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    I had a revision surery from the lapband to the sleeve on December 27, 2010!
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    Family (hubby and three kids), friends, working out, and VST!
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  1. Happy 37th Birthday _Rebecca_!

  2. I hated the band, but the sleeve has been amazing! I do have to choose to eat well. I can easily eat lots of junk, but I eat protein instead. The only thing I have issues with is fried foods, which is a good thing for me. On occasion, I will have something I really want. Moderation is the key. I use my scale as my accountability tool. If the scale goes up at all, I cut all carbs. Right now, I just count my protein and I have been maintaining a normal weight for four months.
  3. Becca

    Anyone Failed With The Sleeve?

    I have great restriction still at 18 months post op. Snacking is where I have to watch out. I can easily eat lots of junk food, but I CHOOSE to not do it. If I eat protein, I stay full a long time. If I eat carbs, I feel hungry very soon after eating. Good luck!
  4. Hugs! I know how you feel. I was terrified right before surgery, especially since i have three kids. Most of my family was totally against the surgery. I really think they thought I wouldn't make it. You are doing the right thing to give the gift of the sleeve to yourself. It is going to change your life is so many wonderful ways. Right now, you need to focus on YOU. Heal yourself. Later on, you can evaluate the relationships in your life. You are going to do great on Monday. We will be here to cheer you on! You know in your heart why you are about to have surgery. I can tell you, the sleeve is amazing. Just hang in there and know you are making a great choice.
  5. Yay! That is awesome news. I too have done amazingly well with the sleeve. I LOVE hearing success stories!
  6. Becca

    Lapband To Sleeve

    I had a revision from a very messed up band and I went back to work after two weeks. I was very tired though. I started feeling normal after three weeks when I could eat real food again. By week four, I was working out. Good luck!
  7. Becca

    Upset With Myself

    I had months were the weight loss was very slow and then it would pick back up again. I reached a normal weight at 14 months out and I have been maintaining ever since. I drink one Diet Dr Pepper each day with no problems, so don't be so hard on yourself about it. I still get in my required water each day. You will lose again. I know most of us have hit a stall at some point. Keep up the great work and you will get there.
  8. Becca

    Kink In The Journey

    Best wishes and hugs!
  9. Hugs! The sleeve is going to change your life in so many wonderful ways. Make sure to take pics of yourself now so you can see your progress later. I look forward to following your journey. Best wishes!
  10. If you make the right choices, you will lose the weight. I had some periods of very slow weight loss during my journey. I just kept going and I did make it to a normal weight. The sleeve has been one of the best decisions of my life. Best wishes!
  11. Becca

    1 Year Today!

    Great job!
  12. Becca

    3Rd Year "sleever" Blues......

    Try to find a support group if possible. That really keeps me motivated and accountable. I have noticed I can eat more now at about 18 months out. I have to choose to eat protein first and measure my portions. I also weigh myself daily. Anytime my weight goes up, I cut the carbs. You can do this!!! It's so hard, but just know we understand. Hugs!
  13. Becca

    How Much Time Off Of Work?

    I went back after two weeks. I was very tired and I sipped 5 hour energy to make it through the first few days back at work. I was so tired. I felt almost back to normal at 3 weeks post op.
  14. Congrats! Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy. I am sure you can get all of your nutrition in by eating lots of times throughout the day. Keep us posted!