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Found 1,142 results

  1. rene50

    Hair loss

    Ugh! I fell your pain. I'm 5 months post-op and my hair started falling out about 3 weeks ago. It is awful. Thankfully, I had very thick hair, so I'm dealing with it, and I think the hair loss has started to slow. I take Biotin and get plenty of calcium, protein and iron through supplements and food. I think hair loss is just part of WLS, but it's temporary, so I wouldn't worry unless it is still excessive at the 6 month mark.
  2. Kimmie94


    Hey guys new here, I’m 3 weeks post op, any advice or tips y’all can give me ? I’m worried about hair loss since my hair is already thin 😭
  3. As others have said, it's common to experience hair loss after ANY surgery. Mine started at about 3 or 4 months and seemed to go on forever. I wasn't worried until I could really see the thinning in my scalp. At the time, I had close to shoulder-length hair and I found that the length seemed to make it look worse because the weight of the hair was pulling it down a bit and "showing off" the scalp. So, I cut it into a short bob. I had always taken a Hair, Skin, and Nails vitamin, but went into a bit of overdrive at the 1st sign of hair loss. I started doing scalp treatments, oil massages, even tried rice water rinses. I can't say that any of those things made a HUGE difference, but after another 3 or 4 months I noticed baby hairs and regrowth. I saw on another posting about hair loss that some people's hair never grows back the same. Today, my hair is about the same as it was pre-surgery. I have always had fine, thin hair. Having children dealt the biggest blow to my mane and it never recovered. I'm honestly tired of fighting it and recently got a hair topper. Best thing I ever did. I no longer have to worry about strategically styling my hair to lessen the appearance of the thinning. I highly recommend it!
  4. MsMocie

    Hair Loss

    Unfortunantly, the vitamins and supplements wont stop the hair loss. As stated above, this is probably telogen effluvium. Basically it means that your hair grows in cycles of about 3months, and when you have this major stress or event on your body - the body must decide where it should focus its energy, and unfortunantly the hair on the head is at the abolute bottom of the body's food chain. To avoid confusion or that you think it might be telogen effluvium, but in reality something else, you should make an appointment to get yourself checked out, all blood tests so that one can rule out any other underlying issues. Usually, if you loose all over the head, and not in patches it is nothing to worry about What occurs about 2-4 months after a stress, like change in diet, rapid weight loss, birth, nursing, surgery of some sort, is that the hair that was meant to fall off, comes off, but nothing grows in return. No amount of yeast, pills or anything will change that. If you take vitamins etc pre-stress you might be see some results, but I think they are slim. The first time I lost like 80kgs I didn't know about the hair loss, and I freaked out of my mind. My gorgeous, thick hair - my pride and joy, an asset I liked on my body started falling off, and off, and off. I had hands full of hair after combing. I didn't wash or comb my hair for weeks thinking I could spare it by doing so Personally I use cleanser shampoo. Look up nioxin hair care system. I have used it for years and years on and off, from my first round of hair loss. While it don't stop the hair loss completly, I think it makes the head cleaner and stimulate to new hair growth faster. The system is also designed to be used every day, and I like washing my hair every day. My surgery was in august, and I had a hefty round of diet before that, so I already started loosing hair around my surgery. Beautiful, long, purple hair that I loved styling and taking care of. My hair loss has gotten better since newyears, and now I have a h weadhere everything goes everywhere because of all the new hair growth and baby hairs that can't be tamed. Also, long, gorgeous hair has been switched off with a home cut bob with kitchen siccors while high on sleeping pills the other night, due to corona. It made it look a bit fuller, allthough not very even😂
  5. also, re: hair loss - some people never lose any. Some have it come out in clumps. The majority of people, though, just shed. They notice it - but no one else does. And it grows back. I worried about hair loss incessantly. But I'm here to say that in retrospect, I don't know why I wasted even ONE brain cell worrying about that. No one noticed my hair loss, and I am SO MUCH HAPPIER being normal weight that I don't know why I was even worried for one second about my hair. It's a small price to pay - and if you're like most of us, no one is going to notice your hair loss except for you.
  6. Neversaynever

    Hair loss

    I had my sleeve done in 2017 and lost about 50% of my hair from month 3 to month 6 then it stopped shedding. Very slowly, it has grown back to probably 75% of what it was. My problem now is, I have just had another major surgery to have my adrenal gland removed, open surgery, very large "L" shaped cut, not pretty! I am just very worried that this will trigger another bout of hair loss in a couple of months time as I suspect its the actual surgery, rather than the type of surgery, that triggers it.
  7. catwoman7

