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  1. hopeandfaith

    Hi Y'all

    WOW that is GREAT! I was sleeved on Jan 11 so we are right there together....I haven't lost as much weight as you but that is OK. LOL I also want to add GOD was with me through this all too. If it wasn't for HIM I couldn't have done all I did!!! Thanks for sharing!!
  2. I go to the Doctor today for my first check up since surgery!! I hope he tells me I'm doing GOOD!

  3. I may have pushed my limits today but it was SO GOOD! My husbands Birthday is today and we went out to eat....Steak night...but not for me I had GRILLED Red Snapper and I'm sorry but it was SO GOOD!! Have enough for at least 3 to 4 more meals! LOL

  4. I'm only two weeks out but I LOVE my SLEEVE!!! Having LOTS of NSV that my seem like nothing to some but means the WORLD to me!!! Have a WONDERFUL day my friends!!!

  5. hopeandfaith

    Getting ready to go to the Hospital

    I will be praying for you! TRUST in the LORD because he WILL be there WITH YOU!!! That is what I did and I came through with no problems! POSITIVE THOUGHTS!!!! LOL
  6. It sounds like gas pressure to me but I'm no expert. I know the "BUBBLE" I get in my center upper tummy when I drink or eat is gas. Have you tried taking a Gax X strip? Those really helped me! I sure hope you feel better.
  7. I was Sleeved on Jan 11 and I went back to work today the 24....9 working days for me is what I was off but had two weekends in there that helped! LOL I'm tired but that is just because I'm still on a liquid diet...I am doing Soups. I have an office job but walking to the printer made me tired but it gave me exercise!
  8. My blood pressure is always high. I was sleeved on Jan 11th and the nurse taking care of me out of surgery said I can't get her blood pressure down. Finally, after the second time he said that and he was getting ready to give me more medicine I looked at my monitor and said is that my blood pressure and he said yes....I said that is my NORMAL blood pressure 145/92. LOL I've never been on high blood pressure medicine. All went fine with my surgery and I'm healing really well! GOOD luck on Friday!
  9. hopeandfaith

    Wanting to help but how?

    Greg, I finally went out and got some veggies and made my own Soup....just blended them up really good. I went to this website to find soup recipes http://www.bariatriceating.com/BEhealthnutrition/recipes.php. I'm two weeks tomorrow and it really helped me. I also tried instant oatmeal and put some sugar free syrup and it was SO GOOD BUT I could only eat 1/2 package...my husband eats the left overs. LOL
  10. The ONLY Protein shakes that gave me that was UNJURY for some reason I can't handle anything made by them. GREAT job on the weight lose!!!
  11. Emp, the GREAT thing about this website is you can SHARE ANYTHING you want with us!! The GOOD, BAD and UGLY we are all HERE to SUPPORT EACH OTHER!!! Have a GREAT day!
  12. hopeandfaith

    I'm so excited!

  13. hopeandfaith

    Family Photos

    OMG you LOOK GREAT!!!! OMG I just can't tell you HOW INSPIRING these photos are! YOU DID IT GIRL!!! YOU ARE SUCH A SUCCESS!!! There is HOPE for me because now I SEE it CAN BE DONE! I've just seen pictures of you SKINNY and that was hard for me to visualize but to see where you were and what you look like now.....THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! OH and what a GREAT LOOKING FAMILY!!!!
  14. Read ALL the SUCCESS stories on this website and you will all see what a GIFT the Sleeve is! I too was scared before I was Sleeved but that is a NATURAL reaction! Nobody wants to go through surgery BUT sometimes you have to do what is best for YOU. For me it was getting SLEEVED! Even the doctor told my family after surgery it was a GOOD thing I did this....I have Visceral fat which surrounds the organs and it will CHOKE my organs if I'm not careful! I didn't know there was two kinds of body fat......Visceral(surrounding organs) and Subcutaneous (beneath the skin- about 80% of all body fat). I was Sleeved on Jan. 11, 2011 because I want to be around for my daughters and someday.....in the FUTURE see my grandkids. LOL GOOD LUCK to you all and keep in touch!
  15. THANKS Tiff on what to do. I too have wondered and wanted to know. I've saved this now on my computer for the future!
  16. Ok so I'm just wondering I'm 10 days out from being sleeved. I'm more sore now then when I first had it. Is this natural? It's a different type of sore....more like someone hit me in the stomach.....could there be bruising??? Just need to know I didn't over do it and hurt my sleeve. I went grocery shopping and have felt it more since. Still know regrets! I'm not craving any food and doing great on the weight loss.
  17. I totally agree with Tiff! PLEASE take her advise!
  18. hopeandfaith

