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My back...its hurts!

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Hi everyone!

I'm currently entering my 6th week post-op and have a question.

My upper back has been very sore and tender the past 2 weeks. Some days are better than others. It doesn't keep me from any activities but it can be very aggravating at times. I went to my chiropractor a few times and today he told me that because I've lost some weight that my posture has probably improved and that my back muscles that were used to compensating for bad posture have to re-adjust because they do not have to work as hard and that they may be sore until they get used to working "normally".

Do you think he might be right and has anyone else experienced this?



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Im 9 weeks post. My back pain is terrible! Lower back pain though. I went to the Chiro. and he said the exact same thing. I hope the pain goes away soon. I couldnt go to the gym 2 times last week because it hurt too bad. That is the worst part- I need to go to the gym!

Hope you feel better soon Chris

Hope I feel better soon

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Me too!! I am 4 weeks post op and having upper back pain. I have been using a heating pad before bedtime. I too think it has a lot to do with the loss of weight and the reduced pressure on my back muscles. It hurts and is a little troublesome, but nothing compared to the way my back felt before my band!

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I'm only a little over a week since the band, but I am experiencing some pretty bad upper and lower back pain. I thought it may be related to the "gas" thing, but I'm not so sure. Maybe the chiropractors have a good point there.

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