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  1. I am being supervised by a Dr. who I trust. People have different caloric needs and as long as I'm losing, have energy and feel good, he sees no reason to have me increase my calories. I do feel good, have more energy than before surgery and am continuing to lose weight, so I'm not worried about it.
  2. What was the date of your surgery? - 4/8/10 How healthy did you/do you eat? - Before surgery, I ate pretty well, just too much. I also ate too much ice cream. Now I'm eating mainly Protein, but if I want a treat, I'll have one, just a very tiny amount How much do you exercise? -I just started exercising a few weeks ago. I'm doing 5-6 days week alternating between all cardio and cardio plus weights. On all cardio days, I get about an hour in and on other days maybe 15-20 mins of cardio and at least 30 mins of weights. How much have you lost? - 65 lbs and nothing pre-op Are you happy with your results? - Very happy!
  3. marykb

    Self-pay panic!!

    I self-paid too, and it was worth it. I know I couldn't have lost 65 lbs in a little over 3 months on my own. I do feel guilty though when I have a week where I don't lose very much, or when I have a snack or something. I feel like I just wasted our money. Overall though, it was a good decision and I would do it again and I know my husband would say the same.
  4. marykb

    Huge NSV and a thank you

    Congratulations! That is great!
  5. I average about 600 calories a day. Last week I had a low of 313 calories one day and a high of 765 calories. Today I've had 477 calories. I like to track everything I eat so I can see how much I'm eating and what kind of nutrients, Protein, etc. My Dr. has said that once I reach my goal weight we will talk about upping my caloires and portion sizes. Until then, as long as I'm continuing to lose, he is fine with my total intake.
  6. Now that I'm off of the mushy foods and can eat more "regular" types of food, I just eat what the family eats, with some adjustments. For example, last night we had cheeseburgers, broccoli and strawberries. When I made the burgers, I weighed out 1.5 oz of hamburger, so my burger was the right size I ate .5 oz of cheese with it and then a few condiments - that I measured. I didn't have a bun, broccoli or strawberries, but I didn't feel like I was eating a completely different meal either. So far I've been fortunate that almost everything my family eats for dinner, I've been able to adjust to. If it is something I absolutely can not eat, I'll eat a slice of turkey and a slice of cheese. I'll chop them up into small pieces and put it in a small bowl and eat at the table with everyone else. When there are pot lucks at work, I'll still contribute something, usually a Cookies or something, but I'll buy it, not make it at home. I'll also leave all of them there, so I don't even have any at home. If there is something that I really want, not a sweet, but something else, I'll have a tiny amount. Otherwise, I'll just bring a lunch and socialize with everyone.
  7. marykb


    A few days after I was banded I went to the grocery store. I saw all of these people buying things and just got this thought like "What did I do?!!". Even though I had thought about it a lot and knew that I was going to make major changes in my eating habits, it was like I was really facing it for the first time. I was really scared for my first fill too. It wasn't my best experience, but I know that my experience is not something everyone goes through. I know that it will help me though, so I try to think of it like going to the dentist. I don't like that either, but I go every 6 months anyway because I want to keep my teeth. :smile: I know that the benefits of the surgery, how I feel and how I look, are worth the anxiety I have and the worry. I know I made a good decision. I don't know if that helps at all, but try to focus on your goal and how you'll feel when you accomplish it.
  8. Today I had my normal Breakfast, a high Fiber low calorie English Muffin and 1 oz of cheese. It took me about the same time to eat it as it always does. About 45 minutes later I felt so full I was nauseous. I had my lunch later than normal because I was so full. By the time I ate lunch I was hungry again and feeling fine. I had another English Muffin and 1 Tbs of creamy Peanut Butter (usually I'll have 1/4 C of egg salad, but I ran out of eggs). Again, I felt fine until about 45 minutes later and then was super full. Now it has been 7 hours since I ate lunch and I still feel over full. I'm having trouble even drinking Water because I feel so full. What did I do wrong? Has this happened to anyone else?
  9. marykb

    weighing food

    I either weigh or measure. I was told either 1/4 C or 2 oz. For things that are easy to measure with a cup, egg for example, I use the measuring cup. If it is something that is easier to weigh, slice of cheese for example, I do that. If I'm out for dinner, I'll guesstimate it and then eat less than I think. If I get full before i eat the whole 2 oz or 1/4 C, I stop. If I didn't measure or weigh, I would probably really over estimate and eat too much. :smile:
  10. marykb

    Alert! Nsv alert!

    Congratulations! That is great!
  11. marykb

    Full later?