    gastric bypass side effects

    it seems like most pre-ops (and early post-ops) worry incessantly about hair loss. But in retrospect, I can't believe I wasted even ONE brain cell worrying about it. For one thing, although there are a few people who have hair that comes out in clumps, for most of us, we just shed - and we're the only ones who notice that we're losing any hair. And some people don't lose any hair at all. The only thing I noticed is that I had about twice as many hairs in my comb after washing it than I normally did. But just looking at my hair, I couldn't tell the difference - so I'm sure no one else could, either. Secondly - it grows back. once you lose a significant amount of weight, you're going to wonder why you worried so much about hair loss....it's such a minor thing in the grand scheme, and as I said, it's likely no one is going to notice, and it grows back.
  8. I’m having lap roux-en-y on 2/24 (yay!) and have an 8 month old at home. Has anyone experienced WLS postpartum? How did you handle caring for baby? How long until you were able to pick up and hold them? I’m still dealing with pp hair loss so I’m not as worried about that with the upcoming surgery. Most concerned about not being able to pick up baby.
  9. Great topic! Call me whatever you want to call me, but I'm slightly more worried about my appearance than the actual change in diet - the hair loss, how to keep my skin as good as it can get, yes I know it'll be flabby but if I can do anything to help that out, I will! Maybe it's because I've had lapband prior and I'm converting to RNY as soon as insurance approves. Maybe it's just me.
  10. I had GERD prior to surgery, which is why I went with bypass. It completely went away for 2-3 years. It did eventually start up again, but it's a much milder case than it was pre-surgery. Basically, bypass often (but not always) greatly improves if not outright cures GERD. Note the word "often". It doesn't always, but usually, yes, it does (and I do know many people for whom it went away permanently). not all RNY'ers dump. The statistic that seems to be thrown around a lot is that 30% of us do, but I have no idea if there's any hardcore medical research behind that number. But just based on what I've picked up just hanging around bariatric forums for the last six years, that sounds about right. I've never dumped and I know a lot of other RNY'ers who don't. If you're one of the ones who do, you can control that through diet by limiting or avoiding sugar and fatty things (which we all should be doing ANYWAY). re: loose skin. I have worked with pre-op groups in my bariatric clinic for the last three years. Loose skin (and hair loss) has got to be the number 1 worry of most of them. I, too, worried about those things incessantly when I was a pre-op and early post-op. I would be willing to bet the farm that the vast majority of us who are out a ways wonder why we wasted even one brain cell worrying about this. I would take loose skin any day over weighing almost 400 lbs again. ANY DAY! I have since had mine removed because I got tired of looking at it, and I got tired of hearing it slap up against my body when I exercised, but it was very easy to hide in clothes and I'm pretty sure no one knew it was there besides my husband. Here is a picture of me before I had skin surgery. Notice the loose skin? And I had a lot of it since I lost over 200 lbs.
  11. catwoman7

    Fears and questions

    Is it worth it? Do you regret it: OMG yes it's worth it! I had it at age 55 and should have done it YEARS ago! No regrets AT ALL! I'd do it again in a heart beat - and if I had to go back every year and have it done again, I would! Do you feel your life is normal? Not sure what exactly you're getting at here, but yes - I feel my life is normal. The first few weeks can be a little iffy - you're tired, you have to figure out what foods you can tolerate, you have to get used to the new routines, etc - but once I got through that, I felt pretty normal Losing weight first: depends on your surgeon and your insurance. Many insurance cos (not all, but many) require a six-month diet supervised by a physician or a dietitian, but some don't necessarily require you to lose weight from that. Is the loose skin as bad as people make it out to be? I think most of us who are out a couple years or more wonder why we even wasted one brain cell worrying about this. Some loose skin vs weighing 400 lbs? It's a no brainer. I've since had plastic surgery, but no one could see my excess skin other than me. I would take my loose skin any day over weighing 373 lbs again. ANY FRICKIN' DAY!! hair loss: I didn't have that much. Most of us do lose hair, but for the majority, it's not enough for other people to notice.
  12. catwoman7

