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  1. I go to the Doctor today for my first check up since surgery!! I hope he tells me I'm doing GOOD!

  2. I may have pushed my limits today but it was SO GOOD! My husbands Birthday is today and we went out to eat....Steak night...but not for me I had GRILLED Red Snapper and I'm sorry but it was SO GOOD!! Have enough for at least 3 to 4 more meals! LOL

  3. I'm only two weeks out but I LOVE my SLEEVE!!! Having LOTS of NSV that my seem like nothing to some but means the WORLD to me!!! Have a WONDERFUL day my friends!!!

  4. Today was a GOOD day! Went to Church, then to Dairy Queen...ONLY HAD WATER...LOL, and then to my Mom's to visit some more!!!

  5. My daughter is taking me to get a pedicure. She thinks this will make me feel better! She is RIGHT! LOL Day 5 almost done!

  6. Today is day 5 and YES it does get BETTER everyday!

  7. Made my oldest daughter some chicken noodle soup because she doesn't feel good. Before I knew it I had a noodle in my mouth! I said OH CRAP I can't eat this and spit it out. OLD HABITS are hard to break! LOL

  8. Today is MUCH better then yesterday!! I'm still taking it easy so I can heal!! Heating Pad does WONDERS!!!

  9. Today was a ROUGH DAY!! I guess just like playing sports you are more sore the 3rd day! I know everyday will get better, that is what is keeping my spirits high!

  10. I"M SLEEVED and at HOME already!!! Feeling GOOD!!!


  12. ONE MORE DAY!!! Getting sleeved in ONE MORE DAY!!! Monday PLEASE go by FAST...I'm READY!!

  13. Met with Surgeon, pre-admitted in the hospital, blood work, and Gallbladder ultrasound (no stones) all done today! I'm READY for my SLEEVE on Tuesday!!!!

  14. GOT MY TIME 10:00 AM on January 11th!!! ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!!

  15. A NEW YEAR and I'm SO READY for a NEW ME!!! January 11th is just around the corner!!!!

  16. May you ALL have a SAFE and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!! I would be LOST without your HELP!!

  17. Day 3 of liquid diet almost over!!! ONLY 12 more days until I'm SLEEVED!!!!!

  18. Didn't feel good at Christmas..went to the Dr today & I have a UTI! I have 2 wks to get rid of it before my sleeve! Dr said come back next wk to make sure it is gone! WHY OH WHY does this have to happen now!!??!!!

  19. Merry Christmas ALL! I start my PRE-SURGERY diet on Tuesday! 01/11/11 is just around the corner!!!

  20. I CAN'T believe...I'm NOT SLEEVED YET...NOT on the LIQUID DIET YET...and I walked RIGHT PAST the Reese's peanut butter SNOWMAN and didn't BUY HIM! I LOVE THOSE THINGS but I'm working on the WILLPOWER! LOL

  21. I GOT MY DATE, I GOT MY DATE.....January 11th!!!!! I GET SLEEVED!!!!!!!

  22. THANK YOU GOD!!!!!..I GOT APPROVED from my INSURANCE!!! Waiting on Date from Doctor now!!!! I'm SO THANKFUL!!!!!

  23. NSV...My oldest daughter graduated with HONORS from College with her Bachelors Degree! One down and one more to go! LOL Just wanted to share! I'm PROUD!

  24. Called my insurance today to make sure they received all my information. She said yes it is in review now. I asked if I could talk to someone to EXPEDITE it and she said NO. Does anyone know if there IS someone I can talk to!

  25. So I ate Beef Jerky yesterday and our Christmas meal last night....Got on the scale this morning and GAINED 13 pounds since last Thursday. WOW now who else can do that...ONLY ME!

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