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Found 1,119 results

  1. Putting the Telogen Effluvium hair loss research I used in a thread for the interested. Started researching this after a visit to my dermatologist confirmed, biotin and minoxidil would not help much. I believe I started taking LLysine as soon as I was allowed to swallow pills post op. I experienced very very minimal hair loss (slight thinning of edges) My hair is back to normal now 1yr post op (Noteworthy info: I practiced low manipulation of my hair for months (ballerina bun), my iron ferritin and other vitamins and minerals were perfect during this time because I received iv infusions and oral supplementation, protein was around 45g daily when I started and worked up to 60g daily) I would suggest consulting your teams, doing your own research, spending the least, understanding that genetics and environmental factors will also play a role despite best efforts, and getting an amazing silk/satin scarf or pillow case to protect what you have. Safe Journey! https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1046/j.1365-2230.2002.01076.x Lysine and Iron (you may have to purchase access, mine has lapsed) https://link.springer.com/article/10.1381/096089296765557295 zinc study http://www.hpbiotin.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/beslenme-ve-sac.pdf LLysine and Iron study http://journals.tubitak.gov.tr/medical/issues/sag-11-41-5/sag-41-5-10-1005-853.pdf vit D study https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3819075/#b14-tlsr-21-2-91 Tocotrienol (Vit E family) study
  2. I'm not worried about hair loss, my hair is super thick so if anything I'm kind of looking forward to that part. It's just that I don't want someone to assume I'm "normal average" size and then have to explain the loose skin and see them get grossed out. Just not looking forward to that part. And that may all be in my head, maybe whoever I tell will be super cool about it, I guess it's just the unknown that worries me.
  3. GradyCat

    Concern questions for post-op

    HAIR LOSS: I haven't lost any more since having the surgery. I already had thyroid problems and thin/fine hair, so I was worried about losing anymore. I've been taking Biotin pills and using Nioxin and Minoxidil and have actually gained some hair. TOO THIN: Probably not anything to worry about. Our bodies self-regulate. LOOSE SKIN: So far mine has stayed elastic, even at my age (54). There are plastic surgeries to take care of that after you lose the weight if it's a problem for you. DEHYDRATION: I've never had a problem getting in way more than 64 oz of fluid each day. I sip, sip, sip all day long.
  4. gabybab

    Dry hair and bad acne

    Your describing exactly what I am going through. I'm almost 4 months post-op and having terrible acne and my hair is coming out. I never thought I would have to worry about hair loss because I have a lot if hair. But, seeing the amount if hair in my brush is alarming. I dont have the solution yet, but I did go and buy biotin and shampoo and conditioner with biotin in it. I've been using it for about a week now. Hoping it works. Best of luck to you!
  5. I didn't consider bypass, though my surgeon would have preferred it for me because I my endoscopy showed some small ulcers and reflux. I was adamant I wanted the sleeve. I was worried about the malabsorption - really worried. I already have a harder time getting everything I need from my diet because I am vegetarian (well, post-surgery I don't because all the supplements I take, but I used to). And I have the PCOS thinning hair - I know that hair loss can be a problem with bypass and malabsorption, and I was terrified to lose more hair. (I am getting a little more hair left in the comb now - but I believe the 3-6 month hair loss common with WLS is due to the anaesthetic, and is not permanent. At least that's what I'm hoping.)
  6. catwoman7

    Concern questions for post-op

    the hair & skin thing are individual and not much will help either one. I had minimal hair loss - as in, if it weren't for the extra strands I noticed in my comb, I never would have noticed. Most people notice some on themselves, but no one else does. Losing clumps of hair and having bald spots is possible, but it's very uncommon. with excess skin, you may not have much since you're starting at such a low BMI. But that also varies depending on a lot of factors. For many of us, it's very easy to hide. And I think all of us looking back would say we wonder why we wasted so many brain cells worrying about it, since loose skin is a very small price to pay for what we got in exchange. I would take my loose skin ANY DAY over weighing 300 lbs again! getting too thin: first of all, not getting to goal is a MUCH more common problem than getting too thin. And you do have control over your weight loss. You can always put on the brakes if you start to worry that you're getting too thin - you just have to increase your calories until the weight loss stops.
  7. catwoman7

    Anyone else scared?

