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  1. YES JDR...the ONLY time I second guessed myself was when I woke up and my chest hurt so bad. See my father died on the operating table during open heart surgery. So when I woke up and felt that pain I thought I was doing the same thing! THANK GOODNESS for David who was taking care of me...he took the mask off of me and asked if I hurt and where...when I pointed to my chest he told me gas pain. It RELIEVED me so MUCH but for a SPLIT second I said to myself WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MYSELF but then it was gone! LOL

  2. KEEP HIGH SPIRITS!! KNOW that what you are doing is for your BEST HEALTH! Don't get scared right when you wake up...MOST of the pain is GAS and you know you can get rid of that. I was just surprised in was in my chest so much. Once they told me it was gas I was OK. Like EVERYONE else has said WALK. Walking and moving around will get the gas out!! GOOD LUCK and I can't WAIT to hear back from you!!!!

  3. Today is day 5 and I feel SO MUCH BETTER! It is TRUE you feel better everyday!!!

    Ya a little out of touch!!!! LOL You are right I'm sure she would have kept giving me her two cents! I thought it was funny she only called me to tell me a story that happened to her! She really didn't call to see if I was ready for surgery. LOL

  4. My mouth was so dry my tongue would get stuck on my lips. I told my Mom I felt like the kid that would lick the frozen pole in the middle of winter and get my tongue stuck. LOL I was allowed to swish my mouth out with Water but it didn't help my throat. You get to eat ice chips after surgery but it really didn't help the dry mouth for long. Now my doctor had a patch put behind my left ear...which causes most of the dry mouth. Then after midnight I couldn't eat ice chips anymore....NPO....I had to do another leak test in the morning! Chapstick helped SO MUCH!!

  5. Just thought I would give you an up date on the MOTHER IN LAW. I was sleeved on Tuesday the 11th. She called me on Thursday the 13th and asked if I was ready for my surgery next week. I told her I already had it. She said WHAT I THOUGHT it was next week. She said well I guess that is good now I don't have to worry about you. I'm glad it is done and she started talking about something else! OH WELL LIFE GOES ON!!!! LOL

  6. I thought I would share my experience being sleeved. Maybe this will help some that are getting ready to be sleeved.

    On January 11, 2011 I arrived at the hospital at 7AM. I got into my room and put the nice gown on with socks. The PA came to visit with me and again explain what was going to happen. The lab came in and took blood work one more time. The nurse came in to weigh me ONE more time. I had three hours to wait but it went by fast! In fact they called me to surgery sooner then expected. The nurse quickly gave me my Heparin shot which I was REALLY nervous about but you know what I didn't feel a thing. They also put a patch behind my ear....kinda like dramamine. I then was talken down to the waiting room for my operation. They put in the IV...again I didn't feel anything. My doctor came out to visit with me. They were waiting on a pregnancy test to come back. LOL I had my tubes tied at the age of 24 but still they have to check.

    Finally, the Anesthesiologist come in and introduced himself and looked at my IV then gave me some medicine to relax me. I got into OR and within seconds was out.

    When I woke up I was SCARED I was having heart problems...my chest hurt so bad. This time was the ONLY time I thought to myself "WHAT HAVE A DONE TO MYSELF". David who was taking care of me asked me how my pain was. I showed him where it was and he said that is GAS PRESSURE but it will go away. He gave me some medine. Then he said my blood pressure was up and gave me medicine for that as well.

    Funny thing was there was a guy in the recovery room changing out light bulbs. I had to laugh at that! After a while they took me back to my room where my family was waiting. As soon as I saw my Mom's face I asked her if I looked skinnier yet! She just laughed and said YEP she is doing fine!!

    I was dozing off for a while but knew I had to get up and walk. That really is the ONLY thing that will help with your gas. SO when the nurse came in I told her I needed to go the bathroom. I got up and went then walked the hall. I tried to get up every hour to walk. I did use the pain med's I was hooked up to..to help me sleep but I was up every hour. Finally, at 3 I just got up and walked the hall. I tried to walk as much as I could because reading on this website that is what I was suppose to do.

    I only got nauseated twice but sat up and was fine. They did give me medicine to help me burp because the gas pain was the worst.

    The next morning I had to drink some nasty stuff and they took xrays to make sure I didn't have any leakage. I didn't so they told me I could go home! I was SO HAPPY!! Once I got home I went to bed! Slept a lot that day. Got up at 5 the next day and started on my liquids. I did fall asleep for about an hour but then stayed up the rest of the day to make sure I got my fluids in.

    I would have to say my third day was the worst. I know when you play sports, your muscles hurt more the third day then any other day. Today is day 4 and I am feeling MUCH MUCH better. Plus, I have past some gas which is the BEST THING EVER!!! I am sleeping with a heating pad and that does WONDERS too!

    What you will need in the hospital:

    I brought my housecoat and slippers but didn't use either one.

    I did use my tooth brush and tooth paste.




    I WISHED I would have brought some mouthwash. When you can't drink or eat and your mouth is SO DRY and your throat hurts my mouthwash would have done wonders.

    I hope this helps someone. My experience has been GREAT so far! Keep your head held HIGH and know this is the BEST thing you can do for YOURSELF!!!

  7. It went great! Today has been a hard day but it is the 3rd day and you are always more sore on the 3rd day. I got to come home early yesterday. I did my leak test and we booked it out of there! LOL Yesterday I slept a lot but today I stayed up...sitting up...as much as I could. Drinking my 1oz every 15 minutes. Trying to get ride of the gas pressure. I think that is what hurt the most!

    THANKS for asking! I hope you are still doing good. I've read the 6th day is a GREAT day! I know each day will be better!

