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LAP-BAND Patients
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  1. laurajean1


    it was out patient.didnt take long at all,but every case is different.the extra skin weighed 5lbs.
  2. laurajean1


    i still cant tell yet if i am happy with my panni,i do know that the excess skin weighed 5lbs.
  3. laurajean1


    i dont kno yet if i am happy with the results,as i am still very swollen.but,i'm sure i will be ,because all that skin isnt there any more. a pani is all y insurance would cover and i cant afford a full tt.
  4. laurajean1


    i had it done on tuesday the 3rd.the only real pain i am having is when i try to move.i am very swollen and the binder is driving me crazy
  5. i have both medicaid and medicare and they are covering my panniculectomy surgery.they will only pay if you have bad rashes etc....get documention that you are being treated for them and take pictures,,goodluck!!!
  6. laurajean1

    Serious Anxiety About Tt

    i am feeling the same way,my tt is in 4 days and i am really stressing over it and not sleeping at nite.all we can do is try to be strong and know that the end results will make a differance
  7. laurajean1

    Plastic Surgery After Lapband

    my insurance is covering my surgery,because it is medically neccesary,i.e. rashes or sores under belly
  8. laurajean1

    Almost 2 Wks Post Tt Pics

    you look great!!! i go for my surgery on the 13th
  9. laurajean1

    Hurray For Me

    i am scheduled for surgery for a panni on feb 13th
  10. how can you tell if your band has slipped?i have recently had a very bad cough and couldnt eat for over a week.i am now able to get food down without pain,but could it have slipped?
  11. thats just way too funny
  12. does anyone know of a plastic surgeon in ocean county new jersey,that takes medicare
  13. laurajean1

    How To Know When You Are Full

    my nose starts to run,when i am full
  14. i was banded on 01/20/11 and have lost a total of 72lbs

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