    I think most people freak out before surgery - ANY surgery! So you're in good company! I'm RNY, not VSG, but the feelings are the same. Loose skin - yes, you will probably have it. Most people worry about this - I worried about it incessantly when I was pre-op. But from where I am now (almost four years out), and from most other vets I know, at some point you will realize that you wasted a lot of brain cells worrying about this. The weight loss is SO much more important than the loose skin. I've since had mine removed (within the last year, actually), but I would take the loose skin any day over weighing 373 lbs again. ANY DAY!! It's a total no-brainer. Hair loss - no, it's not a definite thing. Many people do lose hair, but for most, they're really the only ones who notice it. I didn't lose any. Some people don't. This is another thing I worried about incessantly, and it never happened. Regrets - there are probably a small minority of people who regret it, but for the vast majority, our only regret is that we didn't do this years earlier.
  8. FluffyChix

    Concern questions for post-op

    Hi and welcome! Hair Loss: maybe? We're all different. Getting too thin: Worry about following your surgeon's plan. Good news is most of us already broke the code on how to gain weight. Worry about how to lose down to your personal goal. The rest takes care of itself regardless of starting weight. Loose skin: Probably. Also individual and depends on genetics and age usually. Dehydration: The struggle is real for many. Fluid is KING before and after surgery. If you stay fully hydrated then it's easier to eat normally and remain nausea free and losing weight. I'm 17 months out. At 4 days I was getting my 64oz of liquids in and now I have 100+oz per day every day. Congrats on making the pre-emptive changes. I've got zero regrets. Don't be anxious!
  9. GreenTealael

    Hair loss!

    Please research Telogen Effluvium, but here's a link to things I've come across https://www.bariatricpal.com/search/?q=Worried about hair loss&type=forums_topic#
  10. SIGH, my husband keeps saying that "he knows lots of ppl who have had bariatric surgery when I started looking into WLS, when I got serious about it, when I actively pursued approval..and again today. I have been, perhaps because of vanity, a bit hesitant to bring up the subject of WLS causing potential hair loss..as I've been a bit worried about..well, how he might feel about how i look...and he heard me listening to some youtube videos done by ppl who have had both gastric sleeve and/or bypass. I'm trying to make sure that I get the one that is the best fit for me, not based on just what the doctor says. He kept interrupting but was asking questions so I thought ok, now he is interested that is cool. He asked about difference between bypass and sleeve. I gave him some basics. Just based on the quicker weight loss he 'agrees with new dr' that I should have that. Then I told him my concerns about dumping/malabsorption (do you lose more hair with bypass than with sleeve due to this?)..and he brought out the "no one i know who as had WLS has ever showed any signs of hair loss"... He is a distant co-worker to 2 ppl he THINKS may have had WLS. He doesn't intimately know them. He has told me this before. When I went through diff things (pros and cons of each) he became more horrified and said "maybe you shouldn't be doing this and just keep trying to lose weight". SIGH...I've been "trying to lose weight" most of my life...although I was never super morbidly obese until my late 30's. Anyone else have mixed signals from their 'closest support'? I've invited him to the 3 hr seminar/clinic I went to and to my dr appts. Don't get me wrong, it's not that he doesn't care at all..he just "doesn't get it..that he doesn't get it" I really...could use him "getting it". I guess I'll have to start a pros and cons thread on sleeve vs. bypass. I've looked at many old threads that have been posted here over the years and I've googled, etc. - but mine would be in regards to the fact of my own co-morbidities or lack thereof, etc.
  11. Everythinganna

    Hair Loss. Gastric Bypass.

    Now that I have made it successfully through the sleeve surgery and I am almost one month out, my new greatest fear is losing my hair!! I wish there was some sort of survey available to us or study or something that I could read that would give me some relief from the anxiety I have about this. I worry about things that haven’t even happened yet! I’m just wondering the type of surgery, age of the person, protein, vitamins, or perhaps other factors are at play. I have had numerous surgeries in the past and never lost one hair. My nails and hair have always grown long and thick. Just hoping that it is not noticeable if it happens. I read one article it said people typically lose 5 to 15% of their hair. I’m sure this varies person-to-person. I have seen photos of people with large bald spots or very thin hair on top. I wonder what percent of people actually lose their hair after weight-loss surgery.... anyone know?
  12. Everythinganna

    Smooth Sailing for Anyone?

