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  1. Hello everyone. Well today is Day 2 of my Pre Op diet. I feel horrible. I keep thinking of food or like fries and hamburger etc... Why does this happen? You know I noticied that it is not that I am hungry because I don't really feel hungry, it is more mentally. My heart tells me I want to lose the weight, I want to keep going and follow the diet to the T and not mess up. These past two days I have done it and followed the diet all the way and excercised about 45 min a day. I really want to do this the right way but it seems like everywhere I turn I see food or I hear someone talking about it and my mind skips a little lol.... You know I went to Wal-Mart last night and as I was walking around I kept seeing these beautiful skinny women and in my mind I was telling them stuff lol..... I was being mean and I am never like that, this is not me!!! I am sorry to go on and on but honestly I have no one to tell so I decided to come on here and vent. HOWWWWW did you all get through the 2 week diet? Mine does not even sound as hard as others I have heard but boy is it tempting to give up and just eat. But of course I won't because 2 days have already come and gone and I did so good, did not cheat or anything. My 2 week diet consists of this: 1 early Am protein shake 20grams protein 1 Mid Morning Protein shake 20 grams protein Lunch=fat free 6 oz yogurt and a medium fruit snack either a cup of cottage cheese fat free/or 1 oz of nuts like almonds/pecans no flavor or 2 string cheese fat free Dinner 4 oz of lean meat chicken, tuna, fish and 1/2 cup of corn, potatoes and 1 cup of vegtables Does not sound hard but boy it sure is lol.... I know I want this bad and I now I will get through it just really wanted to vent. Oh also did any of you weigh yourself constantly???? I keep wanting to weigh myself every morning, is this good or bad? Anyway thanks for reading.
  2. Alikitty

    2 week Pre OP Diet!!!

    So I am starting my 2 week pre Op diet here goes nothing. Hope it works. Starting with a shake this am and I think I am on my way. I will be excersising in the evenings after dinner and hope that helps me loose some weight. Any advice as to lose lots of weight in the pre op stage?
  3. Alikitty

    My surgery is on Feb 16th!!!!!!!!!

    Hi... I am set for FEB 14th. I got a PreSurgery 2 week diet. I Have to take 2 protein shakes and have a small lunch like tuna or something and a small snack like cottage cheese and then for dinner light stuff like 4oz chicken breast with some veggies and one starch. IT sounds pretty easy and they said people loose 20 or so pounds during the 2 wks. I am going to follow it to the T. I start on the 1st.....Best of luck to you.
  4. Alikitty

    The Eve of the BAND or 1 LAP TO GO!!

    Best of luck may all go great....
  5. Hello everyone, wanted to post that I am going to be starting my 2 week diet on the 1st and I am super excited. I went to some local stores to look at shakes. My Md office recomended shakes that have over 20protein and I am to take 2 a day. What shakes were the best that you all used? Anyway my set date is the 14th of Feb and I can't wait. I will be joining ZUMBA classes next week so I am sure that will help lose some weight. I am a little upset at all the negative people that tell me it cant be done or that I have too much weight too lose and this will not work. I don't want to hear that but some people in my life keep telling me this and trying to persuade me not to get the surgery. I believe this is my choice and they should accept it. Sorry I am a little upset. Well wish me luck in my 2 week diet. Oh, by they way I lost 4 pds and don't even know how or from where lol... Best of luck to those also getting the band in Feb.
  6. Alikitty


    Hi my date is Feb 14th. V-DAY!!!!!!
  7. Congrats. I am also scheduled for Feb 14th, are you going to be doing the 2 week Pre Op Diet? I am going to the dietician this Thursday and she will let me know when I start that and what I have to do. Super excited. Happy Valentines to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Alikitty

    Off to see the Wizard...

    Hope all went well. Best of luck to you, cant wait to here how it went.
  9. Alikitty


    Congrats on your weight loss. Keep up the great work.
  10. Hi Nicky I can so relate to your post. I would love to follow you on your journey which I am sure will be great. I believe this is the year and Feb the month for change lol... I am scheduled for Feb 14th and so ready for that day. I have also had weight issues since I was a child and had trouble conceiveing due to my weight but achieved to have 2 beautiful babies which are 7yrs apart due to health problems. I so want to keep in touch. Best of luck on your journey.
  11. Alikitty

    Welcome Home

    Wow you are so motivated. Congrats. Hope to continue reading on your progress. Best of luck...
  12. Alikitty

    3rd Day of Pre-Op Diet

    Best of luck on this journey, I know how hard it can be having the hubby around eating whatever. Hope to continue hearing good things regarding your journey keep us posted because I am so going to be on the Preop diet this time next week.
  13. Alikitty

    8 days a week...

    Best of luck. I know the feeling, for me it is so difficult as well. I have visited my fav restaurants over the last week and already said goodbye lol... The one thing I am going to miss the most of all of them has to be Olive Garden. But our health is priority, so best of luck to you and hope to see you fufill your weight loss journey. Best of luck...
  14. Alikitty

    Um...Yeah I'll Have The Protein Shake, Please

    Oh, I love you POST!!!!! It is super funny and I am so like you in hating the coworker lol... Not really hating but boy I am jeolous lol... Anyway keep up the good work, hope to continue reading your blogs.
  15. Alikitty

    Day 5 of Pre-Op Liquid Diet

    Wow you r so stong and committed. I applaud you for that, you are so in the right track, hope I can be so dedicated as you are. Hope your boyfriend gets to feeling better. Keep up the great work, I think you are doing fantastic.....

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