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  1. Goodgirl81

    Lunch Ideas?

    Kelp noodles are a new find for me. No carbs and hardly any calories. They are just like Chinese noodles. They are.made from seaweed. You can get them at whole foods or online at vitacost.com.
  2. Goodgirl81

    My Fitness Pal

    Add me goodgirl81
  3. Goodgirl81


    I cook it all the time. I cut up cucumbers, cheese chunks, tomatoes, minced garlic and salt and pepper... Mmmm good. Also taste good with either mint or cilantro..
  4. Goodgirl81

    My Fitness Pal!

    Please add me goodgirl81. Trying to get back on track.
  5. Goodgirl81

    Need advice...2YRS POST OP

    Good job on your weight loss. I am in the same boat as you. I was banded on 03/2010 and I weighed around the same as you did and are the same as you now and can't seem to lose any more. I have 2 suggestions for protein since I also had the same problem. At Costco they have a chocolate protein drink that actually taste pretty good and has 30 grams of protein and under 180 calories, it's called Premier protein drinks. Next if the FAGE Greek yogurt with fruit to mix in also at Costco, This is 130 calories and 13 grams of protein... Hope this helps and good luck!
  6. Goodgirl81


    I'm with you on this one. Good Luck to you!
  7. Goodgirl81

    I would kill for a soda...

    My doctor told me to wait 60 days and then just limit my soda. I am able to drink any diet soda except diet mountain dew. I only drink 1 a week, I would ask your doctor to make sure. Good Luck!
  8. Goodgirl81

    Stuck! More Ways Than One!

    I understand what you're talking about completely. I think to myself all the time why can't I get it thru my head to wait in between bites and take smaller bites.... Just stay positive on your journey. I wish you the best of luck.
  9. Goodgirl81

    Need some motivation or advice!!!!!

    :thumbup: This is my first time blogging. I was banded March 29,2010 and have lost about 30 lbs. I find myself slipping and going back to old habits of eating out and eating the same old fried crap that helped get me this way.Is anyone else struggling with this or anyone that has overcome this temptation? If so I would like to know what helped you.. ..If there is advise or tips that helped you please let me know of them..... Good luck to everyone on their weight loss journey.:thumbup:
  10. Goodgirl81

    Late Night Musings

    Good job!!! You're doing awesome. Keep it up it is an inspiration to us all...
  11. Goodgirl81

    Daddy's "LITTLE" girl...

    Keep your head up!! Dads seem to have a way of making comments that hurt us so much without knowing. Do this for you and no one else!!! We are all here to help each other and I have felt the same way you have with my dad and even my boyfriend..If you ever need someone to talk to or just need some motivation im here for you..
  12. Goodgirl81

    These will be a few of my favorite things...

    I want all of the things you all have said..I want to change my life finally and not look back.. Remember these little things when we all get in a rut and just want to eat, I think it will help... Good luck to you all!
  13. Goodgirl81

    I am SO DOWN right now

    You're doing a great job!! I was banded March 26th this year and i'm down 22lbs and 8 inches.. I wished it was more but Im happy. Good luck! I hope you reach your personal goals.....

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