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  1. This last weekend I went on a river raft float trip with an old high school classmate who has the lapband. She is actually the reason I considered WLS in the first place, but I opted for the sleeve instead of the band fortunately. It was interesting (and somewhat stressful) seeing the difference in our post op eating habits. She has had her lapband for about 2 years and I am about 11 months out from my sleeve. I have worked pretty hard to get to the place where I eat three meals and not graze in between. I really felt like grazing all day was a bad habit that I had preoperatively and don't want to get to the point where my entire day revolves around food. I eat my meals and then I don't think about food again until the next meal. My friend grazes all day and DOESN'T eat meals! It was crazy, lol because we were on such different food schedules all weekend. Don't get me wrong, she looks great and this seems to be working okay for her, I just have to wonder if those habits will come back to get her down the road. Just had to mention it, it's kind of been bugging me. On a lighter note - the float trip was soooooo much fun! There was a Water slide at the resort and I hoofed it up those gazillion steps to the top over and over again and it was easy! Also found out when I went down the slide the first time that my feet CAN go up over the back of my head without too much effort lol Kathy
  2. I had my surgery with Dr. Almanza in Mexico. There was insurance available to purchase in case you had any complications. I decided not to purchase it and I didn't need it. There really isn't any follow up, I did tell my family doctor AFTER I did it, I figured if he got mad and fired me, then I would just find a new doctor, because like you I don't really go to the doctor much anyways. He had alot of questions, and by the time I saw him it was about 4 months postop and I had already lost 60lbs so he was really happy for me. He checks some lab on me every 6 months. Vitamin B12, Vitamin D levels, BUN, Creatinine for kidney function as well as looking at hemoglobin and hematocrit for anemia and also liver enzymes. Just had lab done on the 25th of May and everything on it was normal. I take a Vitamin D supplement but no other Vitamins, just try to eat well and it seems to be working. Kathy
  3. KathyM

    Full liquids

    I did alot of the campbells chunky soups through the blender, I really loved the chicken corn chowder. At first I didn't think I would like that texture, but the flavor was so good that I loved it.
  4. KathyM

    starting soft/mushy foods this week

    Yaaaaay for you!!!! I remember how awesome it was to actually have some food with TEXTURE again! Here are some of the things that I did when I got to the soft/mushy stage - hope these ideas help. Also, if you try something on the list and it doesn't set well, don't stress about it, just wait a few days and then try it again. Scrambled eggs (still eat one every day - great protein) hard boiled egg chopped up with a little fat free mayo, relish, salt & pepper makes a tiny egg salad mashed potatoes & gravy (KFC, my first dining out experience and it was heaven!) baked fish cottage cheese tuna or chicken salad deli sliced turkey with a little laughing cow cheese spread on & rolled up (also good with garden veggie cream cheese) any of the campbells chunky Soups put through the blender, divide into 1/4 c servings (loved chicken corn chowder!) boiled shrimp (not sure if actually considered soft food, but I did it and it is a great source of protein) Yoplait whips yogurt frozen taste just like ice cream chili - Wendy's chili is awesome refried Beans - another awesome I know there are more - it's all I can think of at the moment, hope it gives you some ideas - happy eating!!! Kathy
  5. KathyM

    Sex After Surgery?

    I waited about 2 weeks, and I think your drive will increase - the more you lose and your body changes, the more sexy you will feel
  6. Try not to be too hard on yourself, when you want something so bad it is hard to wait. You will be successful, I promise! I started out at a tight 24, more comfortable in a 26. Initially, I would read posts about people dropping sizes and I wasn't really going down in sizes. I was so worried that I had gone through everything and was just going to lose about 20 or 30 pounds. But......it will happen! Today, I am 11 months out and I am wearing a size 14, sometimes a 12. I can wear mediums, I can shop in any store. Initially, my goal was to weigh 150, but it is no longer about a number for me. I feel so good and my life has changed so much for the better and THAT is what I did this for. I went on a rafting trip on a river this last weekend, there was a water slide at the resort that you had to walk up a gazillion steps to get to and I did it - over and over again! I straddled the side of that raft and oared down that river for 6 hours! I climbed up and down hills with no problems, not out of breath or feeling like I was gonna die. You are gonna get there too, hang in there.....work hard at learning new eating habits.....becoming healthy. The skinny you is in there and she will show up and knock everyone's socks off!!
  7. KathyM

    Whats the worst

    For me the nausea was the worst part, and that was only for about the first 6 hrs after surgery. I didn't have much pain, and I knew about the possibility for pain from gas after the surgery so every time I woke up, I made myself get up and walk 3 times up and down the hall before I laid back down and I didn't have any gas pain at all. There is alot of talk about taking Gas-X, but they don't put the gas in your STOMACH, they put it in your ABDOMEN, so the Gas-X really isn't going to hurt you, but it isn't really going to do anything about the leftover gas in your abdomen either....just get up and move...that's how it will dissipate. Learning to eat again had its' challenges, but it doesn't take too long to figure out what works and what doesn't. Good luck with your sleeve, and don't be afraid to ask questions, everyone here wants to help K
  8. You look great, way to go!! I found in my early stalls, that usually I needed to eat a little more, not less and that would usually break the stall.
  9. KathyM

