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    I'm 36 years old and have been married 14 years. I have one son and looking fwrd to my future
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    i love to sing and spend time with my husband
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  1. I myself am out 6 weeks and what tastes good to me right now is deli sliced turkey breast and muenster cheese sliced really thin. i do roll ups and that fills me up. I tried sliced chicken but it sits really heavy. I have gotten to were if i have a craving for something i try it and see how it goes i dont always have success but i at least try.
  2. I dont dry heave but i usually throw up every time I eat. I am five weeks out also,And am still trying to find that fine line of when to stop eating. I dont get a full feeling I get a pressure feeling like somthing is stuck. the more I wait and try to swallow the worse it gets. I ususally throw up spit more than anything. I just have to keep working and figuring out what my amount is
  3. jennylou3

    C-Section vs VSG

    i had absolutly no pain from my sleeve. ive had a c-section and a hysterectomy.
  4. jennylou3

    Cost of vertical sleeve

    15700 sounds right for the area i live in also. that includes surgery, tests, anesthesia, hospital for 3 days 60 day emergency follow up and hospital and 1 year post op visits. add more if they fix a hernia and remove gallbladder
  5. Im singing this all day......uhmmmuhmm......TTTTTTOOOOOOOmorrow,tomorrow my surgery is tomorrow. That's only a day away!!!!!yeaaaaa tomorrow tomorrow i be skinny not tomorrow, but its only a few mooooooonths aaaaaaawaaaaayyyyyyy!!!! thank you, thank you. tip your waiter on the way out!
  6. good luck i will be behind you on friday
  7. jennylou3

    Flavorless protein powder?

    I have one I love and I get it at drug emporium its not with the rest of the protein powders but with the protein you cook with. Sorry I don't know the name but it has food all over the container showing what all you can put it in.
  8. jennylou3


    yeaaaa....i love when they set quick dates,makes it all more real
  9. jennylou3

    forgot to share...........

    ooooooo im checking that out they have it in my town
  10. jennylou3

    NSV: new clothes!

    proud of you!!!! dont see many responses from men but I'm glad you posted....Keep up the good work.
  11. jennylou3

    Body Pillow question

    My husband took it upon himself to get me a wedge so that I could sleep sitting up if i need to... He just had gallbladder surgery about a month ago and he hated trying to lay down, so he said he didnt want me to feel that pain.....I have already had a c-section and a hysterctomy all without the above mentioned wedge. Its funny how serious they take our pain when they actually get a glimpse of it. I do love the fact that he doesnt want me to hurt.....He loves me so!
  12. i didnt see that it covered the sleeve only the band
  13. jennylou3

    Really? I mean...REALLY??!?!?!?

    Thanks for the laugh....I love rants
  14. jennylou3

    Can't wait


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