    Thank you Swanton! It’s amazing how a couple of positive comments can get a person back on track. Im feeling so much more excited now!!! Yes, I am a little worried about the Hair issue to and have looked at biotine(?). I haven’t started taking anything yet. Did you try any remedies for hair loss?
  13. I have never had anything but my hair in a ponytail for as long as i can remember because i have such thin hair to begin with. This is something i worry about and have no idea what to even do when the hair loss time comes.. I would love to see others thoughts.
  14. GreenTealael

    Hair loss

    https://www.bariatricpal.com/search/?q=Worried about hair loss&type=forums_topic&sortby=relevancy&search_and_or=and
  15. Hey guys! I'm in a super weird predicament that I'd never thought I'd be in. I am in the beginning stages of weight loss surgery, scheduled to meet with the team in two weeks and then a few months until signing consent and getting a surgery appointment. Last month my common law partner of 12 years told me he is transgender. I never dated in high school, I have only ever been with him. So now at 31 and beginning this journey I find myself single. We are good friends so besides the financial and emotional stress there aren't any bad or hard feelings. But now I'm looking at making new relationships, both friendships and potentially eventually romantic ones. How do I do that during this process? Has anyone been there before? How do you explain to someone I may not always look like this, or loose skin and hair loss may be part of the process. I live in a small town, I don't even know how to begin the process of making friends as an adult, not to mention as an obese adult. Has anyone else been in a situation like this? Or have advice? Edit-- I should add that I am not looking to start dating right away, I'm not in that kind of headspace yet, but I am anxious about the day when I feel ready. Just the worries of ever being in a relationship again are on my mind.
  16. Hi. I'm trying to do as much research before surgery as I can. I'm prepared for the hair loss/waiting for it to grow back. My question is what did your hair look like when it grew back? Was it the same type/texture as before? I have curly hair (different types of curls on different parts of my head) and am very slowly going grey. So, I really just have a little grey now, and every now and again I notice more (and some are coming in wildly curly - I have one grey hair that looks like a spring in a ball point pen!). No big deal, going grey doesn't bother me. Just wondering if I should expect my curl pattern to change or expect my new growth to be more grey. I think if its more grey, I'll need to do some research on how to take care of grey curls, because they're often a different texture. Again, I'm not worried about it - no matter what happens - just want to think about what I need to start researching. Thank you!
  17. This month marks number 3 in the 6 month medically monitored weight loss program that my insurance requires. I have been reading threads, taking notes, journaling, and have a spreadsheet to mark my weekly changes in weight and measurements. #scaleshateme I still struggle with the idea that the surgery will happen. I tend to be a pessimist, so I keep thinking that this is too good to be true. Maybe my insurance will deny it. Maybe something will go wrong. I don’t want to be negative, but here I am. #negativenancy I have changed my eating habits up a bit. I have started eating 4 meals a day and drinking water. I NEVER drank water before. I would drown out fatigue with caffeine all day long. I worry that I will struggle to give that up, but I am down to 2 mugs per day. #win I have read about ‘not trusting a fart,’ not taking an underwire bra to wear home from surgery, the 3 week stall, constipation woes, and hair loss. I recognize that a realistic weight loss expectation is to lose 60% of excess weight, and I know to walk as much as possible to avoid gas pain post op. I also know that loose skin and vanishing boobs are a thing. #youguysrock Just wanted to journal a bit on here. I would love some feedback or tidbits of things to expect that I haven’t found yet. #gettingexcited
  18. mjcclkwd

    Hair Loss

    I was worried about that also. I started Monat hair products when I had surgery (my BFF is a rep). I also work with my hairdresser and she doesn’t process my hair as much. Also try to wash my hair very 2-3 days and not blow dry or do a lot of brushing. While I have had a lot of hair loss, I also have a lot of regrowth. I am coming out of it 5.5 months out. While I have lost a lot of hair, it is not sparse.
  19. Foxfire Faerie

    Surgery coming up, and I'm terrified.

