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  1. hopeandfaith

    January Sleevers

    OMG I'm getting SLEEVED 1/11/11. I didn't even think about that date....OH WELL! They wanted me the 17th but my daughter goes back to college and my husband's job is sending him to school as well. I started my journey in September...JUMPED through HOOPS with the insurance company to get approved. I'm VERY EXCITED to be a NEW ME!!!
  2. hopeandfaith

    Ok here I go...me at 168

  3. I CAN'T believe...I'm NOT SLEEVED YET...NOT on the LIQUID DIET YET...and I walked RIGHT PAST the Reese's peanut butter SNOWMAN and didn't BUY HIM! I LOVE THOSE THINGS but I'm working on the WILLPOWER! LOL

  4. hopeandfaith

    TORN on what to do

    SO I FINALLY got the nerve up to write the letter to my Sister and I emailed it to her! I explained EVERYTHING and even told her about my SUPPORT GROUP....YOU ALL!!!! Sure enough my cell phone started to ring after a few hours. I didn't have the GUTS to answer it. I waited until she left a message then listened. I know you would think a 46 year old would be more grown up....LOL She left a VERY nice message SUPPORTING my decision!!!! She told me she LOVED me and just wants me HEALTHY! Since I was an OOOOPS baby she said I've always been her baby girl since she never had kids. She wouldn't want ANYTHING to happen to me! She told me HOW PROUD she was that I did my research and found a SUPPORT GROUP!!! I tell you I was so MOVED I called my Mom first thing this morning. She said WELL I GOT the call from your sister...I LAUGHED...she said she is OK with it! Wanted to know how long my mom knew about it and didn't say anything. POOR MOM!!! LOL Anyway, I wanted to share my JOY! I hope everyone that is going through this finds this forum helpful!
  5. hopeandfaith

    Dr. Dean Mc Daniel Victoria, TX

    No but I am set for January 11th!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for the reply. I'm excited and nervous if you know what I mean! LOL I'm glad to hear all went GOOD with no problems. I've only talked to the doctor once. I go back to see him on Jan 6th. Other then that I've talked to Vicki a lot! It looks like you are doing GREAT!
  6. hopeandfaith

    Not approved... same as DENIED?

    I JUST went through the SAME thing but I have BCBS. What you need to do is START calling them everyday. In my case they were going to MAIL what they needed to the doctor but I gave them a fax #. They faxed it and my doctor told me what was needed from my other doctor so I got them the information and CALLED AGAIN....saying I just want to make sure you have all the information you need....I WAS VERY VERY VERY KIND! It paid off...I HONESTLY don't think I would have been approved without pushing the issue! See it's end of the year so they WANT you to wait so you can pay your deductable again! Everytime I started my presurgery diet I HAD PROBLEMS with my insurance and or doctor. The nurse told me drink your Protein shake for two meals until your insurance approves you. GOOD LUCK and HANG IN THERE it may be a VERY SIMPLE question that they have. KEEP US POSTED!!!
  7. I start my new life on January 11th!!! I couldn't get in December because the anesthesiologist was in a car accident (HE IS FINE) but they cancelled all surgeries until he comes back to work in January! Which I feel bad for him BUT I really feel bad for the ones that have been on their two week liquid diets and now they are cancelled and have to start the two weeks over again! I can't BELIEVE I FINALLY HAVE A DATE!!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT!!!! I know I will NEED MORE down the road! RIGHT NOW I'm FEELING SASSY!!!!!
  8. hopeandfaith


    JANUARY 2011 IS LOOKING PRETTY GOOD FOR SEVERAL OF US! I'M SUPER EXCITED!!! I had LOTS of problems with my insurance as well but in the end they came through. I will say ONCE I did all they wanted....I called them EVERYDAY to see if they made a decision....I was SUPER NICE and they DID HELP ME!!! JANUARY SLEEVE ROCKS!!! Sorry I guess I'm still feeling SASSY!!! LOL MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!!!!
  9. I GOT MY DATE, I GOT MY DATE.....January 11th!!!!! I GET SLEEVED!!!!!!!

  10. OMG I'm shouting from the ROOFTOP....I'm APPROVED FROM MY INSURANCE what I sent in yesterday they TOOK!!! NOW I'm waiting for them to fax to my Doctors office and then I can get my DATE!!! I called insurance AGAIN TODAY and was SUPER FRIENDLY and she told me I was APPROVED!!!! Then I said can you fax instead of mailing my doctor so she checked and CALLED ME BACK and said YES!!! I called my Doctors office and she is looking INTO me getting SLEEVED December 28th.....this is just a TENTATIVE DATE...she has to get it approved from the Doctor! OMG I'm SO SO SO SO EXCITED!!!!!!
  11. THANK YOU GOD!!!!!..I GOT APPROVED from my INSURANCE!!! Waiting on Date from Doctor now!!!! I'm SO THANKFUL!!!!!

