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  1. hopeandfaith

    when does this get better?

    You have GOT To get up an MOVE AROUND!!! SIP SIP SIP Come on you got the HARD part over with...EVERYDAY will get BETTER and BETTER!!! I did a heating pad every night but I did SIP as much as I can...that is a SIP not a GULP but a SIP very small amount. In a few days you are going to see how much better you feel and the more Water you get down the BETTER you are going to feel!! WALKING around helps too because you have a lot of gas right now....this causes a LOT of pain! I PROMISE you one day SOON you will wake up and say WOW I FEEL GREAT!!!! Good luck and HANG IN THERE!!!!
  2. hopeandfaith

    NSV For Me...

    Way to GO!! Hey just getting out of our old routine is a NSV!!! GOOD JOB!!!
  3. Yes for the first few weeks you have to do the sips and do it often! It will get better around your 5th or 6th week! Everyday gets better!!! GOOD LUCK!!!
  4. TRIED Pilates...can't touch my toes! TRIED ZUMBA....shook so much that my chest hurt! LOL I think I will have to wait just a little bit longer!! WALKING and Elliptical will be JUST FINE!!!

  5. hopeandfaith


    I UNDERSTAND the NIGHT TIME EATING!! I do SO GOOD during the day but at night I want food. I'm 7 weeks today so it's NOT that I'm hungry it's just what I did before surgery. I'm a CHIP eater so I bought some baked pork rids but then I could eat a whole bag in one day...so stopped buying those. I'm CRAVING WINE and Tiff I LOVE LOVE LOVE Moscato..in fact purchased a bottle for my Sister in law to try and had to have a sip! mmmmm Was thinking about it ALL NIGHT last night but I know I CAN'T have it yet!!! So I went to BED and got on my laptop and got out on the CHAT line on this website. We had a good chat last night! LOL If ANYONE can tell me how to control my HEAD CRAVINGS I would LOVE IT!!!
  6. I'm SO GLAD I'm not the only one wanting some wine but I will wait....I'm only out 7 weeks and today I got this from my Prevention Mag email....Skip the second cocktail. When you have a drink, you burn less fat, and more slowly than usual, because the alcohol is used as fuel instead. Knocking back the equivalent of about two martinis can reduce your body's fat-burning ability by up to 73%. After I read this I thought CRAP, no wonder I gained so much weight before my surgery. LOL Just thought I would share!
  7. Well put Tiff and Julie!! This really isn't the easy way out I had to do a LOT of SOUL searching first to even HAVE the surgery. If I wouldn't of had the surgery I would have DIED at a YOUNG age...per my Doctor!!!! So for me it was the BEST THING I ever DID for myself! You are SO RIGHT about things I LOVED to eat before don't taste good now. I tried BEEF for the first time in 7 weeks today...had a steak 4 days before surgery! LOL Anyway, I didn't like it....took one bite and I didn't like it! Now I was a HUGH Beef eater before this surgery and I'm sure I will try it again but for now I will stick with my Fish and Chicken! No quilt here because I'm a MUCH HAPPIER PERSON today then I was 6 weeks ago!!!
  8. hopeandfaith

    I need to Vent...

    I was able to drink broth and eat popsicles and Jello on my TWO WEEK Prediet!!! I did MILK TOO!!! That really helped with the hunger.
  9. If I had to do it over again i would make up some creamy Soup and put them up in 3 oz containers and freeze them ahead of time. I did this afterwards but HAD to go to the store to buy the food and then make it. I now just take a container out and bring it to work for lunch. After surgery I was so weak and you can't lift ANYTHING so it was hard. I found some good Soups just for WLS and they gave me MORE energy then the Protein drinks. Also, I was SO SICK of the Protein Drinks afterwards I couldn't get them down. sugar free Popsicles helped A LOT TOO! I did a mushroom soup with some carrots and a broccoli soup with carrots and avocado's....put EVERYTHING in my Magic BULLET and blended it until I call it my MYSTERY food!! LOL Sugar free pudding is good too!!! http://www.bariatriceating.com/BErecipes/ http://theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.com/
  10. Yes my NUT didn't want me to eat between meals but I get hungry too. I do a cheese stick in the morning and yogurt in the afternoon. Just a little bit makes you feel better. I'm 6 weeks out now.
  11. Workout DONE!! Treadmill, Elliptical, AB Lounge, and a little weights! Even feed the DOGS and that is a WORKOUT in itself!! LOL Have a GREAT day my FRIENDS!!

  12. hopeandfaith

    Question for post sleevers!!

    I've NEVER been told this.....but it would have been NICE if they would have. I woke up ONCE when I had Kidney Stones removed and I've NEVER forgot it! Next surgery I told the Doc PLEASE don't let me wake up with the tube...he said YOU REMEMBER THAT and I said YES I will NEVER FORGET THAT FEELING. I only woke up for a SEC and I heard she is awake and then that was it....gone again! LOL This DID NOT happen to me when I was SLEEVED....didn't even get told it MIGHT happen!
  13. Plus we don't eat much!! I know for me what I'm eating isn't as HEAVY as the food I ate before I was SLEEVED!!! Just my thoughts on it!!
  14. hopeandfaith

    Broke through my stall

    WOW that is FANTASTIC!!!! GOOD JOB!! Keep it up!!!
  15. My Doctor was VERY PLEASED with my weight loss!!! I'm clear to exercise and try other foods!! LOL Had baked Shrimp tonight!!!

