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my dh and i have been trying for 4 years to have a second child and i'm pretty sure it's not happening because i'm so overweight (65lbs since our wedding and getting pg with dd)

i'm hoping that after being banded on Aug 12 that in about a year we can become pregnant again but how will that effect the band?

will it have to be removed and replaced or just empty

with the baby grows does it effect the band when the stomach gets all squished up

anyone get pg after being banded?


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There is a forum on this website that is pregnancy with the band. take a look there.

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search the website and ou should be able to find the thread on the topic

my doctor was very strict - we had to sign something acknowledgeing we would not even start to try to get preggers for 24 months - its not just a physical change but and emotional one as well

even during my pysch consult this was reviewed as well

i was banded dec 2010 and some one in our lapbandtalk community annoucned she was pregnant and she posts regualarly the struggles she is having when she has ben in the lsoing weight mode and now the must gain mode

before lapband becomes your quick fix i would consult a fertility expert if you haven't already - you could have other underlying health issues you wouldn't want to take the lap band journey lose weight and then get frustrated further ttc

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