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  1. I agree with Sue that I wish I would have asked where my port would be placed. Although I'm happy with where it is now, the incision was right at waist level which caused a lot of discomfort from the waist band on my pants rubbing against it.
  2. I've flown many times since being banded and have been through the body scanner several times and they have never even patted me down so either it doesn't show up on the scanner or they know what it is...either way, don't worry about it...
  3. vickyd

    Bandster Hell? Smoke Or Fire

    It's not that the US as a whole has gone to a larger band...different bands have different capacities. You have a Realize band (as do I) but the Allergan Lap Band has a larger capacity and different surgeons have their preference on which one they use - I've even heard of some surgeons who give the patient a choice between the two...I didn't have a choice, my surgeon only uses the Realize band.
  4. It is very normal. You will also find that your band can tighten up during your TOM, when you're stressed out or just for no apparent reason. This is just part of life with the band...never a dull moment!
  5. I was banded around the same time you were and I can say that over time the amount you can eat does increase so you may need another fill but to me the biggest question I have for you is...why are you eating 2 pieces of chicken parmesan? And why did you start eating again after you PB'd? Just because you can eat that much doesn't mean you should and PBing is a sign that either you ate too fast, didn't chew enough or have eaten too much. You aren't listening to your tool and by doing this you could be causing damage to your band. There are certainly different trains of thought on here about what the band should or should not do for you but I personally don't rely on my band to tell me when to stop eating...I portion (weigh and measure) my food and then eat until it is either gone or I get my "soft stop" (for me that is small burps). There are certainly times that I don't feel "full" when I'm finished but if I really listen to my body I don't feel hungry either. Just my .02...
  6. My surgeon didn't try to change my mind but one of the nutritionists in his practice did try to sway me towards the sleeve because of how much weight I needed to lose. I just told her that I had researched each procedure and felt very strongly that the band was the best procedure for me...that pretty much shut her down and she never mentioned it again. I still see this nutritionist from time to time at my surgeon's support group and I love seeing her surprise when I tell her how much weight I've lost!
  7. vickyd

    Those Who Have Lost 100+

    I started at 325 lbs and hit 100 lbs lost in about 7 months. I am now 13 months post surgery and have lost 136 lbs. I aim for 80-120g protein each day and less than 50g carbs. I also exercise about 5 hours a week (both cardio and strength training) - although I didn't start seriously exercising until I had lost about 80 lbs. At this point in my journey, I am about 14 lbs away from my goal and my weight loss has slowed tremendously but I am still pushing towards the finish line!!
  8. vickyd

    Hiccups And Burps!

    I get something like 1/2 burp, 1/2 hiccup...I've learned that this is my "soft stop" and I know when I get those that I need to put the fork down!!
  9. You look beautiful, Jess! If one of your goals was to look good at the wedding, I'd say you definitely accomplished that!! Congrats on your bandiversary...we've all come a long way in the past year!!
  10. Funny you should ask about this. I had a plastic surgery consult a couple of weeks ago just to see how much it would cost, etc. I am pear shaped and carried a lot of my excess weight below the waist and am looking into a lower body lift and most likely a thigh lift. I don't think my insurance will cover it but I'm checking into it and although the surgeon said that she thinks I am a good candidate to have surgery now I plan to wait until I hit goal before seriously looking into it.
  11. Aww honey, I'm so sorry you had to have your band removed. I agree with FLORIDAYS - you've learned a lot over the last year. Try to pretend that you still have a band and keep doing the same things you've been doing. If, for some reason, you do decide to look into the sleeve go take a look at http://jax0120.blogspot.com/ - Jacquie had to have her band removed due to some complications and had a revision to the sleeve in June. You might find some info there that helps with your decision. Let me know if I can do anything to help...regardless, you will always be my band sistah!!
  12. I can't believe that I missed posting on here for our bandiversary!! It's been an amazing year - I'm down 128.4 lbs and made it to Onederland a few weeks ago! I am so glad I made the decision to have surgery! Joan - please let me know how you're doing after your surgery...I'll be thinking about you my sistah!
  13. You're doing great, Joan! I'm sorry to hear that you have to have another surgery but I'm happy that they will be able to reposition your band. You've dealt with so many issues related to your band so you should be VERY proud of how you've done!!!
  14. Hi everyone! I just wanted to pop in and post a quick update...I'm now 11 days from my one year bandiversary - I started at 325 lbs and as of this past weekend I AM IN ONEDERLAND!!! I still have about 22 lbs to reach my goal but I am so happy to see a "1" in front of the number on the scale! I am also exercising a lot - my favorite is Zumba and I am also running/walking a 5K so I'm very happy!! I hope everyone is doing well as we all approach our badiversary...
  15. vickyd

    eating soup

    I eat soup - I had some gumbo today - but I try to make it "chunky" with lost of protein and veggies...that way it sticks with me longer.

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