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oh gosh, mine have, I was great for 9 months and then I turned 50 last week and boom hot flashes/anxiety whatever it hit me. I sweat , my hair literally gets drenched, And I agree with some of the ladies, sometimes it is due to our diet. I might be pushing the sugar button but never thought of the salt one. Will have to be more careful thank you ladies. A few years ago I can remember talking to an older lady she had to be in her 70-80s about them, and she just laughed, "oh yes I remember those, are you in for some fun!" but they do stop after 20-25 years...

Good luck all

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They say if you want to know how you will feel going through menopause that we should ask our mothers... I did and she said..., oh for heavens sake- just buy a fan!!! Thanks ma
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GOAL: Healthy and hard 140-ish?

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