  8. Hello ALL! I was sleeved Tuesday monring the 11th. The only pain I felt was gas. I surprised the nurse because I walk so far only 3 hours from my surgery. The next day the same...only gas pain! I came home and felt GREAT! Now we come to today. I feel like someone beat the crap out of my stomach! Is this normal? I don't know if I hurt more because I'm laying flat on my bed and it is stretching my tummy out? Just need some Sleeve sister advice.

  9. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! I talk with my Best Friend today and that is the first thing she told me .....YOUR MOTHER IN LAW IS JUST JEALOUS!!!! Well after she called her a B--ch! LOL

    My husband is supportive now! It just took some TLC and reminding him that I NEED HIS HELP!!! When I told him I told his mother he just said THAT IS THE WRONG PERSON TO TELL but he wasn't mad. I did end up telling him the next day what she said and what I said BACK and he told me that is GOOD I stood up for myself it doesn't matter what she thinks!!! This morning when he was leaving for work he said now what day do I need to put down to be off for you!

    I came home from work today and my oldest had the house clean and clothes folded!!! Was cooking supper too! I told her I can cook supper and she said YOU SHOULDN'T have to COOK since you can't eat! (I'm on day 7 of my two week liquid diet) I said WOW THANKS and went outside and played with my boxer puppies until they were done eating. It was VERY NICE not to have to watch them eat!!! LOL

    This NEW YEAR looks like it is going to be a GREAT ONE!!!

  10. Kris....WAY TO GO!!! I'm getting sleeved on the 11th and so EXCITED!! PLEASE keep us posted on how you are doing. You and I have a lot in common with our health issues and .... my Dad died at 52 massive heart attack on the operating table during open heart surgery. My brother had 5 bypasses before he was 50. Runs on my dads side.


  11. THANK YOU ALL! I'm very proud of my daughter...sometimes it takes someone close to you to show you a different way to view others.

    Coops, she isn't the kindest never has been to me or my oldest daughter because we were both over weight but like my daughter said it is HER LOSS not getting to know them better. Both of my daughters continue to go out of their way to visit with my in laws. Now that my oldest has lost her weight well Grandma LIKES her now! It just CHAPS ME but there is nothing I can do about it. They are my husbands parents. It hurt my husband to see how his mother treated his daughters when they were growing up. I always tell him that is Water under the bridge all we can do now is move forward!

    I will get sleeved on the 11th and I'm VERY EXCITED!! KLUS that is WONDERFUL that your husband is getting sleeved!!! You going through it already and showing him how GOOD it works is WONDERFUL!

  12. I finally got the nerve to tell my mother in law...against my husband's advice. Well the first thing she said was "Why can't you take Dexatrim"...."I have to watch my weight all the time, if I can do you, you should be able to do it." I was nice but I told her "Giving yourself an enima or taking laxatives everyday is NOT a HEALTHY DIET". I told her you told me you could NEVER SEE ME SKINNY because I have a pretty face...do you know how much that hurt me? She said, well I can't see you skinny and you do have a pretty face. She said, it's funny "MOST FAT GIRLS DO HAVE A PRETTY FACE". Then she went on to tell me about the people that she knows that have failed at WLS. I finally started to cry and told her you have NO IDEA! I told her I just wanted to let her know what I was doing but I am going through with it for my HEALTH...my LIFE! She said ok and changed the subject.

    My HUSBAND was SO RIGHT about her! I told him I told her and he said that was the WRONG person to tell it was NONE of her business. I didn't tell him her reaction and I'm not going to. He was be MAD!

    About 10 minutes later she asked if my Husband was going to take off of work for my surgery. I WANTED TO YELL by now but said OF COURSE HE IS!! Never in a MILLION years would I let her know he wasn't OK with this surgery at first!

    My oldest daughter told me today on the way to Church to just ignore her she doesn't have a clue. Everyone deals with this issue in a different way BUT if she CARES ANYTHING about me she will call the night before I go in but if she doesn't not to worry about it. She also said, MOM in FIVE years what will it matter...do you really have to worry about something that won't matter in five years. Do what is BEST for YOU and your HEALTH and don't worry about what OTHERS THINK! I LOVE when my daughter shows me a different way to view things.

    THANKS all for listening and I hope I can help someone that is going through the same thing with family or friends!! BE STRONG and BE TRUE TO YOURSELF!!!

  13. So I'm on day 4 of my liquid diet. I'm drinking the Protein Shake from my doctors office and it goes down ok...getting tired of the strawberry...so I tried the Unjury vanilla and I had the worst stomach pains. I just feel nauseated all day after both Protein Shakes. Did anyone else have this problem? I couldn't sleep last night because of my stomach so I finally got up and heated up some milk....you always hear warm milk helps you sleep better LOL....and I ate three triskets. Then I felt better and was able to go back to bed. I am on antibiotics could this be the problem? I take a pill in the morning and at night. I drink it with milk because it tells me to take with milk or food? Will this go away soon because I have to do this liquid diet for two weeks? Any suggestions would be GREAT!!

  14. I'm having my surgery in Victoria, TX by Dr. McDaniel. You made me LAUGH about McDonald's....I SO wanted to have a BIG MAC before I started this but then THOUGHT a BIG MAC is what got me into this shape and SIZE! LOL I SO CRAVED BIG MAC's when I was PG with my first child!! LOL

    I just went to bed at 8 last night just so I wouldn't eat!!! I have ALWAYS been a night time eater! I'm on vacation right now so I'm cleaning out my cabinets to keep busy today! LOL

    I don't know how to work this website to add a ticker or information about my sleeve...like you have Jan 11 getting sleeved with....

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