    Not Quite A Year Out ...

    OMG you LOOK GREAT!!!!! Way to go!!!!
  19. hopeandfaith

    Is this the way I'm suppose to feel

    THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! I just didn't think that was the day I did the MOST and really haven't stopped since. Moving around a lot more! I just got scared maybe I pulled something. I feel silly now asking the question. I'm SO GLAD I have you all here for me!!!! OH and the heating pad has been my best friend too but I do only use it at night.
  20. hopeandfaith

    Wanting to help but how?

    Hello Greg, I was sleeved one day after your wife but I only had to stay in the hospital one night. She maybe drinking too fast. When I drink too fast I get this BUBBLE in my upper center tummy right under my rib cage and it HURTS! At this time I'm only able to get down 3 to 4 oz when I have Jello, pudding, soup or a Protein shake. Then I wait 30 before I eat that and after I have that before I start my Water again and then it is just SIPS. ONE thing that REALLY helped me was a heating pad. I still put it on my tummy every night before I go to sleep. It really helps. I hope this helps! GOOD LUCK and THANKS for supporting your wife like this. There is LOTS of GOOD people on this website that will help you with any questions you have!!!
  21. hopeandfaith

    Sleeved and feeling great!

    Hello alma, I was sleeved the same day as you and I was doing GREAT then I went grocery shopping Wednesday...now I have a little pain. Not bad but I was doing so good I sure hope I didn't mess up. My Doctor told me NOT to pick up anything over 10 pounds. I've been walking around the yard but not getting on my Treadmill just yet. Just be careful but I would ask your Doctor. I have my first appointment with him since my surgery next Thursday.
  22. hopeandfaith


    OMG that is GREAT!!! I'm SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!
  23. hopeandfaith

    How soon can you exercise

    I'm one week out today! I've been doing VERY well until last night I just had a rough night. Woke up and my stomach is cramping. I think I messed up when I took a few sips of a spicy Soup my daughter made. Paid for it last night and still paying for it. LOL My family keeps asking me if I've exercised yet. So I'm asking, when should I start to exercise? I've been walking a little around the yard but like when should I get on my treadmill? After yesterday I don't want to mess up again so I'm reaching out to the EXPERTS HERE!!!
  24. hopeandfaith

    Kelly's Journey

    Kelly, this journey is an emotional rollercoaster. Early on I felt the same way. I know I can do this on my own BUT IF that is true why am I this over weight. It finally hit me that I NEED HELP!!!! I'm one week out today and very happy! When I started my PRE-DIET and lost so much weight, my husband said see you can do it on your own you don't need surgery. I said I ONLY lost it because I knew I HAD TO before surgery. I can't tell you the TIMES I wanted to CHEAT and EAT but I kept telling myself it will hinder my surgery if I eat that! If I wasn't having the surgery then I KNOW I would have ate THOSE pork rib! So ask yourself this....Can I lose the weight myself? Can I KEEP it OFF or will I go back to my old habits? For me I've ALWAYS gone back to my old habits! I know this is TOOL to help us lose weight and it will still be up to us to keep it off but for me it is the TOOL that I needed!!! GOOD LUCK and you will do JUST FINE!!!

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