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  1. AllieKat

    4th of July Challenge!

    I haven't lost any more this week :biggrin: I am such a slow loser. I just had another fill today, so I am hoping it will boost me along!
  2. AllieKat


    OOOOOO! I love this! I am a slow loser, and my body is changing, but the scale is sure slow to move. I was banded on 3-31-10, am down 25lbs, but have so many NSV's! 1. I can take most of my pants off without undoing the button! 2. I have to safety pin most of my pants/capri's. 3. My rings are almost too loose to wear. 4. My bra is too big! 5. I have just a pinch more stamina that I had before. 6. I am not aching as much, able to cut down on 1 RX. 7. People are starting to notice (makes me a little uncomfortable, have always hidden behind my fat). 8. Was able to buy a smaller swimsuit this week. 9. Hoping I won't need a seat belt extender in a few days when I go to Hawaii! 10. For the most part, I am making better choices with food. Baby steps! Thanks so much for this post. It helps us all to remember that this is a HUGE lifestyle change, and it does NOT hinge on a number, or at least it shouldn't.
  3. AllieKat

    4th of July Challenge!

    FINALLY the SCALE MOVES! I dropped 4 pounds wooo hooo! How sweet/bittersweet when you are losing inches, but the cale don't move but every couple of weeks or so.
  4. Listen, you are where we all begin- Bandster Hell. I am right there with you. Try not to stress and panic right now. Allow self the time you need to heal, and learn a new way of life. Excersize must be a large part of your life, and making healthy food choices. There is all kinds of threads on this board about this very subject. I highly suggest going back and looking at some of the older posts, I found them very helpful about this subject. If you would like to talk, feel free to PM me. Stay positive, it will work, it's just not a "magic bullet".:smile2:
  5. AllieKat

    Tomorrow is my day

    Who is your surgery with? I was so nervous and scared the night before, I barely got any sleep, got lots of housework done! After it was all over, I came home and slept. Walked alot around the house when I was awake, and that really helped. You will be fine, just think positive, it will be over before you know it, and life begins again!
  6. AllieKat

    Spring into March 2010 Bandsters

    Hi everyone! Glad to have been invited to this thread (Thanks Cynthia)! I have had 1 fill, and while I have a teensy bit of restriction, I know it isn't enough, and the weight loss is so very slow. Bandster hell is right, although my experience thus far has been a pleasant one over all. Still learning to make the right choices, and learning to make excersize important. Whew! Lot's of work, but worth it!
  7. Hello to all March Mauraders! I was banded on 3/31, and looking for some extra support, and to offer whatever support I can. I have had 1 fill so far, excersizing, feeling better than I have in awhile, but the weight is coming off kinda slowly, or is it just my perception? I know I don't have enough restriction yet, I am just able to eat too much food. Suggestions? My next appt. for a fill is on June 3rd.
  8. AllieKat

    4th of July Challenge!

    I'm in for 20....I totally stopped losing when I joined in for the Mother's day Challenge, so it would be great to lose 20 lbs by my birthday....July 4th! I am losing so slowly, but I just had my first fill, and my body has always lost slowly....here's hoping for a pickup!:confused:
  9. Thanks for this post, and thankfully I was prepared for Bandster hell by Dr. Vincent Lusco and the supportive staff at St. Mary's and Elizabeth's hospital (Debbie and Kim, and Lana) in Ky. Love these guys!
  10. :thumbdown: Got my first fill today! 3 cc's in a 10 cc band....we will see how it goes once I get off liquids (doc wants me on liquids for 2 days, then soft-solids, then solids). Wish me luck! I am excited, things are really gonna get interesting now! Plus I am taking up kick-boxing and swimming for excersize....am already down 1 pant size (yea!)
  11. AllieKat

    Water Weight...

    Oh yes. I am showing 3 lbs up overnight, and it is not letting go. I know I did not eat 3 lbs worth of food in one night. The body is a funny thing. I refuse to believe it, am trying to relax, do the next right thing and stay positive. The number will drop.
  12. Stressing ourselves out and being afraid can also cause weight loss to stall. We have to be gentle with our bodies and minds, we have abused them our entire lives! Who knows what other people are thinking, but we have to say, who cares! We were brave enough to lay on a table and risk living to lose weight. I think we have made the ultimate sacrifice to try to be healthier. We do have to go to some extra lengths to get the weight off, the band is only a tool, but it will be worth it.:thumbup:
  13. AllieKat

    post-op ..home care

    Hi there. I was banded 3/31, My surgery was at 9a, and I was home by 2p. I did need some help on the first day, but after that, I was fine. Actually, I was up walking around the house the same day to help disperse the surgical gas, because it is painful! I began an excersize program on day 7.:thumbup:
  14. AllieKat

    Entering fourth week, anyone?

    Hi there! I was banded on 3/31, and on 4/14 my doc let me move up to meatloaf and salad. He said to avoid really "dry" or tough meats right now, but that was about the only restriction he gave me. Also trying to learn to not drink with meals. That is key. My appetite has returned with a vengance! I am trying so hard to stick to lean meats and salads (no carby foods), but I hate the volume that it takes to make me feel full! I loved it right after surgery when not much would go down, now it feels like there is nothing in there but my big 'ol stomach! I have a follow up on 4/29, but I think my doc as practice makes everyone wait until their 6th week for a fill. I am in hell:scared2:. It will be worth it all. I am concentrating on building an excersize routine, and trying to keep off the 20 lbs I have lost so far. It feels wonderful to have loose clothes!:smile:
  15. I am down 2 pounds! 8 to go!

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