  12. So reading all your posts and responses to post it just makes me wonder. WILL I EVER GET TO ONEDERLAND? I mean most of you are smaller then me when you got sleeved. I'm TRYING NOT to compare myself to others BUT I'm over 300 pounds will I EVER see the 100's again. For the most part I'm a positive person ....HAPPY GO LUCKY ....but I guess I need reassurance ...will I? It seems like such a FAR AWAY PLACE to be! I can't believe I've LET MYSELF get this SIZE! I think I'm just DOWN because I'm on the WAITING TRAIN and it isn't looking like I will be SLEEVED this year! I SO HOPED I would be SLEEVED when my company was closed the last week of the year so I wouldn't have to EXPLAIN so much! All I can say to ALL THE NEWBIE'S is this is an EMTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER RIDE!!! Like I read today when I went in to see my Doctor I too wanted to be SLEEVED ASAP as in YESTERDAY! He said everyone wants it ASAP but we have to get prepared! I didn't plan on this EMOTIONAL ride. Tell my husband and children and WOW the backlash!!! FINALLY, got them all on board! Then JUMP THROUGH HOOPS for the insurance. The EXCITEMENT and then the FEAR then the EXCITEMENT again....but FEAR is NOT far behind! AM I doing the RIGHT thing....OH YES I AM! It's just an emotional roller coaster ride! I know in my heart ONCE I'M SLEEVED I will be so EXCITED but the Ride getting there is ROUGH! I'm SO GLAD I found you all because I could NOT have done the things I've done so far without YOU! That is why I'm reaching out now!!! I see so MANY POST that have 72 VIEWS but only 2 Comments....COME ON GUYS what you have to say is IMPORTANT to us! Write your comments no matter what you have to say! SUPPORT is what we are ALL looking for! Just READING our thoughts doesn't HELP US!! We are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!! NO MATTER GOOD OR BAD......see it's the EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER RIDE!!!! THANKS to ALL who reply and I hope MORE feel comfortable to REPLY! Your THOUGHTS are SO IMPORTANT TO US ALL! "HOPE" that I will be SLEEVED and "FAITH" that it will be a GREAT new beginning!
  13. hopeandfaith

    Disapointed but hopeful???

    Tracy I had to do three months of weight loss managment too! I did it for a year but not EVERY FOUR WEEKS so it didn't count. NOW I went in Oct, Nov, Dec but they want me to weigh in ONE MORE TIME in January! I also had to get my last 5 YEARS from my doctor to PROVE I've been over weight! NOW I WAIT to see if they will approve me! I went in Aug, Oct, Nov, and Dec so I'm HOPING this will SATISFY THEM!! I honestly think they just want to WAIT for the new year and I have to meet my deductable again!!! GRRRR Anyway, to answer one of your questions I was told by my Doctors office that my insurance doesn't care if I lose weight or not. I have BCBS of OKLA. I have read where if you get under a certain BMI then they won't approve you but I have a HIGH BMI! Hope this HELPS! There are SEVERAL of us on the WAITING TRAIN....HOPING to get to ONEDERLAND!!!
  14. hopeandfaith

    tomorrowis my day

    GOOD LUCK to you BOTH....I will be THINKING about you!! PLEASE keep us up to date!!!
  15. hopeandfaith

    So tired of waiting....

    I'm in the WAITING stage too and I HATE IT! I was so HOPING to be SLEEVED on Dec 27th but my problem is with insurance! Waiting for them to approve and as someone posted before I had to JUMP THROUGH HOOPS! They want to wait until January so I have to meet my deductable AGAIN! As I was told HANG IN THERE!!! ALSO, KEEP CALLING your Doctor's office and keep PUSHING!!! You will bug them so much they will want to get you over with. LOL
  16. NSV...My oldest daughter graduated with HONORS from College with her Bachelors Degree! One down and one more to go! LOL Just wanted to share! I'm PROUD!