    Bundle of nerves

    1) there are a lot more people who never make it to goal than there are people who lose too much weight. Besides, you have control over that. If you're feeling you're getting too low, you can increase your calories and stop the weight loss 2) yes - a lot of us deal with excessive skin, but it's easy for most of us to hide. You're likely the only one who'll know it's there. And if it drives you nuts, there's always plastic surgery 3) you will not lose all your hair. No one loses all their hair. There are a few who experience hair coming out in clumps, and there are a few who lose no hair at all. Most of us notice some "shedding" for a few months, but we're the only ones who notice it. And it grows back. 4) I heard no comments of alarm, even after losing over 200 lbs. People either didn't say anything at all (which I thought was very odd, as surely they noticed - maybe they just don't think it's appropriate to discuss weight??), or they went on & on about how great I looked 5) complications are uncommon and for those of us who have them, most are minor 6) nausea is not uncommon the first few days or weeks, but for life? No. That would be very rare. Plus they can give you Zofran to control it the first few days/weeks if it's bothersome I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am to have had this surgery. I LOVE being normal weight and NEVER want to be obese again!! It is worth EVERYTHING. I do remember worrying incessantly when I was a pre-op and early post-op about losing hair and excess skin. I lost very little hair - and my excess skin was easy to hide. No one knew it was there. In retrospect, I cannot believe I wasted even ONE brain cell worrying about these things. They are so insignificant in light of all the positive changes I went through. I would have this surgery again in a heartbeat - and if I had to go back every year to have it again, I would! Best decision I ever made. My only regret is that I didn't have it YEARS ago!
  13. Great responses so far - agree with all of them. 1. Only weigh yourself once a week - your weight will fluctuate daily and it will be discouraging when you see it temporarily go up. 2. You will have stalls - they are normal. At around 3-4 weeks is when your liver will return to its normal storing of glucose, plus when the liver dumped its stores pre-op it causes dehydration - temporarily looking like more fat loss than really occurred (the pre-op diet shrinks it to help the surgeon) so a stall here is usual. Search "stalls" or "three-week stall" for more posts on this. From what I've read here, stalls will happen occasionally throughout the weight loss process but often the inches will continue to come off. It's the bodies way of taking time to adjust. 3. You didn't mention which surgery you're having. If it's gastric sleeve then initially your sleeve will be swollen so when you start on solid foods it won't hold much at all. But once the swelling goes down it will hold a little more (ounces.) Everyone is different. But don't worry, you didn't stretch your sleeve! That takes "one extra bite at a time over about a year" according to surgeon Dr. Duc Vuong. 4. I started losing right away, and write down everything I eat in a food journal. Don't ever allow fattening, unhealthy foods in again and especially not high calorie drinks - you can override the surgery and regain the weight even eating smaller portions especially if eating every couple of hours. 5. If you haven't discovered him yet, on YouTube I highly recommend watching as many of Dr. Duc Vuong's videos as possible. His breakfast green smoothie is what I've been doing since surgery and plan to continue forever. 6. When your clothes start falling off you avoid spending on new clothes - visit the local Goodwill or thrift store. You'll turn them in for smaller ones the following month after month. It's fun! And costs little. I've found so many nice clothes in good condition available that frankly this will now be the first place I go to shop even when I reach my goal weight. 7. Take your vitamins and get enough protein (and don't forget some healthy fats.) It will help keep you healthy plus temporary hair loss at 3-6 months is frequently talked about here but getting enough protein and the proper vitamins may help either prevent it or make it less than otherwise. They say it grows back - I'm only at two months so haven't reached that point yet. 8. Immediately post-op know that pain meds cause constipation so will keep the gas in causing more pain. By all means if you're in pain and need to take them do so at your surgeon's direction! But be sure to drink enough water/liquids and walk as mentioned by others here. Good luck! Having weight loss surgery was the best thing I've ever done for myself especially for my health. And my knees are no longer aching as well. Whew! Who wants knee surgery?
  14. CammyC