    And also depressed, angry, etc.. (Forewarning: Lots of complaints/rants here!) My surgery is scheduled for January 15th, and my pre-op diet is 1 month (instead of the usual two weeks) of liquids with a tiny amount of protein and up to 500g (about a pound) of very select vegetables per day. I'm sick to death of it already, and with the holidays, I just feely shitty that I'm missing out on eating with family and such, so much that I don't even want to leave the house now. And I know that the month or two *after* the surgery is going to be even harder than it is now, which just adds on top of my misery. On top of that, I keep learning more and more stuff about the surgery that was not mentioned to me by my surgeon (like the fact that hair loss is common, just as an example.) I'm determined to go through with it, but damnit.. I just feel more and more miserable the more I think about everything I have to let go of. I'm already mourning food as well, and this pre-op diet is difficult since I've yet to hit ketosis or lose my hunger despite being on it about 7 days now. My stomach hurts so much all the time. My biggest fear is complications, blood clots especially since I don't have the best circulation in my legs especially. I think about it night and day, and I do have bad anxiety, so it's compounded by that, I think. I'm terrified of dying, of leaving my husband behind, my dog.. Everything really. I'm trying to better myself, but it's so. damn. hard. I apologize for all the complaints and whining either way, and if you got this far, thank you for reading and hearing out my worries and complaints! ❤️
  20. Coexister

    December 2018 Sleevers!

    NuMe2 you are so rigtht about varying calories to break stalls! I too was at a stall for many weeks but when I eat a little more and bring my calorie count up I seem to lose weight! For instance - yesterday my daughter brought home for pizza for dinner and even though I know it's a big "no, no" per carbs, sodium processing and such I went ahead and indulged in a slice and it upped my daily calorie count to 1120. I woke up this morning with a loss! I always make sure I get the minimum of 64 oz especially since I had a Shoulder Surgery this month on Feb 12th and am on pain pills as I got to make sure I don't bind up because well many of you know that although Milk of Magnesium does a great job of breaking the dam open withing a matter of hours it is still very messy. So I noticed that if I dip my calories up once in awhile it makes a difference. I vary between 800 to 1200 daily. I always, always make sure I get my minimum protein of 70 grams and am taking all of my vitamin and supplements daily. I use Bariatric Advantage HP meal replacement , Premier protein shakes and sometimes Genepro protein powder in yogurt to meet these needs. I worry about getting all the supplements and especially since having 2 surgeries in 3 months and worried about hair loss. I have also noticed that my skin is super super dry but and I am still trying to figure our that battle! If I don't feel like cooking and want something fast have been buying the Smartmade frozen dinners from Walmart such as turkey, and roasted vegetables as this is low carb and high protein, RealGood also makes a chicken crusted pizza that is also low carb high protein. I also like the Lean Cuisine herb roasted chicken but this one only has 16 protein where the others are higher carb. So these types of things help me out a bunch and in a pinch. I also still eat a lot of beans, LOL! (need that fiber). Some days I can eat more then others and other days I just can't put much in and it is so weird how it all works like that. Just this morning upon waking it was a little more difficult swallowing water then most. I think this surgery just put's you on a see-saw like that and after reading so many post in this forum I am comforted by the fact that it is not unusual and so I do not stress it anymore. I have yet to throw anything up but have eaten too fast, too much and had the sweats, chest pains and miserable feeling of needing to. Like many some days I question whether my stomach was really resized and then others I definitely know there is a restriction. I still fight head hunger and bad habits but have made great improvement here. I have been to a restaurant and ordered a full meal and then find that I barely make a dent in it too the point the waitress asked me if there was something wrong with my food, LOL and felt like "wow that was a waste of money - what am I doing!" I am so looking forward to the day of eating Salads and raw vegetables which for me is not until 6 months post op per doctors orders! So because of 2nd surgery and having my arm in a sling it has slowed me way down in exercising. I am doing my best to try and walk 30 minutes daily but when I have a bunch of doctor appointments in a day and everything takes me forever to do it falls by the wayside. I like most worry about loose skin and wish I could start some weight training but all of that is on hold for now. Once my energy levels get back up I need to figure out how to work strength training in. I just know that it will make all the world of difference. I am so grateful for this forum and you guys sharing your stories and struggles as this has helped me so much! Well guys that is my journey thus far from having a hiatal hernia repair and gastric sleeve surgery December 26, 2018. Shoulder surgery February 12, 2019 to repair a rotator cuff, SLAP and Labral tear.
  21. TakingABreak

    I shaved my head...

