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  1. The best way to see if you are losing weight is to TRY on your old Pants. I felt like I wasn't losing either but then I put on my favorite pair of pants from before surgery and they were WAY TOO BIG!!! ONE thing just because something says NO SUGAR ADDED that doesn't mean it doesn't have sugar. fruit makes its OWN SUGAR. Also, my NUT told me to eat Protein ONLY for the first few months. I found that if I do just Protein I'm not near as HUNGRY....CARBS make me HUNGRY!!! Stay AWAY from juice it is loaded with hidden SUGAR!!! Sometimes during this journey you will not lose the weight but you continue to lose inches! Don't beat yourself up....I know I did it to myself too. You did the RIGHT thing by coming to the website for help! There are a LOT of GREAT people here that are here to SUPPORT you and HELP you in any way they can. THIS WEBSITE HELPED ME SO MUCH!!!

    Also, to help you follow your diet and calorie intake use some of the FREE websites that are available on the internet. Don't forget your HEAD HUNGRY is still with you but your SLEEVE will not allow it to WIN....the SLEEVE will win everytime. If you over eat you will get sick. The next time you will listen to your SLEEVE! LOL GOOD LUCK and don't worry you will do fine!!!!

  2. Hey I know your pain!!! I pass Kidney Stones often but mine are from my parents. LOL I'm SO GLAD to see EmergenC is good for me. I drink them a lot!! I'm GLAD you are feeling better!!!

    I was SO SCARED to have my VSG surgery because of my Stones. After talking to my Doctor he told me this weightloss surgery would be on the ONLY one he would do on me.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  3. I'm JUST Curious how much weight have you lost 6 months after surgery?? I promise you I'm NOT comparing myself to anyone just wondering ? I KNOW EVERYONE losing weight differently!!! LOL I will be honest and say my FAMILY....HUSBAND and DAUGHTER think it should COME OFF FASTER!!! I keep telling them I'm DOING just fine!!! YES I'm a SLOW loser but I'm OK with that!!!! I just thought I would tell them to....well I won't put what I REALLY WANT to tell them! LOL

  4. I know this is HARD! I hated my 2 week pre diet but you will LOVE the WEIGHT LOSS!!! Hang in there and just think you are doing this for YOURSELF!!! You will be getting HEALTHY!!! You are getting you MIND ready for your surgery. I always THOUGHT I was hungry....MY MIND thought I was but really I wasn't. I'm 3 months out and 60 pounds down!!! You will be just fine!! ONE thing I did was go to bed early! If I sleep I wont EAT!!! LOL GOOD LUCK and KEEP US UPDATED!!!!

  5. OMG NO REGRETS!!! This is the BEST thing I've EVER done for MYSELF!!! Just remember these KEY THINGS!!!! 1. WALK ...force yourself...you have to get rid of the GAS..it is about the only pain you will feel! 2. SIP SIP SIP...at first you can't drink much so SIP ALL DAY!!!


    For me the third day was the WORST...just like when you work out real hard...the third day you are more sore. Then the next time was around the 10th day....but I got out here and some told me why....I was DOING MORE..MOVING around MORE!! LOL

    OH and I guess there really is a number 4. You can always POST any QUESTIONS on the website and get all the SUPPORT and HELP you need!! EVERYONE on here was SO SUPPORTIVE and HELPFUL!! I could not have done it with out everyone on here!! NO questions are SILLY...TRUST me I asked them all!!!! LOL

    GOOD LUCK!!!!

  6. This Journey is a ROLLERCOASTER RIDE but it is the BEST THING I've EVER DONE FOR MYSELF!!!! That is the KEY you are doing it for YOU and nobody else! Some of my family was on board with me and some weren't. Just like with ANYTHING you can't PLEASE EVERYONE!! You do what is BEST for YOU!!!

    I'm on the LOSERS TRAIN and ENJOYING THE RIDE!!!!! Come on aboard!!! LOL

  7. So yesterday was my Birthday and my Sister in Law works with me. She called my daughter the day before and asked What kind of Cake does your Mom like. My Daughter told her I can't have any Cake because I can't eat sugar. So they thought maybe an angel food cake would be good. Well my Sister in law brings me a RED VELVET CAKE with ICE CREAM. She said HAPPY BIRTHDAY...and I said well thank you but I can't eat that. She said THAT IS OK WE CAN and it's your Birthday!!!!! She said I brought you this....Chocolate Mousse yogurt! So while they ate RED VELVET CAKE with Ice Cream I SAT and watched and TRIED the yogurt! I know she meant well but it was CRUEL to me! I LOVE CAKE AND ICE CREAM but I'm only 10 weeks out today and CAN'T HAVE ANY!!! I'm I WRONG to feel like that was Cruel?

    Also, I have ONLY had Fat Free Yogurts. After I took a few bites of this chocolate Mousse my tummy didn't feel right so I stopped and put it away. All day I was nauseated....could it be too much sugar in the yogurt or just a bug? I was sick the rest of the day....got off of work at 5:30 and went to bed at 6:30!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! LOL My husband said, Damn your only a day older not at year!!! LOL

    Have a GREAT day everyone!!!

  8. THAT IS GREAT!!! Being a parent I can understand their CONCERN but you have to support your kids! My Mom was SCARED because of the way my Sisters Gastric Bypass went ...she had complications but is fine now. The doctor came out and told her and my husband it was the BEST thing I could have done for myself. I found out I have Visceral fat which is Fat surrounding my organs and it could chock them....he said it would have chocked my heart! So they were VERY HAPPY I had the surgery!!! Like Bilka said everytime she sees me she is SO HAPPY I DID THIS!!!

    I'm very HAPPY for you! KEEP IT UP!!!

  9. I was Sleeved on 1-11-11 and I use to LOVE BEEF...ONLY thing I would eat BEFORE surgery. Now I eat chicken and Fish!! Beef hasn't sat too well yet....REAL HEAVY!! I am planning on trying it again tomorrow night at steak nigh with my friends! LOL Just can't get much down and it HAS to be SMALL BITES!!

    I do Yogurt when I want something sweet and LOVE THEM NOW...didn't before. My Taste has CHANGED a lot but for the better!!! I make a LOT of chicken salad...Rotisserie Chicken, boiled eggs, relish and LIGHT mayo! I could live off this...oh wait I do! LOL Egg whites with cheese and low sodium honey ham in the mornings! I LOVE Baked Cod!!! You can do instant oatmeal with sugar free syrup...it's YUMMY!!!

    Hope this helps!!!

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