    Fears and questions

    @New2Me2020 I had to go from my iphone to a computer to answer these questions. What you're asking is so important and exactly what a weight loss surgery patient should ask. I guess my burning question is, is it okay to be scared? ABSOLUTELY! This is major surgery you're asking about. You are absolutely okay with being scared. What if I still want to use food to cope, what if I fail, what if I die? I don't write these questions to be judged but maybe to get some wisdom from someone who has conquered these fears? That's the learning curve I think most of us worry about. After food, what else is there? I have found since my surgery on 3/3/20 that I am no focused on walking, lifting 3 pounds weights (I will add more pounds when my body lets me know I’m ready for it as I’m 4 weeks out) and stretching. Addiction though runs in my family. I am afraid after the newness wears off what will happen. I don't dwell on that though. Because my life is changing. My body is changing. I'm in therapy weekly (due to other things that happened in my life) and myself and my therapist are holding myself accountable for my actions. I have my first appointment with psych on Friday and as nervous as I am, I am still excited. YAY!!!!! As you should be! A few other questions: Is it worth it/ do you regret it? It is sooo worth it! I am so happy I did this. Everyday I wake up knowing my body is changing and becoming a little smaller every day. Do I lose weight everyday. Nope. That's why I stopped weighing myself daily, but I can feel it in my energy and my clothes! I have more energy than I did before surgery even though I'm consuming way less calories and food. My clothes are becoming looser. My back doesn't hurt anymore. I can wipe my butt when I go potty (seriously, not joking....that's one of the reasons I looked into weight loss surgery because I sat on the potty and cried because I couldn't reach back there.) I know that may TMI, but it's one of the last straws that break the camel's back, as it were. When it comes to tying my shoes or putting on socks, I can now reach down and do both feet at once without having to sit up and take a breath because I cut off my breath from bending over! I'm going to be a lower risk for heart disease, diabetes and blood pressure which run in my family as well. We're just a hot mess all around lol. Do you feel like your life is normal? YES! I feel more normal than before. I feel like this is who I'm meant to be and I'm becoming her more every day! I just want to add it took about 3 weeks before I got my energy back. So expect at least 2-4 weeks of feeling not great and questioning why in the hell did we do this at all! Read the forum, you’ll see. But you’ll also find those same ones thriving and happy and so grateful after recovering. Can you do it with 50/50 support from those around you? 100% - I was one of those that told people I was having gastric sleeve surgery because I was so excited about it! You will have the nay-sayers. F' Them. In the most polite way possible. Everyone I told had their own ignorant, uninformed notion. "well you know so so had a terrible experience" ... "well if you really tried you could do it on your own" UGH! I looked them square in the eyes and when they paused, I said "thank you for your concern, but this is MY body. I'm doing the research and I will make the best decision for MYSELF!" Post surgery everyone now sees how happy and more energetic I am so they can suck it. Do you have to lose weight first? I had too. My insurance is Anthem BCBS. I had to be under 6 months Dr. Supervised weight loss. I ended up losing 26 pounds. I was so scared of the 14-day liquid diet that I started substituting 1 protein shake a day (Ensure Max Protein) for 1 meal a day. When I was okay with that I substituted 2 meals a day with a protein shake. *That liquid diet (if your surgeon prescribes one for you )is no joke. I also had to do heart stress test with a cardiologist, a sleep study with a pulmonologist, a psych evaluation with my psychiatrist, a note of approval from from PCP and 3 meetings with a nutritionist detailing my food journals. FYI going through all these things helped the time pass and helped me realize how much I wanted this! I successfully made it 5 days all liquid lol. Days 14-9 I still ate one meal a day like a salad. Days 9-5 I would take a few bites of healthy food like broccoli or grilled chicken (like 3-4 bites of food in a day, I was scared of screwing up) and days 5-0 all liquid. I guess I did a good job because my surgeon said my liver looked good and didn’t even ask if I had stuck to the all liquid diet. Go figure. Is the loose skin as bad as people make it out to be? I don't know that yet. That's why I'm incorporating walking, weights and stretching in my daily activities. Hair loss? I haven't experienced that yet, but it's supposed to happen around the 3rd month from what I've gathered in reading other's experiences. Tips? Do your research. Find a dedicated bariactric center and surgeon that will advocate for you when it comes to the insurance companies if you are not self pay. Start working on minimizing your food consumption prior to surgery. These are the things that helped me. Good LUCK!!! And congratulations on beginning your journey with these questions
  15. So a little background: I am a 6'3" male who had my "Sleeve" done in July and ran into a small Pulmonary Embolism which kept me at the hospital an extra week. I have to take blood thinners for at least 1 year but thank god they have moved me off of the Lovenox injections (I hate and fear needles) and onto a pill so it's not that big of a bother now . A month before surgery I was 500lbs but got down to 455lbs on the day of my surgery. I honestly forgot what my weight was 3-4 months ago on my last surgeon visit and any scales I have had access to since then top out at 300-350lbs. I vaguely recall one doctors scale saying 375 almost 2 months ago but it could have been in error since it really wasn't built for that. I have a few concerns that you guys probably heard a billion times so please excuse me but I just don't want to screw up too bad. Despite access to a usable scale I know I am losing weight because I have had to buy smaller clothes. I wore a 5XL shirt pre-op and now wear 3-2XL, some other articles too small 30 days ago now starting to fit little by little as time goes on etc etc. I have also noticed loose skin and I keep getting told I have a noticeable reduction in my face. I am having a few issues that I can't tell if I am ruining my surgery or what but hopefully you guys can help and sorry for the novels worth of words ahead. Firstly I am worried that I may be stretched out too much. I am VERY picky eater and don't eat vegetables, but before you go on with the lecture let me say: "YES, I have "Re-tried" them all several times to appease people and in various different preparations but no matter what whenever I eat most vegetables the taste literally makes me sick" anyway, I knew this was going to cause some challenges .Once I could eat normal foods my diet was pretty much occasionally scrambled eggs for breakfast, 2 pieces of grilled chicken for dinner every night and fruit anytime before and after that. Mostly oranges but also apples, banana and the occasional grapes. Now that the weather has changed grilling enough for most of the week is not as easy so I have had to mix it up. I know it is shameful but a few days during the week I stay at my gf's apt and she has no way to cook in her apt so I try to bring as much "pre-cooked" food from home to microwave but often we have to order out and this is where