  17. Ok so I've done EVERYTHING they asked of me and they STILL WANT MORE!!! I just NEED HAPPY THOUGHTS and PRAYERS coming my way. I guess since it is end of the year my insurance company is giving me the run around! I'm SO DOWN but I'm TRYING TO STAY POSITIVE!! My Mother told me...maybe this is Gods way of telling you NOT TO GO THROUGH with it. I just CAN'T believe this because there are SO MANY THINGS he has HELPED ME WITH TO OVER COME! I told her I don't think God works for the insurance company it is ALL THEM not HIM! LOL What should I THINK....is it a sign or is it just a hard headed insurance company??? Again, I'm just venting! My doctors office said they've never had this much trouble from BCBS.
  18. hopeandfaith

    Two NSVs in one day!

    I think that is a HUGH DEAL on both! I'M VERY HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!
  19. Called my insurance today to make sure they received all my information. She said yes it is in review now. I asked if I could talk to someone to EXPEDITE it and she said NO. Does anyone know if there IS someone I can talk to!

  20. hopeandfaith


    THAT IS GREAT!!! What a FANTASTIC FEELING that must be!!!
  21. hopeandfaith

    It's been 2 days

    LOL that is FUNNY! It's just a little GAS and it will PASS but it's a cute little FART isn't it?!?!?! LOL
  22. hopeandfaith

    I need to tell my sister

    Bilka, I know some of what you are going through. I too posted a forum on should I tell my sister. LOL I haven't done it yet because I know she will be upset but the more I think about it the more I want to share it with her. I know she will be UPSET to say the least BUT she will get over it. Your sister sounds like a VERY STRONG person BUT her husband's death has to be effecting her. She needs to go seek some help and talk about it. That is why she is acting WEIRD. She may not have LOVED him and say she doesn't MISS him reguardless the way he died has to be eating at her. Maybe she will open up to you?! I know someone that the same thing happened to him and it changed his life. We don't HAVE to tell them but if you feel like me you want to SHARE your JOY! It all comes down to this. You LOVE your Sister because she takes care of you and has it sounds like all your life! Tell her that you LOVE her and that you will NEED her more then ever now but you have to take care of yourself too!! You have to take control of your life and this surgery is the first step!!! She just MIGHT surprise you and be supportive. That is what I'm HOPING FOR with my Sister. LOL At least you are thinking about telling her in advance....I MIGHT be SLEEVED this month so I don't have much time to let her try to STOP ME! Which at this point no matter what is SAID...NOTHING is going to STOP ME! I want to be HEALTHY!!! GOOD LUCK in what you decide to do and KEEP IN TOUCH!
  23. So last night I asked my husband, SINCE YOU don't want YOUR family to find out about my surgery, what am I going to tell them when I CAN'T eat anything on Christmas? He said, I don't know have you asked your FRIENDS on that Website you are always on!! LOL I said GOOD IDEA! I don't want to tell his family I don't feel good because then they won't want me to hold the babies! I LOVE seeing the LITTLE ones!!! Also, since he made this comment plus the one about watching the guy after his WLS on TV, I decided to ask him a few questions. So I asked, WHY would a husband not SUPPORT his wife during this surgery. His words.....HE'S STUPID! LOL I laughed and then said well you told me I was a FAILURE AT LIFE when I told you I was going to do this. He said, Well I just thought you should be able to do it on your own. I said, do you support me now? He said, HELL YES! Again, I laughed!!! I know you don't know my husband but this is a HUGH HUGH change!!! I'm SO HAPPY that WHATEVER channel had this guys WLS experience on TV OPENED HIS EYES! In my heart I know it was the GOOD LORD above that SHOWED HIM THE WAY!!! Have a GREAT day everyone and I can't WAIT to hear what you told people when you couldn't eat!
  24. hopeandfaith


    FOR ME here is how I feel....HAVEN'T been sleeved yet! Ask yourself WHY did you decide to do this weight loss surgery? For me it's NOT because I feel good the way I am. I HATE the way I am and I FEEL miserable! I want to walk up a flight of stairs and still be able to BREATH! I want to walk down the stairs like a normal person....not side ways because one knee can't handle the weight! I want to be able to SIT in a chair and my FAT NOT hang over! It took me a while to UNDERSTAND food CAN'T CONTROL ME!! I have to take ACTION or else I won't be around to ENJOY LIFE!! I'm fighting with my insurance right now. NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS THIN FEELS!!!! I heard this one MANY MANY MANY YEARS ago but FINALLY understand it! IT'S TRUE!!!
  25. So I ate Beef Jerky yesterday and our Christmas meal last night....Got on the scale this morning and GAINED 13 pounds since last Thursday. WOW now who else can do that...ONLY ME!

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