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  1. SVM10

    Hello, Is Anyone There?

    Hey Amby, support group helps me so much. Try your best to research groups within driving distance. It helps to hear how others cope with their struggles and how excited the newbies are about their journeys. Heidi, I often wonder if I could ever live fill free. I need mine and adjust as needed. The one thing I definitely know is that I have to exercise to maintain or loss. I find myself slipping into bad habits like snacking when I'm really not hungry and as soon as I see a # on the scale that shows the results of the bad habits I get back on track slowly but surely. By no means am I progressing like I want to but I'm so much more cognizant and I weigh myself almost daily for accountability.
  2. Happy 43rd Birthday SVM10!

  3. Thanks, Karen did you have the fluid aspirated? It's been 7 weeks for me and I still wear compression shirts or sleeves everyday. I had drains with my TT, so this is a first for me.mi have had them aspirated twice and scheduled to go back on the 18th. I drive 4hrs to do this each time, and it takes about 10 min. maximum. Hopefully, this will be the last time.
  4. Any information would be appreciated.
  5. Hello, has anyone had to deal with fluid building up in arms and having it aspirated? I went for my 2 week checkup on Thursday, and my PS drew 10ccs from one arm and 15ccs from the other. It feels like they need more taken out because I have really hard, large spots on both, my left s more prominent.
  6. Thanks rosstheboss. I guess I'm anxious because my TT scars are still so prominent after a year and a half. I definitely don't want that for my arms. I'm ready to get my stitches out Thursday so I can get started. I have to admit, I don't do we'll with removing stitches, like a kid. I'm hoping I don't scream too loud. I don't know what it is about getting stitches removed that gets me other than the pain of course.
  7. SVM10

    Hello, Is Anyone There?

    Good luck missyjk79. Sorry about your slippage.
  8. Cheryl2586, I'm going to see if my dr will prescribe some after my stitches are out. Thanks.
  9. Oh and I have silicone sheets ready for after stitches are out.
  10. Thank you all so much. I did rub vitamin e oil and bio oil on my TT scars and it wasn't very effective. I have been taking arnica and bromelflex (vitamin c, bromelain, turmeric rhizome extract, and citrus bioflavonoid) via pills in hopes that it wold help the bruising, discomfort, and may initial scarring.
  11. Floridays, that's great. I wish I had such luck, or better skin for healing (keloids). However, I'm thankful that I'm 70+ pounds lighter, less excess skin and fat hanging from my stomach and arms. I'll take that with a few scars. Maybe with even more time they will continue to lighten. Thanks!
  12. Thanks Carolinagirl, my lap band and TT scars especially are visible. It's been 2.5 yrs since lapband and 1.5 since TT. The port site and TT are most visible because they are the largest scars. They are still raised as well, but are lightening up very little. That's why I want to be more proactive this time.
  13. Hello, I have heard so many people say they start treating their wounds/scars almost immediately. I've also read it on many medical websites. I'm a week out of brachioplasty and tissue excision under both arms. I called my physicians office yesterday to ask if I could put any creams or ointments on and was told not until I go back in a week to get the stitches out. I had just begun putting triple antibiotic pain cream on after showering, so last 3 days. Please tell me what you all are doing that works for you. Thanks.
  14. SVM10

    On my way to the flat side

    Don't be embarrassed I had the BM issues post TT and it is very uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Hang in there.
  15. Steph, I'm doing okay. I've had lapband and aTT w/mr, this is by far the least painful. It's uncomfortable and a little painful at times. However, I only took prescription meds one day and began taking extra strength Tylenol (650mg) after that. That was a personal choice because I wanted to be as coherent as possible since my 17 year old daughter was in charge of my care and driving. I'm very swollen and bruised right now, but can see some results already. I asked for my scar to be more inside my arm than on the outer length of my arm but that didn't happen. I didn't have any type of lipo either so I feel my results will be limited, but still better than the batwings regardless. I'm disappointed that they forgot to take before pics, I wish I had taken my own. It's a mixed bag for me right now, but better. I will keep you posted.