being a picky eater runs into some problems. It's hard to find any healthy dishes I enjoy with most of the places mostly because most of them are vegetable based or vege heavy. I tried doing grilled chicken from halal place but it is hard to order food for 2 people when 1 person is not on a diet and the other does not eat most of the healthy options. Naturally I have had to get regular non-diet foods like an occasional burger, italian/pizza, chinese rice/soup and mexican. Obviously I am not able to consume the entire portion of whatever I get and it is a bit of a waste of money with all the leftovers not eaten again but I was always taught that moderation was the most important thing no matter what you eat and it has not seemed to interrupt the weight loss this entire time so I thought it was ok but I am often wrong. I only have this delivery stuff a couple times a week at most and I don't order out the rest of the week when back home but I have noticed lately that no matter what I eat I am able to eat larger portions than I did a few months ago. I am not talking about eating an "overstuffing binge" amount but def a bit more than I could eat a few months ago. For example I ate 2 decent sized chicken breast cutlets tonight with no problem when a few months ago it was a struggle to eat 1 and a 1/2 drumsticks. It seems to be inconsistent too, in other words some days I can only handle a smaller portion and then the next day it could be a larger portion and it will just randomly switch between the 2 all week. This has me worried I have done something wrong to my stomach with my eating. Recently most of my diet has consisted of eating yogurt, I will have a "fruit on the bottom" cup multiple times a day either as a meal or as a snack and other than that I only eat fruit or some "Popcorners" (they are popcorn somehow shaped into a "potato chip" shape) but the nutritional facts state they are not a junk food chip with the bad stuff. OH, I also forgot to mention that even way before my surgery I only drink water. I DO NOT drink any kind of high sugar drinks, carbonated drinks or even anything with caffeine like coffee, soda or tea. I may have a glass of orange juice once in a blue moon but aside from that it's nothing but water all day every day. Does it sound like I screwed up and ruined this whole thing? My other issue I have noticed is my hair started coming out in worrying amounts when brushing and in clumps during a shower. I do have long hair and it seems to be getting thin in some spots and much more scalp is showing through if I pull my hair into a ponytail. I never had this issue before and it is scaring me a bit. I take a daily "complete" multi-vitamin along with an extra pill of Iron and I know my protein intake is probably not ideal but I don't think it is low enough to warrant the hair falling out like this. Is this something anyone has experienced? Lately I have been experiencing some body dismorphia where some days I will look in the mirror and notice my weight loss but some days my head starts to tell me I am either "gaining weight", "not losing anymore weight" or just a general lowering of self esteem and I swear that I start to see these things in the mirror when logic tells me it is not possible. One other thing that has been really messing with my head is the whole loose skin situation. I feel like the loose skin is going to make me look disgusting or undesirable when all is said and done but also it's kind of like "what was the point of losing all the weight if I will only look as bad or worse than I did when I was obese?" It kind of makes me think I will be trading in one type of depression for a new one and still be in the same boat I was before and I really don't want that. I feel like all the positive aspects of the surgery will only be physical in it's results but still leave me in the same low self esteem state of mind I was in before. Any of you run into this? Did you figure out how to get past it? Thanks in advance and again I apologize for the long post but I just want to get everything out in one shot. I look forward to any replies.
  16. Hi everyone, I got a vsg in late May 2019, so it's been 6 months or so now, and I feel I did not make the most of the first 6 months. I healed remarkably well, and was able to tolerate all foods , and I had no discomfort or complications. My problems started when shortly before surgery, I started to worry that I would not get enough nutrients, and would become ill. I have young children and my main reason for wanting to lose weight is to be around for a long time for them. So for this reason I put more of the focus on eating healthier things. I did all my protein shakes, but I also spent a lot of time making green juices with no fruit and blending up greens. I took extra supplements such as turmeric and fish oil and a few other things. The first month or so I felt great, and looked better than ever, I felt like I was glowing with health, but I was chronically hungry from the start. I thought the best thing might be to add a lot of fat from natural sources like from avocados and meats and nut Butters and found that no matter what I did I was chronically hungry unless I ate that good amount of fat, I would wake up in the middle of the night looking for food to eat. Eventually I started adding in carbohydrates like breads, and found that I can eat a fair amount of them even though I know I should not be. I know that this is not the recommended diet, but I had a 1 meeting lesson on how to eat. Kaiser met with with a group of us patients pre-surgery and sent us home with a one-page quiz that we were asked to fill out and email a copy of to the nutritionist in order to schedule a surgery. There were no nutrition classes. I am an adult and I can research these things for myself, and I know I should have been eating things like protein and vegetables all along, but due to my fear if not getting enough nutrients, I fear I may have sabotaged my weight loss. I feel great and extremely healthy otherwise. No hair loss and no vitamin deficiencies. All 6 month bloodwork was excellent. My weight loss has been very slow. I went into surgery weighing 258lb, and today I weigh 225 . My question is about maximizing the first 6 months which I hear is so very important. Well, those six months are gone now, and I want to really make the most of this weight loss surgery. What would you all recommend as far as getting back on track in the healthiest way possible, and have I blown it I not maximizing that six months? Now that it's been about 6 months will I start to get even hungrier? Thanks so much for reading,and I look forward to your responses.