    I had the same problem again today, but not as bad. I even had a hard boiled egg for dinner almost 3 hours ago and didn't feel this full until about an hour after dinner. Jalomum, I had one fill about 6 weeks ago, of 2 cc's in my 10 cc band. That is the only fill I've had. I haven't had a problem with any food getting stuck or anything, so I hadn't thought it would come up now. Thanks for your advice. It was nice to eat some carbs, but it looks like I'll have to go back to a more Protein focused diet.
  12. marykb

    Info Session

    Thanks for posting those links, LeighaMason! I thought that they were very interesting.
  13. I'm so very sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  14. marykb

    ~*~ Workout Challenge and Chat Thread ~*~

    LilMiss, what do you do on the Wii? I did some of the Yoga on Wii Fit for awhile, but haven't done it in over a year. I can't do any workouts at the Y today or tomorrow. My husband is in school and at a clinical for 12 hours both days and the kids have a bunch of activities. I'm planning on going on Sunday morning when my husband is around to be with the kids. I thought that tonight and tomorrow night might be good times to try out some stuff on the Wii.
  15. It depends with me. Right after surgery, I was losing a lot - 4-5 lbs a week, now I'm down to 2 or a little over a week. I'm sure it will get slower the more I lose and the closer I get to my goal. I've heard from numerous people that is the norm.
  16. marykb

    I ran!

    That is great! I would love to run for 8 minutes.
  17. marykb

    ~*~ Workout Challenge and Chat Thread ~*~

    LilMiss, you are awesome! You are so consistent! I worked with my trainer last night. She had me doing a lot of lunges and squats. Then she showed me some new upper and lower body stuff. This am. I did 15 minutes on the stair climber, although I had to take a breather at the 10 minute mark. Then, I did 5 on the bike. I would have liked to do more on the bike, but I was running behind and had to get to work. My trainer was telling me she went to a conference last weekend and they did a lot of talking about rest days. She was telling me that there are a lot of people who work out at the same level all of the time and get really frusttrated because they aren't seeing results. You have to have at least one day and probably 2 days of downtime to recover. On those days you shouldn't do any weights and tone down the cardio. She did make a point of telling me that taking one or two days off doesn't mean you are lazy. I'm someone who thinks that if a little is good, a lot is better and if I don't do a lot then I'm lazy--she is starting to know me well. :puke:
  18. marykb

    set back :(

    I'm sorry. How frustrating!
  19. marykb

    ~*~ Workout Challenge and Chat Thread ~*~

    Hopefully on Friday my "official weigh day" I'll have posted a loss! Today I did 30 on my elliptical, and in one hour I'll do my outside mile walk. Then this evening I'll do 30 on my treadmill and 30 on my Wii fit game. LilMiss, you are inspiring me - you are doing great workouts! I'm impressed you are getting up so early too. I've tried that before, and it lasts about 2 days before I can't get out of bed that early. :grouphug: Today I did 20 on the elliptical, 35 mins of walking, and then 30 mins of weights. I think I might have overdone it a bit on the arms though. My right arm is feeling pretty weak right now. I also had my slice of turkey and a slice of cheese for dinner, but then got hungry again and just had a slice of cheese and 4 crackers. Hopefully I'm not negating everything I just worked out for!
  20. When I feel like that, I just eat a few bites of something and that helps. Maybe 1 or 2 Triscuits, instead of a dozen. :confused:
  21. I had surgery on 4/8/10 and am down 60 lbs so far. I'm back to working out again, although not yet at the level I was 15 years ago, but getting there. I can carry my 60 lb daughter around, almost as much as she'd like me too even. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would lose this much weight in 3 months! I am really happy about it! The trainer I have at the Y has told me that because I've lost the weight so quickly, it will come back quickly, even though I have the lap band and even if I keep working out. My Dr. has told me that once I reach my goal weight, I can eat a bit more than I do now (1/2 cup instead of 1/4 cup at a meal) and maintain my loss. Has anyone lost weight quickly and started to gain it back, even if they keep exercising and eat about 1/2 cup of food every meal?
  22. marykb

    3 months out

    Thanks, Betsy :confused:
  23. marykb

    ~*~ Workout Challenge and Chat Thread ~*~

    Hi! I started working out more intensly a couple of weeks ago. For a couple of years now I've been walking around 30 mins every day at work. Now I've hired a trainer at the Y and am doing weights and more cardio. This week I did: Sun: 30 mins cardio/30 mins weights Mon: no workout Tues: saw the trainer and did 30 mins weights with cardio mixed and then another 20 mins of cardio Wed: 20 mins cardio and 30 weights Thurs: 30 mins cardio and 30 mins weights Fri: 10 mins cardio/30 mins weights and then a 1 hr walk Sat: 15 cardio/20 weights I alternate the weights so I don't work the same muscles 2 days in a row. When I do the cardio, I rotate around the elliptical, bike and stair climber (the one with the actual stairs) sometimes I do a bit of each and sometimes all on one machine. I also do stepups on the weight bench--those kill me! I also do my 30 mins of walking almost every day during the week. I've been going after work and in the mornings on the weekends. My goal is to get to where I was 15 yrs ago when I worked out every day--either a class, Jazzercise or just cardio. That will be a lot harder to achieve now that I have kids though!:confused: Mary
  24. marykb

    mini goals

    That is great! It has really worked for me to have mini goals. The whole thing isn't as overwhelming that way, to me at least.
  25. marykb

    3 months out

    Thanks, Mimi!

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