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  1. hopeandfaith

    I need to know....

    Everyone is different with the pain and I found out every Doctor is different. For me the worst was waking up and my chest hurting but once they told me it was GAS I was ok. Walking helped that so much. YES you have a DRY mouth...VERY DRY. I was VERY LUCKY I didn't have any TUBES coming out of me.....just the IV! I just spent one night in the hospital and come home the next morning!! I will tell you not to worry my 3rd day and my 10th days after surgery, I was SO SORE! I think the 3rd day...just like working out... you are always more sore the 3rd day. The 10th day because by then I was moving around a lot more. I did have to ASK everyone on this website because I was scared. That is ONE thing after surgery if you have ANY QUESTION you can ASK EVERYONE on this website. Everyone is so HELPFUL!!! Good Luck and everyday gets BETTER!!!
  2. I will be 4 weeks out this Tuesday and I can drink a lot as well. Wondered why so I'm glad you asked!
  3. hopeandfaith

    Finally sleeved!!!!

    Welcome to the losers bench!!! LOL I was wondering too why did you have to stay 5 days in the hospital. I only spent the night.
  4. hopeandfaith


  5. hopeandfaith

    A Different NSV

    I like your attitude!! Keep up the GOOD work and KICK ASS!!!
  6. FINALLY got out of the 30's!!! I FINALLY LOST 40 pounds! This is making the FEAR of failing go away!!!

  7. hopeandfaith


    AWESOME!!!! Isn't it the BEST feeling! The other night I was trying on clothes and the ones that were TIGHT are no longer TIGHT!!! I was prancing through the house and my daughter (who lost 115 on her own) said I wished I could be like you. You lose a few pounds and act like you are SKINNY....I lose 115 and still feel fat! I told her it's all in the MIND and you are skinny now!!! PLUS, I told her NOT TO RAIN ON MY PARADE!!!! LOL She just laughed at me!!
  8. HOT Decaf Lemon Herbal Tea! What a GREAT way to start your day!!

  9. MY oh MY it is COLD in Texas. State of emergency so they are doing rolling blackouts! No electricity for an hour and 10 min at work this morning. THANK GOODNESS they only shut us off once. Some in town got cut off several times!! FUN TIMES!! STAY WARM EVERYONE!!!

  10. hopeandfaith

    No more CPAP!

    AWESOME!!!!! I wear the nose pillow too but OH HOW WONDERFUL it would be NOT to have to move those tubes at night when I turn over! LOL I can't wait until I get there!!!! Although I must say using my CPAP I don't hear my dogs barking at night or the train! My husband tells me when HE STAYS UP ALL NIGHT HEARING THESE NOISES and he isn't too happy that I SLEPT through it !! LOL I tell him sorry I didn't hear a thing! One time he told me I KNOW I TRIED to wake you UP!!! LOL I'm HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!
  11. hopeandfaith

    Protein Ideas PLEASE!

    Welcome!! I'm 3 weeks out today. The first week my doctor had me on a liquid diet. Then I could have some creamed Soups NO PIECES the second week. I didn't like yogurt either but now I'm a HUGH fan of Yoplait LIGHT FAT FREE...Boston Cream Pie, Lemon Cream Pie, and RED VELVET Cake. Baked fish is good. Wait until after surgery once you can have some of these food. Well I don't know if my taste buds changed but they taste WONDERFUL! LOL The start of my 3rd week is when I could have eggs. Now my NUT told me I can't have shrimp until I'm 6 wks out....I think because of the texture and how my new stomach has to process it. Once you are deprived of food for a while you will start to appreciate anything you can have. I'm in my MUSHIE stage so last night I took left over Roasted chicken and put in my blender with one egg and just a little LIGHT MAYO and some mustard and made a chicken salad. Added a little pepper and it was WONDERFUL! Now I can only eat a little bit of it so I have plent for lunch today and supper tonight. IF my daughter doesn't eat it first. She tried it and LOVED it too! I know you said you don't like this but like I said once you have your surgery and you can't eat food you may find out you do like it. Because it is SOMETHING TO EAT! LOL OH and Mrs Butter-worths sugar free syrup is the BOMB!! It is SO GOOD....NEVER thought I would say something sugar free was so good! LOL GOOD LUCK!!!!
  12. Dear Lord, Here is my 2011 prayer. Please give me a FAT Bank Acct and A THINNER Body! Please don't mix these two up like you did last year. Amen

