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  1. Happy 35th Birthday rhndmichelle1978!

  2. Happy 34th Birthday rhndmichelle1978!

  3. rhndmichelle1978

    Exorcist Needed

    Ok. so my family and friends have decided that they need to hire the Exorcist because I have been so evil for the last week. I've been stuck at the same exact weight for 14 days. I was banded on May 27th and I was doing really good. I'd lost 30 lbs and then 14 days ago it just stopped. I walk at least 45 minutes a day and I'm eating what I'm supposed to religiously. Here is a typical day: 7:30am - -1 cup Special K ceral or 1 egg scrambled (I rotate between the two depending on time) 11:30am - - 1/4 cup ground turkey or beef an a high Protein wrap (13g of protein) with tea spoon of cheese and then either low fat mayo or a little salsa depending on my mood (I also like doing deli meats or maybe leftovers from dinner the night before depending on time) 3:00pm - - 1 slice deli meat (it varies depending on my mood) & low fat cheese on triscuits - Normally some fresh fruit as well 7:00pm - - Grilled or broiled meat & steamed or grilled veggies 10pm - -1/2 fruit I tried doing the one whole day back on Protein drinks to see how that would work and all that did was piss me off honestly and the scale still didn't move. I go back on August 9th and I'm supposed to get a fill. The last time I went he wouldn't do one because he said I was progressing at an acceptable speed and said I might actually need Fluid taken out because I had been suffering from a lot of heartburn. Honestly, It doesn't take that much to fill me up, but I really want to lie like a dog and tell him I'm eating more than I am so he'll give me a bigger fill. I know I shouldn't but I'm feeling like a complete failure and I'm angery at myself and my body. Every time I go to weight over the last 3 days I start crying because I know it is going to be the same. Every time I have ever tried going on a diet I get stuck at this weight. In the past I've said the hell with it after I've been stuck for awhile. Is this the weight my body thinks it should be? Am I suposed to weight 251 lbs? If so I just want to cry. I can't imagine I've worked this hard and spent this much money to be stuck here. I've heard people say your body has a set weight naturally, but honestly? Could it be 251lbs for me? I need some words of wisdom or something before I take someone's head off.
  4. rhndmichelle1978

    Anyone tried this stuff?

    I haven't tried any of that stuff. The shakes make me sick on my stomach because of the consistancy...this a pre-surgery issue. I've been going to The Vitamin Shoppe and Vitamin World and gettting their Potein drinks that are like Gatorade. I really like them and they are a great option if you are sick of shakes. They can get expensive, but if you get a membership card to either of those stores you automatically get a discount from that point on.
  5. rhndmichelle1978

    1 week post op today!!!

    I was banded on May 27th. Until this week I was consistantly loosing and as of today I've lost 15 lbs. I had lost 18, but for some reason I have gained 3 today. I've been really frustrated today and feeling crappy.
  6. I was just banded Thursday and I'm down 3 lbs. I'm guessing most of it is water weight. I've had very little pain. I'm going to try to leave the house tomorrow and do more than just walk around the yard. Let's see how things go!

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