    Good for you! I'm not there yet, but if my hair loss started causing bald spots, I'd make the exact same decision. And a benefit is when you have regrowth, you won't have to worry about the mix of long and short hairs. You are beautiful.
  22. HAIR LOSS So, I just wanted to post that my hair has just started to fall out. I’m 7 weeks out from surgery but 9 weeks out from liquid diet. So that’s pretty much the two month point. I’ve heard it’s between 1-3 months when hair loss starts. So far it hasn’t been too bad. My hair is really thick and healthy. I’ve read you loose about 30% so I’m not that worried. I’m definitely interested in that scalp spray if needed. Oh and my skin has cleared up a lot. I have so much less acne now. It’s great! My personal training is going well. I still haven’t dropped weight. I forgot to get on the scale today so maybe I’ll see it tomorrow.
  23. I am new here, I haven’t been on a public forum in a long time (and for a reason) but I thought it might be helpful to write out my bariatric surgery journey as best I can. I don’t know anyone who has had the surgery with chronic illness, disability, multiple medical conditions, etc. let alone anyone with M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) which is a kind of immunodeficiency. I’ve lived with this from childhood and also battled with my weight longer than I care to remember. This is long and hard to talk about without going into intense detail. I wasn’t not diagnosed with M.E. Until I was in my early twenties. It was a long road to get there and led to many questions and many other medical conditions down the road. At some point my weight skyrocketed out of control and I was at a loss as to what to do. I was diagnosed with metabolic disorders but meds made me sick and doctors don’t discuss weight. They only vaguely agree that the metabolic disorders cause weight gain. And at most prescribe risky weight loss drugs. At some point I was just too sick to know what to do. The reality is I always will be sick. It was easier to eat carbs when I didn’t feel well enough to tolerate much food. I was always a clean plate person and hate waste. My weight grew to over 215lbs and my body couldn’t take it. I needed to do something even if it took every ounce of my being. I didn’t know then what I know and doctors know now about M.E./CFS. But I studied holistic health and nutrition, trying everything to no avail. I ended up trying a combination of low carb/Atkins and calorie counting (weight watchers points) slowly I lost weight (I was 5’ 4” then 5’ 2” I kept losing inches due to degenerative disc disease and arthritis in my spine , I’m now about 5’) I got down to the lowest I’d ever been at 123lbs. But it crept back up by 10lbs. But I had to accept it. I started having trouble eating certain foods and feeling very sick. I had some major stress events happen, several surgeries on my feet and tendons, and also Major surgery (hysterectomy) I wasn’t eating the best I could for reasons I couldn’t control. Eventually my weight hit 160lbs about when I moved with my mother to a new state. I was on a beta blocker and reduced my calories further and did strict low carb again. But reached about 134lbs. I couldn’t sustain it. Not that long ago, months, my sense of time is terrible I can say what happened but not the order or time. I fought as hard as I could and would go on nature walks until I learned more about the birds and became a birder and took to loving photographing them. I went as often as I could and it wasn’t often enough. I found out the hard way that Myalgic Encephalomyelitis causes something called post exertional malaise. Doctors only now are starting to understand it and it explains a lot. Activities from simply writing out this message, taking a shower, making a meal to exercise, make my medical condition worse and cause lasting damage that I lose bits of my self. And doing no I enjoy hurts like a punishment. My weight started a sudden drastic climb from 134lb to 160+ and I went to doctors and specialists hoping for an answer why. And then again it continued to climb to 180lbs. I had thought about bariatric surgery the first time but wanted to do it on my own. But this time I couldn’t, my body just wasn’t burning enough calories and how little could I eat without getting too sick. I was eating healthy the same portions as my mother, almost the same meals, I prepared us lunch almost every day and she is the same height but at most 100lbs. It was fight for surgery or nothing. The first time I saw a bariatric surgeon he talked at me and didn’t listen, my weight was slightly below BMI to qualify with comorbidities, i had plenty. But nothing acceptable by my insurance. I had just had to have surgery for another problem and could hardly eat. But I kept gaining. And I gave up on that doctor. I forgot to say I found out at some point that the reasons some foods made me sick was my gallbladder and surgery was recommended so I decided if I have to have that then I should pursue bariatric surgery since recovery is quite similar. eventually it reached 200lbs and I was on the edge of being nearly 40 BMI. I decided to see another endocrinologist about my medical conditions. She couldn’t