  13. Just walked a 21 minute mile!! Second day to walk a mile!

  14. WOW I was SO LUCKY! I have 3 incisions you can see and 1 in the top of my belly button! My doctor told me that is where he pulled my stomach out. YUCK right??? LOL 1 IV and NO DRAIN TUBE and NO CATHETER. I went to the bathroom three hours after my surgery. It wasn't bad at all getting up but I've had eight surgeries for Kidney stones so the pain was nothing compared to those. I do have a very high tolerence for pain. I've had kidney stones since I was 15. Besides I knew I had to get up and walk in order to get rid of the gas pressure! GOOD LUCK and I hope all goes fine for you too!
  15. I walked a little over a mile today...I know it's not much but it is a start! LOL

  16. hopeandfaith

    1 week post op

    YES it is like a "BUBBLE" that wont go away but it DOES!!! It takes a while but it gets better I promise! I walked around the house a lot and took gas X strips! I hope you feel better soon! Everyday gets better!!!
  17. hopeandfaith

    Warning to new sleeves

    YES eating SLOW and really THINKING about it is the hardest part for me! I should n't say hard but I have to work at that. I was used to eating in 5 minutes. Now I have to take my time and listen to my body. Yesterday i didn't and I PAID for it. I went out to eat the other day and by brain told me to order the BOWL of Soup but I had to REALLY think and my stomach said only the CUP. Sure enough I barely could eat all of the CUP of soup. My Mom laughed at me. I told her OLD HABITS are HARD TO BREAK and I'm having to retrain my BRAIN TOO! LOL
  18. hopeandfaith

    Chewable Calcium?

    My doctor only wants me to take my multivitamins right now. He said at my next visit, which will be 6 weeks out, then we will start on the rest.
  19. hopeandfaith

    I have a question about food

    So that is why about 5 minutes after I eat or should I say drink certain foods I have to go to the bathroom ASAP? THANK YOU!
  20. I'm sorry but I have a question. I was reading some forums and I say them talking about SLIDER foods. So here is my silly question....what is SLIDER foods? I'm almost three weeks out and my doctor told me to try new foods one at a time. I just want to make sure I stay AWAY from these SLIDER FOODS! I don't want to over eat or gain back any of my weight I've lost already. THANKS!
  21. hopeandfaith

    My first week

    I'm a few days over two weeks and NO I didn't do potatoes. Liquids ONLY for me for two week. Now I'm doing puree foods and one food at a time. This is how someone explained it to me yesterday. Your stomach was put to sleep, then the doctor cut most of it away and made a baby stomach. Now when your stomach woke up it has to learn all over again how to process. Like a BABY you don't want to feed them a combination of food at once you always try ONE FOOD at a time to see how their stomach will react to that food. I'm a very visual person so that REALLY put it in perspective for me! This might sound silly to some but it HELPED ME! Have a GOOD day and HANG IN THERE it gets better. The RESULTS is what makes it FANTASTIC!!!
  22. hopeandfaith

    laser skin tightening

    Just remember everyone is different! I did have a friend that did this on her thighs and it didn't work. She is still glad she tried it. Now she is 57 so like I said everyone is different. I'm hoping yours is a success! GOOD LUCK!
  23. NEVER knew an EGG could taste SO GOOD! LOL Have a WONDERFUL day my FRIENDS!!! IT"S FRIDAY!!! YEAH!!!

  24. HOP on there are A LOT of us on the RIDE already!!!! LOL Good to have you aboard!!!
  25. Doctor's visit went GREAT! He told me I could try new foods (soft) but one at a time and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

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