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  1. YoungBlackAndBanded

    Blog List?

    mine's below too!
  2. YoungBlackAndBanded

    Help-4 fills and no results

    It's also be interesting to see what you are eating, and how much. Also, how much exercise are you getting in?
  3. YoungBlackAndBanded


    I'm blogging as well. I was following a lot of blogs when I was in the "deciding" phase....not that I'm 3 weeks post op, it's been a great support system for me! I'll be looking for your blogs! Check mine out if you want!
  4. YoungBlackAndBanded

    I can't afford a new wardrobe every month

    I agree with the user who mentioned the support group. The support group I attend has a really big clothing exchange program....and you should be able to get the basics. I'll also be relying on the collection of smaller clothes...at least until a point.
  5. YoungBlackAndBanded

    can water stretch your pouch

    I believe water and other thin liquids move straight through your pouch (unless there's food in there...like right after you eat). So my answer would be no, granted that you're not drinking a huge amount after a meal.
  6. YoungBlackAndBanded

    Ankle weights for the rest of my life?

    I would say it depends on your doctor. I know my doctor was willing to 'work' with patients if it was that close. I fortunately (or unfortunately) was at a 42 BMI so it was 'easy'. If you're only 5lbs away from being above a 40 BMI, you may work with your doctor. to either bump up your weight or lower your height an inch or two....that should do it. Honestly, this is something that could change your life forever! I think it would be worth your while to put together the supporting documentation about your co-morbidities.....you'd regret it if the claim went in and you were denied due to insuffiecient evidence.....
  7. Hey, I understand what you're talking about. I was banded the same day as you, and up until a couple days ago was down 17lbs (including the loss on the pre-op diet). Well I saw my first little gain yesterday (I started mushies on the 25th) and of course I freaked out, since I was used to the downward trend over the past 3 weeks!!! I KNOW that this first month is for healing, and pre-banding it sounded logical. BUT I can't help but get worried, especially since I'm feeling 100% again, that this will be just a temporary fix, and all the weight will come back. Just keep reminding youself (as I do) of what you know, how this process will go. I know I have to give myself a mental check a couple times a day. I guess this freak out session is just part of the process....it'll soon pass.
  8. YoungBlackAndBanded

    Backseat of small car?

    I was 10 days post-op yesterday, and was back to feeling normal. I think I was back to feeling 100% at about 6 days out.
  9. YoungBlackAndBanded

    How important are the rules really?

    LMAO!!! Me too. I think she realized that the post, where she was pretending to be a supporter, was submitted under her name. Such a shame....
  10. YoungBlackAndBanded

    What if this doesn't work either?

    I think this is FANTASTIC on so many levels!!!! Just 5 months ago you were worried about not being able to lose with the band....look at you now!!! Inspiration!
  11. YoungBlackAndBanded

    Caloric Intake, daily

    I think she meant exercise + what your body burns daily just by living. I try to stay between 900-1100
  12. YoungBlackAndBanded

    Replacing your port for a flatter one?

    I believe for the realize band there is only one size port, but the lap-band has two.
  13. YoungBlackAndBanded

    How important are the rules really?

    I tend to SOMEWHAT agree with some of the things you said. There are A LOT of variations from doctor to doctor. For example some doctors have their patients on an after fill diet. My doctor requires no such thing. So which one is right??? At the same time, I chose my doctor because I believed him to be the best, and most competent to do this surgery so, I will follow his advice. There is a saying that goes "if you do what you've always done, you will get what you've always got".....I've dieted on my own with no success, so I am choosing to follow the advice of a professional who has been around the block a few times. I'll also say, there is a difference between taking advice without question, and taking advice from someone who knows more than you. I don't believe that lab banders that follow their doctors advice are by definition 'stupid'. Perhaps they are educated patients who have done thier research and are working with a professional they trust.

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