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    Photo 00004

    From the album: Progress

  2. KathyM

    Avoiding Protein Shakes

    Lol I just looked in my freezer - it's called Seitan - it's a meat substitute, but it is gluten so if you have issues with that it might be a problem. 100 grams of Seitan is 21 grams of protein! I am not a vegetarian, but I really do like this, because when you stir fry it or cook with it just like you would any meat it reeealllly picks up good flavor.
  3. KathyM

    Avoiding Protein Shakes

    I never did the protein shakes, they all made me gag and I could never find one I could tolerate. I just had to make sure that when I was eating, I always ate protein first, then everything else. Your problem is a little more unique being a vegetarian, and I don't know if you eat eggs or fish at all, but both are good sources of protein. I eat an egg every day, and I also like tuna quite a bit. I think 4 oz of tofu (I know that is a lot!) is 10 grams of protein. My son is vegetarian and I do know that there are several proteins you can get at natural food stores, but I can't remember the names of them right now, I will ask him.
  4. KathyM

    Watcha eating today?

    This was what I had Wednesday: Breakfast: scrambled egg with salsa Lunch: The insides of an Arby's chicken, bacon sandwich (no bun) and tea Snacks: Vending machine size bag of Cheetos, and some Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, coke (in an 8-hour HazMat class all day) Supper: One egg omelot with cheese and salsa (what can I say, it was an egg craving kind of day) I felt like I ate pretty lousy all day, but looking back it wasn't too bad
  5. Ok, I have to vent a little then I am going to get over this. This weekend I went on a river float trip with two of my friends from work. One is a doc in the ER with me and another is a nurse, also from the ER. They both know about my surgery and since it has been almost a year since I had it done, it seems like it should be a non-issue. Maybe it was just me, but all weekend seemed to be full of these little comments from them...."is that all you are going to eat?" "oh, I suppose you are full already", "you pick where we are going to eat, you are the one with restrictions" Mostly, I tried to just ignore them, but it really SUCKED! On the way home, we were talking about where to stop for lunch. I asked if either of them had tried a place called Noodles & Co (new to our area) then I told them that my son and I had eaten there and it was really good. I also said that they had really big portions, meaning that you get alot for your money. My friend said "to you EVERYTHING is a big portion" I just stopped talking at that point and wanted to go home. They are my friends, and I know that they really don't want to hurt my feelings, but it makes me not want to go out to eat with anyone because I am worried about what they will say or think about what I am eating and THAT is where I was before I had my surgery. I am going on a 9 day vacation with both of them in September, I think I am going to have to have a frank discussion with them about this before then or it will be a miserable trip. Ok - enough of the pity party. When I look at the big picture, its all good. I am so happy with my sleeve and my new life. Just had to vent a little to people that I knew would understand - now I feel better lol
  6. I was expecting 5, but only ended up with 4. I have 2 of them just above my belly button, one just to the right and one just to the left of it. Like someone mentioned above, they are about the width of my thumbnail - they have healed into 2 little lines. Then I have 2 more on the left side of my abdomen, one is about the size of the width of my pinky nail and it has healed into a little round shape, the same color as my skin, the other one is sooooo tiny on my lower left abdomen that I have to look hard to find it.
  7. KathyM

    4 month pic updates

    You look great...and happy!!!
  8. KathyM

    What made you choose the sleeve?

    I chose the sleeve because nothing is "re-plumbed". There are no maladsorption issues and no dumping syndrome like with the bypass. I had orginally thought I would have a lapband because I have a friend who had that done and was doing wonderful. I ended up going to Mexico and paying for it on my own because my insurance wouldn't pay. That is when I found out about the sleeve and it seemed like an even more attractive option to me at that time because I didn't have to come home with the band - dealing with getting fills and all of the complications that could occur (my friend has had hers slip twice and had to have surgery to fix it both times). The sleeve has definatelyt been the right choice for me - I have not required any follow up and had absolutely zero complications. My doctor knows what I did and he checks some lab on me every 6 months and all is good. It's a very hard thing to decide, do your homework and take your time researching everything until you feel comfortable with whatever decision you make. In the meantime.....ask, ask, ask! This site is a wealth of information. No matter what you want to know, someone has been through it and would be glad to help anyone they can. Good Luck!
  9. Yaaay!! You look super cute!! If you keep getting smaller, you will be able to climb right inside that big ole bag you are carrying lol. Seriously, you look great- and soooo happy!! Kathy
  10. Passport is a whole nother story. Train. wreck. Giant pink bowling ball for a face/head. Awful LOL my passport photo is a WRECK! I had it taken just before I went to Mexico so I was sooo big plus I had the scaredd "I'm goin to Mexico" look on my face!
  11. You look fantastic!! Pictures definately do help. If you want to see something that shocks you, pull out your driver's license and look at that photo. I hadn't even thought about it, but I was showing my ID to a checker at a store one day and she did a double-take and was staring at me. I almost got all pissy and did the angry "WHAT?" but then she handed me back my driver's license and when I looked at it I was floored.
  12. KathyM


    Wow! You look amazing - that is a Red Carpet look!!!
  13. You will do great - no looking back. 6 months, or even 3 months from now you will not believe how different and good your life is. PS - meltdowns are good for the soul
  14. KathyM