help me since the meds make me too sick and I explained how I eat and count calories and yet my weight skyrocketed. I was about to quit when I decided to say I was fighting for bariatric surgery. She said go to Cleveland clinic. It’s a far distance from me and I needed medical assistance for rides there. But I got in to see Dr. Szomstein and he right away was ready and willing to help me, I was a hair from 40 BMI at the first appointment. He didn’t quite understand all my medical conditions if at all but he knew what to do. He said I should have RNY Gastric bypass due to severe GERD and I was thankful for that since it would reduce calorie absorption as well. I was almost not expecting approval from my insurance. I had months of my doctors noting my efforts to lose weight and letters from the endocrinologist and surgeon. They had me go for pre op tests and medical clearance. I still didn’t expect anything. i was in target when my mom and she got a phone call. Scheduling surgery in two weeks and for me to start the liquid diet that day. The surgery date was April 29th. I was so unprepared my gastroenterologist had wanted me to have a colonoscopy before surgery and that didn’t happen (he wasn’t happy with that) I knew I was possibly in for hell with this, but it was either surgery or give up. surgery day I was like this is easy. But I hit a bumpy road. Without going into too much detail right now. I didn’t expect it’s impact on my chronic illness. Waking up from surgery was like a long tunnel I couldn’t get out of. I was partially aware of things around me during the entire surgery just sped up like a weird dream. In the hospital room when most people get up and walk, my body couldn’t move at all. And when I tried once I crashed hard. Every chronic pain in my body was screaming all at once in the hospital. I was having severe pain in my chest, they blamed on gas I knew it wasn’t. I was struggling to breathe and needed the oxygen longer. My surgical drain kept getting full too fast. The catheter hurt. I high pain tolerance and yet this was slamming me everywhere all at once. They tried me on liquids by day three and I just wanted out. I got home and had trouble breathing and was very weak. I struggled to do laundry and get groceries. Then I started spiking fevers. My body doesn’t react with fever when it needs to, my lungs are sometimes too weak to cough when I need to. My temp went over 102 at night then dropped to low grade by morning. I ended up being told to go to the ER but I couldn’t get to Cleveland clinic. Long story short it was another long three days in hospital, pneumonia, acute uti, and critically low potassium. My temp was normal. They pumped me with potassium and antibiotics but had no concept of pain control and knew nothing about post bariatric surgery diet of protein drinks and liquids. They brought me a regular meal for breakfast. By day three I wanted out. I left with a diagnosis of Aspiration pneumonia, and esophageal dysphasia and told to see an ent (who then told me to see a neurologist) and a incidental finding of a pelvic adnexal mass that I am see my euro/gun about. Swallowing is painful, the pain in my chest never went away it waxes and wanes and gets out of control painful at night. I am still mostly liquids. I was supposed to start purée some time ago. I tried some things that were palatable but the first tiny bite I got Nauseous and couldn’t push it even sitting drying to consume either liquid or purée took nearly an hour and the purée was just not working. I don’t regret it yet I do yet I don’t. I’m still trying to get answers to some things. Other things I won’t go into detail now. This is much too long. I saw the doctor for follow ups twice. This time he ordered a upper GI fluoroscopy, and then a endoscopy. The first is this Wednesday. I’m struggling to get in at least 50 grams of protein a day. I lost around 27lbs but am in a five day stall. I think that’s as much as I can describe for now. But my one issue no one ever addressed is no nsaids aka Ibuprofen for life. I took it three times a day to take a bit of the edge off my chronic pain. My muscle relaxer doesn’t do much and it’s impossible to grind and swallow tablets. Thankfully diphenhydramine comes in sleep melts. But I have no pain management now. And I can’t function to walk as much. I try to keep on my feet as much as I can to at least do what I need to do. But now when I crash each day I crash hard. I got extremely sick doing laundry when I had to do three loads and threw up more than once. (I have a bit of ptsd when it comes to throwing up) but this is too much to write here and now. I just am finding myself alone in this, my mom can’t quite understand how it is. And I don’t know anyone else who has chronic illness that has had gastric bypass surgery. I’m not worried about food, I can make my mom a meal and not want to eat it. Actually my taste is nonexistent. I had trouble with it prior as well as my sense of smell. But so much just tastes nasty and bitter. (Didn’t help I ended up with nasty oral thrush I can’t shake) i feel weird putting this all out there. So I hope that sometime say can relate to someone somewhere in some way. christine
  24. Naughty Glitter Goddess