  17. I feel it's time to tell me story as best I can and hopefully it will give the new comers some hope and take away their worries or anxiety about surgery. Okay I have a very dysfunctional childhood and I think maybe subconsciously I turned to movies and food as a way to cope until alcohol came along but all those things combined made me gain weight massively in my teen years. As a child I was tiny but after my father passed and my stepfather came in the picture; he was a tyrant; life changed dramatically. Anyway fast forward to the end of high school I had reached over 250lbs and by 21 I was 320lbs and my weight fluctuated over the years between 300-320 until I finally found a way to get bariatric surgery.. I always believed surgery was for the rich people and I was never rich... But I found out randomly that health insurance would cover most of surgery and I'd never had health insurance before because here in Australia we have an amazing Medicare system that covers pretty much everything to do with doctors and hospitals except for elective surgery like bariatrics; unless you're like super morbidly obese and even then it can take 3 years and numerous hurdles.... So I researched and researched for months and months and spoke to multiple surgeons offices until I found the perfect surgeon; I needed to get health insurance first then do the waiting period which I used to save up the gap and that gap covered absolutely everything from first meeting until surgery and hospital was covered. I met the surgeon and his doctor and got information and told them I wanted ROUX EN Y BYPASS; and we all agreed that was the best decision as I had bad type 2 diabetes and it would only get worse. I weighed in at 322 there and then and I just wished and hoped the surgery would help me to get down to at least 200 maybe 190; I just wanted to be healthy and happy and of course to look better and feel better in myself. Anyway from first consultation until the surgery day was about 4 months had a few meetings with surgeon and he does a very direct approach no need for all the tests and stuff just my medical history and some blood tests and a big discussion was about it and he was ready to go. I was advised to do at least 2-3 weeks low carbs/protein shake diet before surgery and to try lose at least 10lbs; but I literally woke up one morning 2 months before surgery and decided there and then to kick start my journey and started on protein shakes and I actually found a brand and flavor that I actually loved. It tasted just like chocolate milkshake even though I only used water to mix it up i tried a few different brands but they were either too bland or no taste at all I like flavor and I like a little sweetness in my shakes... And I've been using the same shakes in bulk powder form for months without any issues at all... So I started on shakes and they literally filled me up and I was determined to show the surgeon I meant business. i was amazed how quickly the weight came off because I was ONLY on shakes Max 600cal preop; I dropped so much water weight it was amazing. By surgery day I had already dropped from 322 to 257lbs and the surgeon was so proud. i went into the hospital early without only water that morning so my sugar was actually low so they made me wait a few hours longer and I went in to surgery I think 3pm and next thing I know I was awake in ICU a few hours later and surgery was done but oh boy was it painful for me; I'm not sure why but I was in pain for like 2 days luckily I was given good drugs through the IV and slept most of the 2 days... By the 3rd day I started drinking a small glass of protein shake and was sipping water each day; here in Australia the surgeon is very cautious so I actually spent 6 days in hospital was fine I had my own private room and bathroom and was really well looked after.... By the 3rd day they finally took the drain out and I had a shower for the first time and a BM which was like sticky black green like a baby; oh the shower felt amazing on my poor sore belly; I think I had 5 incisions sites and a very tight bloated belly. Each day I would walk the halls of the hospital and say hello to the nurses and other times I would rest and watch TV but by like the 5th day I was feeling really good and was ready to go home but because I lived over 2hrs from the surgeon and hospital they made sure I was 110% fit and healthy; they checked my blood sugar and blood pressure multiple times a day and they said everything was fine, by the time I left the hospital they had taken me off multiple medications and it felt Great. The ride home in my mates car was a little rough but it felt Great to be home and in my own bed my big bed not the single bed in hospital... It's hard to remember everything I went through its been over 8 months since I left the hospital but I do know I was still a little sore when bending or carrying shopping bags for the first few weeks I had to be careful.... Showering was amazing my bandages on my incisions came off on their own after like 3 weeks.. I was given a guideline diet but Ive always been a strong independent personality so I just chose to do things my way; of course I was glad for the surgery and the surgeons advice but I felt is my body; my life I need to do it my way so maybe I was lucky but I didn't even think about food for months like literally I lived off shakes and yoghurt for months before I really started actual food and of course the weight kept coming off everyday it was amazing. For the first 3 months I think I was on maybe 500cal a day with next to no carbs or sugars... I didn't feel hungry at all... Shakes kept me going... Every couple of months I had to buy new clothes, I couldn't believe how much I changed one month to the next and people who hasn't seen me in a few months were shocked ever time they saw me.... i never kept it secret from anyone; I was proud of my decision to finally change my life and possibly extend my life, I was enjoying the complements and I was lucky I don't think I stalled for more than a week and I never had any complications at all except for diarrhoea BM for a while and sure I threw up a few times when trying different things or eating too quickly... i started drinking regular coffee by 3 months and my surgeon said it was fine as long as I don't get dehydrated.. I was drinking tea as well and by 6 months I actually decided to treat myself here and there with some sugar free energy drinks and it has not impacted me or my weight loss one bit. Now I'm over 8 months out I can eat most things just small portions; I've even had bread a few times just have to take it very slowly... I've had pasta a few times and even had some chocolate over Easter without any issues at all and still continued to lose weight... i will admit recently I've had some treats here and there but that was once I got in to maintenance mode... I've pretty much been in maintenance now over 2 months and pretty much sit around 165lbs but just this week I've seen 163lbs on the scales... i don't log my food much now but I do keep a mental tally of my calories and such and I do still check my weight regularly to make sure I'm doing well.. i had the RNY bypass and it was 120cm and it was amazing; I've had a blast and I've lost pretty much 50% of my original weight. FROM highest of 322 to the lowest 162.8lbs just the other day.... i felt the need to share my story everything has been positive for me. It has totally changed my life and transformed my life and the way I see myself... I'll be 36 in 3 weeks but I feel better than I have in 20 years... i want everyone to read my story and see it is possible to have the BYPASS without any issues and also my 3 months blood tests were perfect so no issues with vitamins either just have to remember to take them everyday.. The one issue I will say was my hair did get thinner and would grow slower but never fell out.... I'm sure in time it will get better I've gone from being the FAT friend to the SKINNY friend... i look and feel amazing and my BMI has gone from 43 to 22. I've dropped 159lbs or 72KGS in 10 months including my preop... From 146KG to 74KG and below every goal I thought I wanted. I don't mind because most people will bounce back 10-20lbs anyway plus when I do start to build muscle that will add a little weight because right now I'm kinda skin and bones LOL feels weird saying that about myself but its pretty good... I'm really hoping I'll meet someone soon and start a family and live a long long life 😁😁😁 So if anybody is curious about RNY BYPASS don't be afraid... Success is possible!!!! A few pics before and after
  18. catwoman7