    First Dinner out

    Feels great doesn't it? Eating out can be a little stressful at first, but you will soon find what works for you. I usually end up just ordering off of the appetizer menu - I am totally a cheap date now! Congrats on your sleeve, you will be so happy that you did this for yourself and you soon will be sliding into booths and chairs without even giving it a second thought! I can remember always asking for a table, because I knew I would have to cram myself into a booth, and now there isn't anywhere I can't sit! Kathy
  10. You look beautiful.....and happy!!!! Well done sista! K
  11. KathyM

    My "Ah-hah!" Moment...

    Bravo Chica!! Makes every tear shed worth it, doesn't it? You are doing fantastic and it is obvious that you are a fantastic mommy and a wonderful soul - never believe otherwise!!! If you did that all in one day, just think what the rest of your life has in store for you!!!!!!!! Luv ya! K
  12. KathyM

    NSV shout outs

    Ok - this is a silly one.....I love going into public bathroom stalls and not having to do all these contortions to be able to fit in the stall, turn around and shut the door at the same time.
  13. KathyM

    A small victory

    Yaaay! Keep an eye on them chickie - they will be sliding off your fingers in no time! Isn't it great?
  14. LOL don't knock the thrift stores till you try them~ I wouldn't have ever thought I would go there either, but I LOVE it! I scored some Eddie Bauer jeans for $3 and have gotten a ton of brand name clothing for pennies! Feels pretty good not spending a bunch of money on clothes you will wear in transition.
  15. I emailed you - check to make sure it isn't in your junk file
  16. I am 9 months out from surgery and I don't ever experience physical hunger. However, I do still have cravings to eat, old habits still lurk - wanting to snack when I am bored or watching tv, etc. If I find something to do then I stop thinking about it and if I do happen to give in and eat, then I don't get too freaked out about it because my tummy won't let me eat too much. A few bites of chips and salsa are way better than the entire bag of chips and container of salsa that I used to eat. One thing that did surprise me after I had surgery was that before if I didn't eat, I would get all shaky. That doesn't ever happen to me anymore. I could go an entire 24 hrs without putting one thing in my mouth and wouldn't feel that way. Not sure why that is. I average about 800-1000 cal/day. My weightloss has slowed quite a bit but I am not exercising much at all. I only have about another 40 to lose, and know that if I really buckled down it would probably come off pretty easy. I am extremely happy with my new body and new way of eating and living so I am not in a hurry at this point to get to goal. I am hoping to be there by my one year surgiversary. The sleeeve continues to be the best gift I have ever given myself. Kathy
  17. I had my surgery in mexico and was looking into calling cards before I went. Something that I didn't know about before hand is that some cards are for calling in to mexico only, some for calling out only and some for both. Just an FYI if you are considering picking one up - look at it carefully to be sure it is what you need. I didn't end up getting one, the recovery clinic and the recovery house where I stayed both allowed patients to make free unlimited calls to the US.
  18. I'm not gonna lie, shopping kind of freaks me out now. Forever I have wished that I could just go into a store and buy all those cute things off the rack. Now I am so overwhelmed that I can hardly stay in the store and look at everything. I just bought some new addidas shorts and a cute top from Gordman's. I stuffed it in my cart thinking I know this won't fit me right now but maybe later it will......got home and tried it on and it fit! Just can't wrap my mind around sizes without an X in front of them!
  19. I think you are probably eating too fast. If you are only 2 weeks out and eating 100 cal worth of cottage cheese at one sitting - that is alot. Slow down and listen to your body. One of the hardest lessons I had to learn was to stop eating when I was satisfied not when it was all gone. I think everyone who has been sleeved eats too much or too fast at least once - if we knew how to stop we wouldn't have gotten to this point in the first place . Hang in there - it will get better - just remember to listen to your body. Kathy
  20. KathyM


    Yaaaaay!!!! Isn't that the best feeling in the whole world!!! And I might add you have the start of a lovely little flip-flop tan as well! Don't you just feel blessed that you are here? You look fabulous!!!! Kathy
  21. KathyM

    Whatcha eating today!!! Tuesday

    Hi everyone! B - scrambled egg, apple juice L- 4 mini corn dogs with a bit of ranch dressing D - turkey & cheese rollup
  22. KathyM


  23. KathyM

    A crazy NSV

    Amen sister! I love and continue to be amazed when the scale goes down but those NSV's just like the one you described are priceless!! I am starting to get a little irritated when people ask me how much I have lost - I am not sure why, it's just that all of the sudden it feels really private to me and I don't want to feel like people are walking around discussing the fact that I have lost over 100 lbs. I usually reply thanks for noticing, I have been working at it and I still have a ways to go, then try to change the subject. I never expected to feel that way.
  24. You look awesome!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!

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