  16. hopeandfaith

    Feeling betrayed and ANGRY. Advice?

    Don't you DARE let THEM change your mind!!! IF you do THEY WIN!! I too have the in laws from HELL and my HUSBAND is the one that told me not to tell. I didn't listen and HE WAS RIGHT!! My Mother in law was NOT NICE about it at all! Didn't call to wish me luck or anything...in fact she called two days LATER and asked if I was ready for my surgery?...ONLY CALLED because she had something else to say! I was SO UPSET but my oldest daughter told me, "MOM what will it matter in 5 years!" I'm like what and she said what will it matter in 5 years....what she thinks about me really doesn't matter!!! I did this surgery for MYSELF NOBODY else! I wasn't happy with MYSELF!!! Your Mother and Father in law are just JEALOUS because you have their BOY!!! You be TRUE to YOURSELF and YOU WILL FEEL BETTER!!!! DON'T let what OTHERS think bring you down!!! My Mother in law WANTS me to fail so it is making me work that much MORE!!! She told me "I can't see you skinny you have a pretty face and ALL fat girls have a pretty face!" YEAH I about LOST IT...WELL I did LOSE IT! She KNEW EXACTLY HOW I FELT!!! LOL GOOD LUCK and remember we are ALL HERE for you!!!
  17. Going to the doctor today for my 6 week check up! WOW I can't believe it has gone by SO FAST!!!

  18. Anna is right! Plus, whatever you are eating or drinking do it SLOW! Give it time to hit and fill your tummy. If I eat fast I can pack it down then when it hits OMG I'm STUFFED but when I eat slow I don't eat as much! I'm six weeks out and go for my check up today!
  19. hopeandfaith

    One month out pics

    THAT IS SO AWESOME!! I wish I would have done pictures like this!! I didn't want any before pictures!! LOL
  20. hopeandfaith

    What to Do!

    This is something YOU have to decide! Are you ready NOW....do self pay! Will you be comfortable with Dr. Kelly? If you wait will you be TERRIFIED to go with a doctor that is not experienced with this WLS? You have to write down the pros and cons but you will only be the one that can decide! You have to be EMOTIONALLY ready for this surgery because you go through so many emotions. At least that is how it was for me....I called it the EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER! LOL I can say now that I'm 6 weeks out today this is the BEST THING I've EVER done for myself!!! I had a GREAT doctor and had NO complications! You have to be COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT with your doctor. GOOD LUCK!!!!
  21. hopeandfaith

    Taste and Smell Sensitivity?

    OMG this is SO TRUE!!!
  22. hopeandfaith


    I'm 5 weeks out and haven't seen my youngest daughter in 4 weeks....she goes to college. She came home and said OH MY GOSH MOM you LOST A LOT OF WEIGHT...WOW I can really tell! You are looking good...I didn't think you would look that good already! LOL I wanted to say GEE THANKS but instead I did my "STRUT YOUR STUFF WALK" and gave her a BIG HUG AND KISS!!!!! I MISSED my BABY!! LOL That was my FEEL GOOD MOMENT!!! I hope EVERYONE has a GREAT weekend.
  23. So I posted this last Friday but lost the post because of the problems this website had. OK so I KNEW around the 3rd week I would hit a stall and I'll be honest it hit me at 39 lost! My whole life I could lose 30 pounds and then stall and I would start to eat again. SO the FEAR came back. I'm I going to be the one to fail? I put on my jeans and they were BIG so to make myself feel better I started trying on clothes that were to TIGHT but they WEREN'T TIGHT anymore! So I was confused...IS it POSSIBLE to LOSE INCHES but not POUNDS? I am TRYING not to get on the scale everyday now. Stopped after a few days of going up and down..between 37 to 39 pounds lost. I got on yesterday and FINALLY broke the stall. I know I am NOT eating anywhere near what I use to eat and I'm making much better choices. Why can't the FEAR in my head go away? HOW can I make it go away? I am SO GLAD I got the SLEEVE and I have NO REGRETS at all. I just wish I could get a handle on the FEAR of FAILING it's always in the back of my mind. I wonder if it's because I've always failed at weight loss and because I feel like some people are waiting for me to fail. I keep telling myself that it's HARD to fail with this tool. I HAVE the ADVANTAGE this time. Thanks for your support!
  24. hopeandfaith


    You have to SIP SIP SIP SIP ALL DAY LONG!!!! It will get easier but at first you have to sip like every few mintues!!! I kept a bottle of water in my hand at all times....even church!!
  25. I was LUCKY my Doctor didn't believe in drains! No drain for me!

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