    you'd know by now if you had a leak hair loss - pre-ops and early post-ops often worry incessantly about this (I did, too!), but most of us don't lose enough that other people notice. If you're worried about losing big clumps of hair and having bald patches like someone who's on chemo, well, that is kind of rare. I actually hardly lost any hair at all. But even if I had, I'd take temporary hair loss any day over weighing over 300 lbs again. ANY DAY!! most people (not all - but most) do have a substantial decrease in hunger/appetite - for many it goes away completely for several months. So yes - the loss of hunger/appetite does make it much easier to eat small portions. For most of us, it does come back after a few months, though, and things get more challenging then.
  19. Arabesque

    So what are you unable to eat now?

    I eat fairly simply. Never been a spicy food person so no loss there. The only carb I knowingly eat is rolled oats. I can eat fish, all meats, eggs & cheeses. My tastebuds still are not fond of many vegetables & fruit I used to love though. The only takeaway food i’ve tried is Chinese chicken & cashews (without the cashews). As I can only eat small amounts, I focus on protein and eat little or no vegetables or salad - three/four spoons of protein (half a sausage, a small lamb cutlet, small chicken leg) & a small cauliflower floret & i’m done. Takes me three days to eat two scrambled eggs. I eat slowly & mindfully. If i’m stressed (like worrying about what I can eat when dining out) my body shuts down & I can eat even less. (I’ve had to calm several concerned wait staff stressing everything tasted delicious & the reason i’ve barely touched my meal is just me.) I find it hard to get my fluids in each day. Alcohol is an occasional treat now - I can nurse a gin & tonic for hours. Tolerated my first glass of champagne last week. Yay! Only vomited food once. I just wish the gurgling would stop and the hair loss. Listen to your body. Find what works for you. Everyone’s experience is different. Yes, you will have to change your diet & find healthier foods to eat. But this is a new and better world. Enjoy!
  20. Hello Everyone! I hope you're all doing well. I'm so glad I found this site. I will be one week post op tomorrow. My head has been working overtime. The reason is that I also suffer from anxiety. So there are so many questions and concerns rumbling around in my head. I'm worried about leaks, worried that I'm not taking enough nutrients in, worried about hair loss, worried about when to start taking vitamins, wondering when I'll start losing weight. I'm thinking about how all this will work after I'm several weeks post op. Does my appetite naturally decrease? Will it be easy or hard to eat very small portions in 20 or 30 minute intervals? I worry that every little post op symptom I feel is something bad! Yikes, I know I can be too much. I sincerely apologize, everyone. I know that it's still very recent for me and I need to be patient. Intellectually I know that but my heart and head are saying otherwise. Thanks to you all out there for listening. Soyra
  21. Hi everyone! First off my spelling sucks so sorry for all you reading this. Im venting (you all are my therapist right now) maybe even looking for other peoples opinions on how to deal with family. With this weight loss process there has been alot of ups and downs. Not only with the stalls with the weight loss but emotionally, mentally, physically its hard. I have found that getting the sleeve done and losing the first 50pounds ive started speaking my mind becoming more confident in my own skin with getting thinner but alSo getting angry with family and friends. My family is so judgmental! I dont believe what they think is best in life. I find ive lived in the shadow of my mother's religion for too long scared to do what i want in fear of my family not liking my choices thinking things i want are childish or stupid. I dont want to break our family communication but it seems its going that way. For instance i love tattoos i do, always have and have wanted a few for several years on my back. If i get what i want my sister would tell her kids im a bad example and she would look down on me because she believes its a sin. How do i separate what i want and what my family thinks. My family will blame my weight loss for getting the tattoos i know it. Bothers me! I mentioned how when i lose 30 more pounds hopefully by Christmas this year i want to cut my long hair to my shoulders and do something drastic maybe bleach it blonde. My sister flipped and said why would you do that to your beautiful hair when so many cant even grow it that long. She makes me feel bad and has me second guessing everything. Another topic ive mentioned id like to have a baby in the next year or 2 and she says you almost divorced your husband last year why would you even consider having another baby with him. First off my husband and i are doing a thousand times better now and what we went threw has brought us closer together. Then She said our family has issues so why would i bring another baby with our genes into this world.. its funny she says this when she has alot of kids with the same genes as i do. She also said why would i want to get fat with a baby when i did this surgery to get skinny seems stupid. I find myself wanting to pull away maybe even move out of state to feel like our family can start over with out all there drama. My sister also says soo are you likeing that ur getting thinner faster with your surgery and not having to work for it. It made me really annoyed and wanting to cuss her out. This is a hard process i actually feel like i could of lost more doing weight watchers and the gym than i do now. So many foods upset my stomach. Healthy food is hard to eat. My stomach hates all raw veggies and home made meat i find it hard getting in protein unless its store bought and cooked then it seems to go down fine. Its frusterating! I tend to go to crackers because there soothing to my tummy. Im upset as u can tell i may sound nuts. Lol. Im sick of having to buy acid reducers now. I have to take one everynight to be able to get to bed it burns soo much with out it. Im 32 and feel as if my family has a say on what i do in life. I hate it. I hate there dumb comments. I dont know if i should sit down and talk to my family or just pull away and maybe later in life we will get closer together. My mom doesnt see how rude she is ether. She comes in my house and tells me how much im finally becoming a cleaner person with less clutter and how worried shed been with my clutter in the past few years. My moms worries now with the weight loss ill become a ****. Haha i laugh saying it out loud. When i was obese i wore sweatpants and tank tops with rips in them cause i was soo depressed with myself i didnt care how i looked because it didnt matter i was still fat nothing i did i was still ugly. All she can talk about is negative with me. Im Sick of it. Now every bite i take there watching me and judging what im eatting and how much. They all practicality took a pole saying i was going to eventually gain all my weight back because thats how i am. I feel as if im the black sleep in my family and everything i do isnt good enough. I am looked down on. My husband says ignore them and dont talk to them but i feel like they are the only people i have to talk too. Maybe its normal to have so much judgement with family members. I never noticed before this surgery how much i didnt notice all the criticism and judement friends and family have and how it effects me. I guess i could go on for hours with everything thats upseting me so i guess ill stop now. Sorry for the long vent. Feeling alittle better just by writing it down..... maybe i should start writing in a diary:)
  22. jasmineinmymind

