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SYDNEY Bandsters

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Hi I am from SYdney, was banded in August 2005, down 29Kg so far ;)

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hiya i'm jenny from melbourne welcome, you have done really well, i am going really slow only lost 10 kg's since july i wanted to join the turtle group but i was losing a bit faster than the other's but that was about a month ago i reckon i would qualify now though. how has your journey been so far?

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Hi names anna in sydney and have lost 55kgs since nov 15 2005! good to see some aussies in here :(


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wow anna

do u mean nov 04??

cause if you have lost 55kg in like 3 months....how could u do that???

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omg hahah yeah sorry i got that so wrong !! i dun think losing that fast is possible!:Banane23: it was 2004 november 15th my journey has been good its gone past so fast eating the right foods has been a problem BADLY LOL

I did excecise for 6 months now ive stoped due work schedules and im below my goal weight by 5kgs and been told to stop.. I was pretty lucky cause i ate junk the whole way and still manage to lose so the excecise did pay off! But sorry to shock ya guys ;) :omg:

anna !

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Great. I dont have a lot of restriction but I dont really feel I need it. I just dont get hungry often and that is enough to keep me on the straight and narrow. I'm losing a consistent kilo a week and have past my previous 8kg limit, down a size or so and only seven weeks in! I love thise band.

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Im 2 hrs from Sydney...banded April 05 and down 30kgs...slow and steady I say. If I got off my big fat butt and exercised it would be faster. ;)

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Hi guys - I am moving to sydney next month!! Hope you will all be at the airport to greet me! ;)

So tell me where is the best place to get really good organic groceries? Heehee, see I am planning to be all helathy and everything already - isn't it funny how we think by moving we will suddenly become different people! lol, really though, any favourite healthly shopping spots?? Gotta start planning here... :)

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Hi There guys

I live in beautiful Sydney was banded in Aug and lost 29kg there are support groups that get together every months or so for people already banded and people thinking about been banded do you have any idea how to find out about these groups

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Hey Tweey Tarts,

I meet up with a couple of groups monthly. They have become some of my closest friends. PM me for details.

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Hi Kellie

Thank you replying I just heard that there were some and that they were quite good sometimes it would be nice to talk to people in the same position. Can you tell me how offen they meet and where or how I can find out. So when were you done and how much weight have you lost speak you soon


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I have copied this from our Sydney site. I mostly meet up with the Central Coasters who have a lunch on the 12th. There is also something this weekend in Sydney. Hope to help.

Ever wondered where to go to for a 'lunch date' with other bandsters?

Well SydBand is definatly the place, so if you feel like a chin wag with

someone that knows exactly what you are on about join in!

FYI: they are having a lunch this Sunday coming.



This was from a post put up by the lovely Beverlee on Ozband and I think

it is a good cross post/ promo:

This is just to let everyone know that there are many local and smaller

groups including ozband which you are able to join. Most of these

groups see ozband as an umbrella group to the local groups. As ozband

grew, the need arose for communities which catered for individual needs

which aren't addressed by ozband.

These local groups are where you will find out about the get togethers

which are held regularly - generally on a monthly basis. You are very

welcome to join these groups - not all are on line groups, but I have

included numbers for those groups where support is available in your

local area. If you have a group not included in the following list, let

me know!

Young People: Under 30's that is!



http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/brisbanders/ (Brisbane)

Contact - Cath Bowen (07)3890 7940 or 0403 233 023

(Gold Coast have a bi-monthly lunch on opposite months to Brisbane -

contact Leanne Jordan: 07 5528 4587)


Sydney Metropolitan Area

http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/SydBand/ (Sydney)

http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/SydneyBandsters/ (Sydney)

Mid North Coast (Coffs Harbour and surrounds) meets the 2nd Saturday of

each month at the Coffs Harbour Ex-Services Club at 2pm.

Contact: Shirley Learner slearner@kooee.com.au - 02 6650 9896

Central Coast


Contact - Mazz 0414 786 949; Rob - 02 4951 6317 or 0414 735 770


http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/CanBand/ (Canberra)

Contact - Bev 02 6255 4957 or 0409 456 813


http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ausbandits/ (Perth)

http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/PerthBandAids (Perth)


http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/lap-bandaid/ (Melbourne)

South Australia




General Off Topic site

http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/ozband-ter/ (Chatty place)

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As for your questions I was done in Warners Bay by Dr Webster on the 4th April last year. Weight loss has been good but slow, which is ok. I would have put all this on and more without my band. I am down about 30kgs and I am booked in for a TT, BL and Lipo in 2 weeks this Thursday. I am having it done at Sydney and will spend 10 days in North Sydney, maybe we could meet up fro a coffee or something if I can walk :eek:

Talk soon

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      Hey October Surgery friends...how are you doing? I've lost 15 lbs since surgery on 18th.42 lbs overall. Wearing clothes that feel great. Had a bout of cold and stomach flu and still having some nausea off and on after that but getting better, I think. 
      Seems like I fill up and have minor pain quicker when I eat hot foods rather than cold. Anyone else notice this?
      Still sooo glad I did this.
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        I had surgery Oct 29. Lost 35#. Plateau now. But seeing what clothes fit now is encouraging.

      2. Bettyboop56

        My surgery was 10/19. #40 down since surgeon pre op visit. Getting close to end of soft foods. I think only issue going to regular foods is portion size. So far trying a new food every day. With no issues.

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      Hi I just saw that you are in Las Vegas too. We are going to the same center. Dr Laduc in same office as Dr Atkinson, is doing my sleeve on Nov. 28th.  I wish you the best!
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      24 days and counting down til surgery 
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      Just over 2 weeks post-op….I’m getting there
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      always look forward to your updates, Hope you are well.
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