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  1. Happy 46th Birthday kathymcmillen!

  2. Happy 45th Birthday kathymcmillen!

  3. Just remember that every number you see going down on that scale you will never see again!!! It's a wonderful feeling!
  4. Tiff- You are doing awesome! I have thought about you often and wondered how the pregnancy was going. I am so excited to see pics of little Sprout when he/she is born! You were a tremendous source of support to me when I was new and I will always be greatful for that!! And by the way you are sooo damn cute pregnant! Kathy
  5. Funny - I love looking at my collar bones. I am a side sleeper and my knees are too bony now and sometimes hurt when I am lying on my side. Would have NEVER thought that would happen haha
  6. KathyM

    Pre-op Tattoos?

    I have two - both on my back. A fairly big one between my shoulder blades and the proverbial tramp stamp. I have lost well over a hundred pounds and they are both unchanged. This tramp is still stamped
  7. I have two - both on my back. One is a fairly big one between my shoulder blades that the other is the proverbial tramp stamp. Both are unchanged. This tramp is still stamped.
  8. KathyM


    Yaaaay!!! Congrats!! It just gets better from here baby! I can remember onderland well, I never would have made it there without my sleeve. Keep up the good work! Kathy
  9. KathyM

    How long did you wait to drive?

    I drove an hour home from the airport 4 days after surgery, then went everywhere like usual after that without any problems. I didnt have to take any pain meds from the second post-op day on, so you will want to consider if you are medicated before getting behind the wheel.
  10. Try not to get hung up on the amount of weight loss in the first week. Everyone is different and many people will find that they actually gain a pound or two or don't lose at all for the first week. They give you alot of fluids during surgery and depending on how long your body hangs on to them, it might take a week or two to get the loss started.
  11. How fun that they didn't remember the old you! I do feel like sometimes I wish my weightloss/change were not the focus for other people so much. I have pretty much plateued for the last 2 months, yet almost every day at work someone will say to me "you just keep getting skinnier and skinnier!" even though I am not changing. I'm kind of tired of it.
  12. I have the sleeve and would still chose it over the plication. There are risks with any surgery, but personally I still feel like the sleeve is the best option. If you have made your decision, stop reading!! It will just create doubts in your mind
  13. Preop diets are all over the place depending on the surgeon. I have seen them anywhere from a month before to no preop diet at all except nothing to eat or drink before midnight the night before surgery. Try your best to stick to the guidelines that your surgeon has outlined for you and if you just can't do it and have to cheat a little, make sure it is with a little Protein and not so much fat or carbs. The goal of the preop diet isn't to see how much weight you can lose, that will all happen after surgery . Just try your best and keep your eye on the prize - it is hard, but you can do it!!
  14. Completely normal - it will get better. Congrats!!!!
  15. KathyM

    FLYING after surgery

    I flew from San Diego to Kansas on the 4th day after surgery. I did just fine. Dont try to carry your bags, pay the extra money and check them. Also, just tell the little "golf cart" drivers that you just had surgery and you need a ride to your gate or to baggage claim. They will be happy to do that - dont forget to tip! I think you will be surprised, traveling wasnt that hard. Good luck!