    Pre-OP advice !

    Agree with everything said. For me #1 was that I was going to have a journey that was unlike anyone else I'd read about. I obsessively watched WLS videos on youtube and expected to be like everyone else. What I learned: 1. Some people drop a ton of weight right away and I did NOT 2. A lot of people had dumping, foamies, food getting stuck and I did not at all 3. A lot of people have hair loss and I do not 4. Many people feel no hunger and I was fricken starving from day one You really shouldnt have any expectations of what it'll be like because it could be total opposite for you. I told the nurse how paranoid I was about dehydration and as it turned out I drank my water just fine. Essentially, dont worry about what could happen, take it day by day.
  23. Hi, I went for the consult yesterday & was very pleased with bedside manner of doctor..have been going back & forth deciding about whether to have surgery for about 5 years now but have to do it, sick & tired of feeling like crap, having to look for extended sizes of clothes, etc...I'm just worried that I can't do the diet, having the restrictions, etc...and the biggest fear of hair loss! OMG, I'm a fanatic about my hair but hopefully it does grow back as I'm reading?? I hope the diet isn't too hard to follow, so used to just eating whatever I want!! I guess those days will be over too..appreciate any feedback. Thanks!!
  24. GradyCat

    Concern questions for post-op

    HAIR LOSS: I haven't lost any more since having the surgery. I already had thyroid problems and thin/fine hair, so I was worried about losing anymore. I've been taking Biotin pills and using Nioxin and Minoxidil and have actually gained some hair. TOO THIN: Probably not anything to worry about. Our bodies self-regulate. LOOSE SKIN: So far mine has stayed elastic, even at my age (54). There are plastic surgeries to take care of that after you lose the weight if it's a problem for you. DEHYDRATION: I've never had a problem getting in way more than 64 oz of fluid each day. I sip, sip, sip all day long.
  25. catwoman7

    Concern questions for post-op

    the hair & skin thing are individual and not much will help either one. I had minimal hair loss - as in, if it weren't for the extra strands I noticed in my comb, I never would have noticed. Most people notice some on themselves, but no one else does. Losing clumps of hair and having bald spots is possible, but it's very uncommon. with excess skin, you may not have much since you're starting at such a low BMI. But that also varies depending on a lot of factors. For many of us, it's very easy to hide. And I think all of us looking back would say we wonder why we wasted so many brain cells worrying about it, since loose skin is a very small price to pay for what we got in exchange. I would take my loose skin ANY DAY over weighing 300 lbs again! getting too thin: first of all, not getting to goal is a MUCH more common problem than getting too thin. And you do have control over your weight loss. You can always put on the brakes if you start to worry that you're getting too thin - you just have to increase your calories until the weight loss stops.