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How much weight did you gain?

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Me well I am a bad bad bad bandster! I have gained like 32lbs and I am only 6 months pregnant. I don't blame the pregnancy at all but I do know it plays a part but I blame the NO SELF CONTROL the whole reason I had to get hte band inthe first place. I was ordered a complete unfill by my OB when finding out I was having twins. At 7 weeks I lost baby B but was told not to get a fill as he wants no complications, the band, my age, and obesity. The weight gain days is hard on me mentally! But I will jsut start over and know what to expect and get on with my weight loss journey AGAIN but happier as I will have my bundle of joy!!!!

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congrats, cindy! i'm due dec 13th and we're having a girl too! :thumbup:

i haven't had mine un-filled. i'm feeling less and less restriction which i'm a little nervous about. as of july 26th, i'm down 3 lbs this pregnancy, but with my feeling less restriction, i think i've gained at least those 3 back. my dr. also gave me a 15 lb weight gain goal. at 22 weeks with no gain, i'm hoping i'm still ok to meet that goal but we'll see...

i'm super excited for my little girl. with the weight loss i was finally able to get myself ready for our little one. i'm trying not to dwell on the weight loss but it is difficult considering hte long journey we've all been through.

Good luck mommy's and mommy's to be!

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      I can now buy clothes in normal stores again. Admittedly the first time when I started trying on clothes, I really had to keep myself calm. Normally trying on clothes causes me to become SOOO depressed that it take weeks just to get over it. Now, I have to keep myself from not wanting to buy everything!
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