    Success by the dozens

    Awwww...girl, you are so beautiful!!
  15. I think Tiff is right on - you are now getting good quality sleep and your body doesn't need as much as it did when you were lugging around all of that exta weight. I have found that I don't need near the sleep that I did before. I used to come home from work, flop down in a chair and doze off within about 30 min. Then I would go to bed and toss and turn all night, getting up several times to go to the bathroom and when my alarm would go off in the morning I felt like CRAP! Now....I usually wake up just before my alarm, I have energy all day at work and sometimes leave work and go do things in the evening and don't even get home until after 11pm. I sleep so good and rarely get up to go to the bathroom at night. Love it!! Kathy
  16. They have absolutely no right to ask - legally or ethically! Next time someone is being nosy, tell them something completely insane like you are having a 3rd nipple removed, that should shut them up.
  17. What you are feeling is so normal! I can remember being there myself. This is a huge decision and a permanent change in your life, but you know what? It is soooo worth it! Yes, you will have to define a new relationship with food, but you can do it and you won't fail! You can still have all the foods you want to eat again - anything - I promise you! But you will find when that time gets here, your relationship with food will have changed and those things you couldn't live without really won't be as satisfying to you anymore. I still eat all kinds of junk (I am drinking a Dr. Pepper as I am typing this lol), the only difference is that now, I am satisfied with a few bites of chips and salsa instead of the entire bag of chips. You are a beautiful girl, and soon your daily habits will be doing things instead of eating and you will find that you think less and less about food. You have a brand new life ahead of you and the possibilities are endless. Please use this board to ask questions or just vent. Everyone here is great support. Private message me anytime and hang in there, you will do great! Kathy
  18. KathyM

    NSV shout outs

    So yesterday I was waiting at a stoplight and I heard someone yell - when I looked over, a guy standing on the sidewalk yelled over and asked me what time it was, I told him 2:30, he yelled thanks and I smiled at him then he yelled Hey again and when I looked at him again he had his arms out and yelled "Can I have your phone number?" I almost wrecked my car lol. Rediculous, but made me smile all day.
  19. Tiff You look super cute!!!! I am so happy for you and have thought about how your pregnancy is going often! You were an enormous source of support for me when I was getting started and I will never forget that. I'm with you on the wrinkly skin, I look like a sharpei puppy on my legs and tummy and if I don't keep my arms at my sides in a stiff wind, I might take off like a flying squirrel, but it is do damn worth every wrinkle! My life is so wonderful and I have done so many things in the last year that I wouldn't have even dreamed of pre-sleeve - go karts, river float trips, climbing rediculous numbers of stairs to Water slides, not to mention the zip line adventure and hot air balloons coming up in September. Heck I wasn't wearing a bikini at 300lbs, I don't care if I wear one now. I will take my wrinkles, I love them much more than where I was. Luv ya! Pat that baby bump for me! Kathy
  20. KathyM

    One year out - What are you eating?

    I am about 11 months out, and have been on a plateau for the last few months, but am still happy with where I am. It's early today, so I haven't had much yet but this is probably how my day will play out: Breakfast: 1 egg omelot with cilantro, cheese and salsa (I eat an egg every day) Lunch: if i'm hungry probably some tuna salad with a few roasted garlic triscuits and a Dr. Pepper (my weakness) Supper: Going to a movie with my son, so we will see where we end up. If I eat out, I usually order something off of the appetizer menu. Probably won't eat anything at the theater, it just doesn't interest me anymore. I don't track it every day, but somedays when I want to see where I am, I use My Fitness Pal - it is so awesome and easy to use. I am eating anywhere from 650 cal/day on a "not hungry kind of day" to 1100 cal on a "boy I ate really crappy kind of day." Try not to get too discouraged when you plateau, I suspect that even though the scale isn't changing, your body still is. That is what I have experienced anyways. Keep smiling and keep lovin your new you!!! Kathy
  21. Woohoo! Sexy Mama!! You look fabulous!!!
  22. I remember when we moved my sons to college in August (I had my sleeve done in July), my ex-husband and his girlfriend were insistent that we all eat together. We went to a hamburger restaurant called Red Robin and I was freaked out about what to eat - I had this chicken tortilla soup and it went down remarkably well - soup could be a good choice for you. I have also gotten to where I just order something off of the appetizer menu so the serving size isn't so huge. If you have any idea where you are going ahead of time, you might be able to look at the menu online and that could help take some of the panic out of it when you get there.
  23. I am with you, I am not ashamed of having the sleeve done but it feels very personal and private to me. Even when people ask me how I have lost weight, I have to be careful about what I say so it doesn't get repeated. I have shared with people who I really thought it could help, but if I wanted my whole town to know I would take out an ad in the local newspaper. It is my body and my weight struggle has been a very long and painful one, and I really want my privacy with regards to it. My mother recently came for a visit, she had not seen me since I had the sleeve done and she doesn't know that I did it. I busied myself playing hostess and cooking alot for family, and no one really paid that much attention (much to my relief) what or how much I was eating. I have been thinking about your delimma and I think if it were me, I might tell them that I am working at losing weight (not a lie) and for right now, I am just doing a liquid portion of a diet (also not a lie). Hopefully they will respect your privacy and not pry too much. Keep us posted how it goes. I have found that eating around other people can be stressful, especially when you are at a restaurant and when your order arrives, you can tell that you will only be able to eat a few bites of it. I have gotten pretty clever at pushing the food around on my plate so it looks like I have eaten more than I have Try not to worry too much, it will all work out Kathy
  24. Good info to know! I can't imagine how you could stuff yourself that full! I hate the uncomfortable feeling from eating a few bites too many, but this will for sure be added incentive not to try to squeeze in those last few bites!
  25. Weird, but I know what you mean. Here is my least favorite conversation.... Other: Wow! You look great! Me: Thanks Other: No, Really!! You look GREAT!! Me: Thank you, I have been working at it Other: Im SERIOUS! You look FANTASTIC! I hate that!!! What was I before, Shrek?

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