

:cake: Kristin

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My tough guy biker pipefitter says, "Mamma, blankie me." Once he's all tucked in tight, I go to the kitchen for "cakes n' pies n' such." That just means he wants goodies.

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Whenever my fiance wants to have sex he says "can we have some stuff tonight?"

When he says "Wanna play some games?" it means "Want to play X game we've been working on?" (Currently WOW, lol).

the words dork and nerd are common in our house. Jerk sometimes too. Other than that, I guess we don't have much else. :cake:

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Fired: A place we won't go to anymore because they pissed us off

Whiffles: Those dandilion that you can blow and make wishes

Surfing: Driving around when your hungry and want to go out to dinner but don't know where you want to go, so you drive around till you find something that both of you want.

Pooh Bear: my name for my husband

carriage riders: those old people that drive around Sun City in golf carts clogging up the traffic

Blue hairs: the old people again

ground hogging: when you have to go #2 really baaaaad

rabbit food: lettuce/salads

geeking: playing xbox for hours/computer for hours

banky: blanket

mote: remote control

pigs: feet/toes

blow the stink off of ya: shower or bath

dragon breath: morning breath smell

trough (trof): buffet lines

flowers: farts

fluffing: farts

poots: farts

trucker: farting very loudly and rumbling

frog: fart

the sprinkler cleaner: a douche

plugs: tampons

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I'm with Funnyduddies...hubby and I get downright rude with each...what we say (lovingly) would curl most peoples hair. He no longer has a body part called just "penis"....when referring to it - it is either his "honkin huge schlong" or his "trouser snake".

Because we own two businesses in a small village I know everyone in town....I can't even sit on my own patio during off hours without having a million conversations.......if my husband is feeling "frisky" and wants to send me a signal he calls out to me "hey toots..........phone!".....now, anytime he wants it all I hear is hey toots, phone! If he is in the dog house I remind him that "I'm not taking calls!" LOL

Because we have a fine dining restuarant we have adopted the following:

A bottle of plunk and cheesie poofs are "wine and cheese"

Kraft dinner is "Pasta fromage"


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I am constantly making up words and terms, my husband likes to play along in baby voices and we use slang, ghetto speak and county talk real bad like. HA! For realz! Just depends on our mood, we always blame flatulence on the dog or the "barking spiders" in the house. When we are hungry we are "Hungarian". When I am tired I am "sweepy peepy". When he goes to play video games he is going to blow off steam by "shootin people". When we dance we are "breakin it down". Anytime we both eat too much, "my port hurts" and he isn't banded, but it's what he says. When our throat hurts, like the old commercial, "I gotta porcupine in my froat". We quote a lot of old commercials or shows bad too. We don't have kids either but when our dog is involved I am mom and he is dad...I love it though!

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        Mine was two weeks clear liquids

        Two weeks on soups, milk shakes and broths all with out lumps

        two weeks on pureed foods { I couldn't stomach this step }

        two weeks on soft foods like Protein yogurt, stewed mince and veg, soft scrambled eggs. Pate on hard crackers

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