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    I am a single mother of two. I have struggled with my weight my whole life. It is now time for me to change for life and become healthier.
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  1. Mscaramel38

    Did your sex life change after lapband

    Mine has gotten better and I enjoy it so much more!!! Losing weight makes me feel Sexy.... Even though I have a longgggg way to go!!!
  2. Mscaramel38


    @ Thatchick..... I cheated while on my pre op diet. I ate a healthy dinner almost every night of my liquid diet. I could not stick to the liquid only thing. I did stick to the clear liquid diet 24 hours before surgery. Post op I was allowed to eat mushie foods. Grits, oatmeal, tuna, soft eggs. So I never did a liquid phase after the surgery. Now I am on solids and I can eat.... I still don't eat like I did before but I can eat well. I need a fill
  3. Mscaramel38


    I have one incision and that was in my belly button. I have NO other cuts!!!! I am sorry that you are in so much pain. I was out and about by the third day. I had to come home and rest but it was not that serious. I went to work the following week I was off pain medication completely after the fifth day. I only took it at night to help me go to sleep after the third day. I have had other surgeries and two children natural birth..... NO PAIN MEDICATION!!!!!! One of my children weighed 9 pounds at birth. So to ME this was a piece of Cake..... I am sorry if you thought I lied to you. I had a good experience with the lap band and I EXPECTED far worst.
  4. Mscaramel38


    I had the surgery August 23rd and prior to the surgery I spoke with my doctor about my bipolar medication and the lap band. He told me not to worry. I am taking my medication like normal no crushing or anything. Since the surgery I have been in a great mood. I don't weigh myself unless I have an appointment. I don't want to rock my mood boat.
  5. Mscaramel38

    How do you survive the 2 week pre-op diet?

    The two week pre op diet was torture for me as well. I could not stomach the Protein shakes and it almost became a two week fast. I found these chocolate Protein Shakes at costco and they were good and I also used Special K vanilla Protein shake.... Those are TASTY!!!! I drank a lot of Water and tried to keep busy to keep my mind off of food. Last but not least I did not watch T.V. the commercials are killers during the two week fast. Good Luck
  6. Mscaramel38

    skipped right over mushies.

    WOW..... You are on solids!!! I can't wait.... I am three week post op and still on puree food.
  7. Mscaramel38

    My story

    Congratulations!!!! This prize is really a great GIFT of life!!! GOD is so good!!! He knows just when to bless you!! Just when you think the race is over... GOD opens a door and gives you a boost. I hope all goes well!!!
  8. Mscaramel38

    New to this forum

    When I started on my journey I did not have support from my mother. I don't have a husband but I do have a friend that I see from time to time. He was understanding but not supportive. I took my mother to my Dr. appointments so that she could understand that I was doing the surgery for health reasons and NO other reasons. I have two children and one has special needs. People do not realize how difficult life can be with a child with special needs. They don't realize that mothers stop taking care of ourself and only focus on the child and their needs. So explain to your mother and husband that you need the surgery to help you become healthier for you and your child. You need to be around and you need all the energy you can get!!
  9. Mscaramel38

    I bumped up.. is that so wrong?

    I am late to reply on this topic but here is my two cents..... I had my lap band surgery on the 23rd of August..... On the 24 the hospital served me tomato soup... tuna salad..... protein juice.... cranberry juice. I have been eating oatmeal, grits, scrambled eggs, steamed fish.... mashed potato with blended pieces of chicken. These are things my doctor said I was allowed to eat on the soft diet phase. So I did not do liquid diet at all after the surgery. They only request that each meal has some kind of protein in it. I am doing GREAT!!!!! No pains and lots of energy!!!! Every doctor does something different.... They all have opinions but at the end of the day you and only you KNOW your body!!!! Good luck and I hope I helped!!
  10. Mscaramel38

    What is your full feeling?

    When I am full.... I feel like I can't take another bite. My mother had a BBQ and she makes the best food and I could only have a little bit of stuff but I was happy and full!!!!
  11. Mscaramel38


    Okay so there is something wrong with me because I was banded on August 23rd and I am hungry at night if I don't eat at least a half a cup of food!!
  12. Mscaramel38

    2-days Post-Op and in pain

    I am almost two weeks post op and I did not have a lot of pain. I had great pain medication though. If you have any take it!!!! It helps a lot!! Then walk around so that the GAS don't build up!!!!
  13. Mscaramel38

    Frustrated & a little anxious

    I agree with Thee-O.... this is a journey and a way for us to eat the right way with a tool. I can tell you one thing my doctor told me is that you need to eat or drink 60 grams of Protein a day. The protein keeps you full.... Plus I am only allowed to eat three meals a day and my protein shakes.... You might want to go the nutritionist for help with your diet. The band helps the reduction of over eating but it does not fix your reason for self destructive action.
  14. Mscaramel38

    Please Help Me!

    I am one week banded and I waited a year before going through with the surgery. I like you did a lot of research and found that many people have complications with the band. I also know three people who have the band. One lady had her removed due to complications and the other lady can EAT ANYTHING even with five fills. The man has lost 80 pounds in six months and loves his band. I was very nervous knowing what I knew.... However, anything you do in life is a risk. If you read the rates on marriage most people are divorce... They don't work but people are still going to get married..... Everyone is different and everyone body is different. One thing I can say is.... It does not fix the reason you over eat in the first place..... Those issues have to be addressed. Good Luck Even if you don't get banded I will be your buddy and support you.
  15. Mscaramel38

    my introduction

    Good Luck with your surgery on Friday!!!! I know that after a bypass this one is a breeze. I am 38 as well and my two children are 13 and 7. I don't have a husband and sometimes I think... I am LUCKY!!!! I had the surgery so that I can get my health together and be here for my babies as well!!! I am here to support you all the way!!

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