    Hair loss

    Thank you all for these threads about hair loss, even though I'm preop, I've worried about it a little bit. I'm glad to have the information so I can be prepared. I've always had thick, full, wavy hair that has thinned slightly at the start of menopause. Hoping this next adventure leaves it alone. Anyway, it's great to hear that the loss is usually temporary. What a relief!
  25. Hey everyone! I cant believe a year has flown by so fast. I know when I was pre-op I used to seek out these threads to read other's experiences, so I wanted to share mine too. My start weight was 277 the day I scheduled the consult for bariatric surgery, and I was 255 the day of surgery. The first 3 months were a bit of a whirlwind. I dropped 20 pounds in the first month, and I thought it would stay that fast, boy was that some realistic thinking on my part. As real food was reintroduced during my second month I learned what the foamies were...oh my goodness, so not fun. I lost 10 pounds during month two and I remember feeling discouraged and having to reassess my motivation for this surgery. Having to remind myself that this was a change for the rest of my life and that it was okay if the weight didn't just fly off, because if I kept working with my body, then my body would have no choice but to become healthy. The next month I lost 9 pounds and learned that if I didn't chew my food really, really well, that it could get stuck and hurt like hell until it made me vomit. This was not a fun time, but alas I learned, and learned relatively;y quickly. Month 4 came and two things of note happened. I lost 5 pounds and felt confused and a little lost as to what was happening with my body. Also, my hair started falling out like there was no tomorrow! That became my new normal for awhile. 5 pounds a month, hair falling out. Somewhere around 8 months out my hair loss stabilized, but by then I had lost about 2/3rds of the volume I had. Biotin never helped, but I took it from the day I was cleared to begin vitamins post op. Around March I was 6 months post op and I had my first month with no loss, where I actually gained. I was aghast. I had this weird feeling like I wasn't going to get where I needed to be unless I started working harder. So that was the point where I finally changed. I started counting every macro, and working out 3 days a week in April. Initially walking and increasing in length/intensity. That was the beginning of my adventure into exercise. I currently run/walk in intervals a 5k a minimum of 4 times a week. I have never felt stronger or more alive. I was the girl who only ran when chased, I had no idea that underneath all that weight was a body that felt happy when it ran. A brain that felt at peace when it focused on my breathing. I'm still losing at the rate of 5 pounds a month, total weight loss since March of 2016 is 110 pounds. Biggest change has been my brain. I stopped worrying about the scale. It goes down because I'm living the way I am supposed to be. It doesn't have to be big numbers, because this is the way I live my life now. I don't know if that makes sense anywhere except inside my head, but I hope you get it. I only this week made it into the "overweight" bmi category and I have 27 more pounds to go before I am considered to be of a healthy weight. Loose skin? Yep! I'm not even mad about it. To be honest I didn't expect as much on my thighs and thought most of it would be around my midsection, but it's everywhere. I don't think it will ever bother me enough to have it removed, but only the future knows for sure. Dumping. Now to be fair I had my gallbladder removed a few years prior to gastric bypass surgery, so I already had issues with dumping. Bile buildup has a laxative effect on me. If I go more than 12 hours without eating, then just a sip of water can send me running to the bathroom. Fats don't typically bother me and I avoid sugar because I don't like the way it feels when my insulin spikes and then drops. It's scary and not fun. I get fuzzy and light headed, my stomach feels blah and my heart races. I'm human though and I challenge my biology on occasion. Ice cream doesn't love me anymore. It melts in my pouch and foams back up and just feels like it's sitting at the top of my esophagus and making me burp little foamy ice cream burps...I think the only reason I am okay with halo top is because the sugar alcohols scare me enough that I only ever eat a tiny bit because I don't want to live in my bathroom lol. Support systems! These are so important. My spouse is amazing. He's my biggest cheerleader and my companion in all things, including exercise! Make sure the people in your life only want what's best for you. Current diet is low carb (under 20 grams a day) moderate protein (60-80 grams) and moderate fat. This will likely be how I eat the rest of my life and I am okay with that. When I do consume more sugar, my brain starts to crave sweets and I feel like I have to fight with myself. For me personally it's not worth it anymore. That last sentence is a huge nsv for me. It's so weird and amazing/awesome to be nearing 40 and finally feeling like I'm not powerless to food anymore.