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  1. Happy 61st Birthday Mommydog14!

  2. Hi Diva,

    I got your message, and sent you an email over the weekend. Don't know if you got it. Dr. Aceves is fantastic. Everything you've read is true. Send me a private email--I'm happy to share.


  3. Hi Diva,

    I LOVE Dr. Aceves. Everything you've read is true.

    Send me a private email and I'll fill you in.


  4. Hi Mommy! I came accross your post in the California thread. I see you went to Dr. Aceves! I'm also from Sacramento, and I am also going to Dr. Aceves to have a revision from band to sleeve.


    How are you doing with your post-op? I'd really be interested in hearing from you! Please send me a PM, I'd like to hear all about your experiences with Dr. Aceves. :))

  5. I'm right there with you. I was a "lightweight"- I'm 5'5" and weighed 192.4 the day of my surgery on May 11th. This morning I weighed 159. I keep reading about others who shed extreme amounts of weight and I get frustrated. I know that I am eating appropriately, and keeping my protein high, and calories and carbs low. I am now only weighing once a week, and I stopped journaling all of my food. Still, when I weighed this morning, I was fearful that I gained weight. I lost 2.8 pounds and was very happy. I think that my decision to be less obsessive about my weight loss it is helping my attitude.
  6. I went back to work after one week, and other than being unusually tired in the afternoon, I was fine. I work in a small office and my co-workers knew about the surgery and were understanding.
  7. I was sleeved on May 11th and have lost 31 pounds, and I'm pleased with that. I was a lightweight, so a two pound a week weight loss is alright with me. What's the hurry?
  8. Mommydog14

    Typical Weight Loss...

    I can relate. My metabolism is also horrid. I had a BMI of about 31 at the time of surgery. I lost 21 pounds the first month and was thrilled. In my second month I have only lost 7 pounds, which is sort of frustrating considereing I'm eating about 600 calories a day and am very mindful of carbs and protein intake. I know that if there were a famine, I would be the last one standing and would still be overweight. I am only weighing once a week now, and it makes it more tolerable. Sometimes I think that I will be the one person that this doesn't work for.
  9. No offense taken. I don't understand why I was so apprehensive. I am an adult, afterall, and it's my body. Right? Anyway, he was great about it, and ordered all of my labs to make sure I'm getting appropriate nutrition.
  10. Mommydog14

    Is this fullness?

    I am 8 weeks post op and I get that feeling when I eat to fast. It's not comfortable.
  11. I saw my PCP yesterday and he was great. I handed him the documentation I received from Dr. Aceves and he read it along with all of the pre-op test results. He said that, knowing me as he did, he assumed that I had done sufficient research. He ordered a bunch of blood work to see if my levels of iron, Vitamin D, etc were good, so I'm very happy about that. He also pulled out the little stitch that was poking out from one of my incisions. It was a good conversation. Since I have no real medical problems, he really didn't know about my every two year gain and lose cycles. I tend to hide when am at peek weight because I have been ashamed of all of my dieting failures. Anyway, it's all good.
  12. Mommydog14

    Is anyone from northern ca.

    I'm in Sacramento.
  13. I had my surgery on May 11th and haven't yet told my PCP about it. I have no chronic conditions and only see him one or two times a year for various tests, etc. He has also never seen me at my heaviest since I hide when I'm at the top of my range. I have an appointment on Monday to discuss sleep issues, and I am nervous about saying "by the way, I had 75% of my stomach removed in Mexico last May...) Any suggestions?? Thanks
  14. I was 192.4 on the day of my surgery on May 11th. I'm 168 now and want to get to 130. I hope that's possible. At this point I am losing very slowly (a pound and a half a week) while eating 600 calories a day, 60-70 grams of protein and less than 40 grams of carbs. I sure hope it's possible, but I fear that my lifelong history of yoyo dieting has really screwed up my metabolism. I hope that's possible. Anybody else out there like me? I'm 5' 5 1/2. Deborah
  15. Mommydog14


    My surgery was May 11th, and I hit a stall at about three and a half weeks. I lost a great deal of weight in my first month, 21 pounds (I'm a "lightweight"), but for the last three and a half weeks I've lost 3 pounds total. Since I am eating 600 calories a day, 70 grams of protein and 40 or fewer grams of carb, I don't understand how that is physiologically possible. I think my body hates me. Just saying. Should a pound a week be all I can expect eating 600 calories a day? It doesn't seem right to me.

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