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  1. sweetpeetee

    band discomfort 5 days post op

    I Hate to say it but your port will hurt for awhile.It was sewn into your tummy and will settle down in time,If I were you I would try and sip some power aid zero for energy.For the shoulder pain try gas x ,chewable's}or liquid Maalox.I am not a doctor but this helped me.And any walking will heip with the shoulder pain and gas.And alway's call your doctor if you are worried.I did everyday for the first 6 month's.It might of annoyed them but there where so many thing's I did not know and a wet heat pad for your shoulder too.Don't worry all this will pass.Good Luck!!!!!!
  2. sweetpeetee

    band discomfort 5 days post op

    No you should not be picking thing's up that weigh over a certain amount,I just looked through my old notebook and you no how that goes when your looking for something you can't find it so I don't remember the amount but call the doctor's office and ask.The other thing you are most likely feeling is your port,yes it will be sore and you are right everything is starting to heal and settle in.It will take some time but it is good you are walking,because that will break up any gas.Just be gentle bending over you just had surgery,in a few week's you will feel so much better.I am just over a year and I was so naive about everything,it can be scary at time's but that all goes away.Don't be afraid to call your Doctor no matter what,that is what they are there for.Good Luck!...P.S.My surgery was 4-20-2010,down 118 pound's.
  3. sweetpeetee

    Pulling and Soreness

    Yes it is.That and the shoulder pain is what hurt me the most.I am not a doctor,I don't think your port flipped it is just the stitche's pulling but you should call your Doctor if it is making you worried.I have been banded almost a year and lost close to 120 pound's and my port get's sore if I eat a little too much or I have a lot of gas.I hope that help's.
  4. sweetpeetee

    2nd fill = good restriction = weight gain

    I know this is a old post but I had a whole month like that in October.I got my band in April and I had lost 94 pound's so I had only had one fill at this time so I really could eat a lot more then I should have.I went to Vegas for 3 day's but I did a lot of walking but I ate chicken wing's and nachos and a hot dog from Pink's.It wasn''t like my old day's because I got full.So i had a month going back and forth a few pound's and ate wing's like 5 time's in October and no carb Margarita's.Instead of beating myself up about it I was going to get my second fill and go on with my life.It just was after 6 month's of no going out and what I looked at as fun(eating and drinking)I just wanted to do it.My old lifestyle so I did.But with my band I can't go crazy like I use too and had to stop but I realized I needed a fill and to work on some issue's.
  5. sweetpeetee

    How do you PB????

    I had my surgery in April.I have had only three or four bad stuck's that were horrible but what I did so I didn't throw up was I took my gas x chewable's and chewed them up till they were almost water and swallowed and then the whole thing was over with.It has worked everytime.I alway's have these on me and the only time I slimed was because there was none in the house.I am not going trough that again.You can only take a certain amount in 24 hour's so I make sure I only take them when I need them.Plus I really make a effort to not eat so fast.It is a really hard habit to break after all these year's of overeating.
  6. mine lasted a month.Walking helped and so did taking different type's of chewable gas pill's.I also used deep heating rub's and a heatpad too.After 4 month's I started getting it again.I don't walk enough and I know that. being inactive does make it worse.
  7. No I feel the same way,banded on April 20th 2010,but count calories and carb's still or no weight loss.The only difference is you can't go on a huge food binge and break your diet or continue to eat.If I want to obbsses on food I watch the food channel.
  8. sweetpeetee

    Had surgery Thursday and depressed sunday

    I was banded on April 20th.The first two week's I was fine,then on the third week I got very depressed because I was unhappy with my weight loss{which was fine]Yes this is normal.I did not realize how much food meant too me and what a huge part it played in my life.It was my comfort,my quick fix and alway's there to make me not to feel thing's that were painful.I also started hating my band and getting mad at myself because I couldn't eat untill I was so full of food I felt like I was sedated.Everything is getting better and I see a therapist once a week too get past my head and deal with this fixation with food.We heavy people feel like we don't deserve too feel good but we do!This is work body and soul.Yes I had a hard time Memorial weekend,Besides missing food and bbq's and beer I had too put my cat to sleep,I thought I was going to explode.But I didn't overeat or drink,I dealt with all these emotions and didn't give in.So yes you will have these day's but they will pass,You can do it!:confused:
  9. sweetpeetee

    hiatal hernia

    I had a hiatal hernia too and they fixed it while they banded me.I had the shoulder pain to and it lasted over a month.Walking helped it alot and and chewable gas pill's were crucial!It really hurt's but it will go away.I used deep heat rub's too.I hope this help's.:confused:
  10. That is from the co2 when you where put under'I know it hurt's like hell sometimes.I was banded the 20th and mine just went away a little over a week ago.The best thing is to walk for that trapped gas and chewable gas pill's help too.
  11. I got banded April 20th.You are not alone.After a few weeks when my weight loss stalled I got very depressed and started to think I made a mistake,the one thing I kept thinking if I didn't have the band I would have had a huge food binge.I go back and forth and it sounds like your having emotional issue's like I do.I go to a therapist once a week to help because of all my food and weight issues and actually grieving food.I hate I mean hate being fat but I loved how food made me feel.Just give it time,that is what I have to do.Even today I shed a few tear's but there is no going back,just forward.Good Luck:thumbup:

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