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  1. On March 28th I had my lap band removed. I was just shy of 10 years of having it. My surgeon said that it had started to embed itself into my liver so I am so glad I decided to get a revision when I did. What I did not expect and am wondering if it is normal is the intense pain where my port was. The pain radiates all the way around to my back when I walk or stand. The only time I find relief as if I am in a reclined position either on a chair or in bed. I am 1 week post-op today and eating with the gastric bypass is so much easier compared to the lap band so I am so thankful for that. But this pain on my right side is intense and causes me to cry and feel really discouraged with my healing process. Anyone else who has had their band removed deal with this? I have a doctor's appointment in the morning so I'm very anxious to talk to him about this issue.
  2. Youtube had some awesome quick toning and cardio videos....FREE!!! switching it up keeps the ADD at bay (ya I totally have exercise ADD) gooday luck! , and keep with it! The benefits will eventually outweigh the boredome!
  3. Have you had your thyroid checked? I have pcos AND hyperthyroidism. Now that I'm.80lbs less both "diseases" are doing so much better! My cycles are even regular! I would go to your obgyn about the pcos. He/she may be able to help you more...but I would go out on a limb and say you don't have it....
  4. Felt that way the first 80lbs...now that I weigh under 180 and have 60 lbs to lose IT IS SO HARD! for the first time I am journaling and counting calories. I hope it stays easy for you
  5. Well its here...unfortunately..... I am down 80lbs in ten months. I am so thrilled! I have 20 more to go till goal. But I haven't lost even an ounce for two months! Haven't gained any either which is great. I work out almost two hours every day and switch it up often. And stay between 1100 & 1400 calories a day. What did you guys do to break that plateau? How long did it take to see the scale moving again? I'mTrying not to get too frustrated...byt two months is such a long time!
  6. hi all. i didn't know where to turn so i came here. We found out less than 10 hours ago that my husbands SA came back with a zero sperm count...zero how can it be zero?! i am a mess. they called my phone while i was at work and i had to leave early for i could not function. i cried for three hours before my husband got home...i didn't know how i was ever going to tell him.He was diagnosed with low testosterone about four years ago and has been doing hormone replacement therapy this whole time. We have been through a lot the last three years with him also having an 'unknown' illness and we got that taken care of about six months ago and decided it was time to ttc. Now i don't know if that will even happen. he wants a child of his own so badly. i am afraid that this is going to send him into a depression. two yeasr ago i found out i had pcos and was told that i needed to lose a lot of weight. So i had the lapband and have lost about 80 lbs and have my pcos under control. its like now i dont know what to do..my life has been consumed and focused on having a baby... i cant stop crying. we go see our obgyn on friday to get a referral and she wants to go over our counts in person. i am not functioning very well right now and feel so overwhelmed and sad. thanks for listening... trish
  7. Goodwill is two fold. Their prices are great for those less fortunate....but they also use money from the sales in the store to help with funding and scholarships. That's why I donate and shop there....now I can never find clothing I like but I have bought furnuture items and picture frames and stuff like that.
  8. old navy always has some great deals. Also jcpenny has great sales plus they ALWAYS have great coupons. Do youhave a platos closet or second hand store near you? Those are great places to find new clothes. happy shopping! I have spent so much money on clothes the last 8 months. My job requires me to always look nice and trendy (I'm an esthetician and its required...i always get called out if I wear too big of stuff) anyways I love shopping!
  9. Glad youre feeling better! I see my surgeon every four weeks for the first year. and i love it! This was why I chose him. He only does the lap band.and has a very successful practice. As for the ex boufriend...he'll be sorry!
  10. Ok so this just might be a hormone thing...but I needed to come talk to my banded friends. I've just spent the last hour analyzing my body in a full length mirror...naked. And I hate it! I have saggy knees...saggy boobs and a saggy belly..and im 27 with no kids!!! I work out all the time in hopes it.goes back. I am so happy to have lost 80 lbs...and have more energy.and I run...but I feel ugly....and my husband thinks I look hot. (which is a whole other mental thing I have.) I was more confident naked when i was 80 lbs heavier....at least my boobs looked good... my hudband doesn't get it...i don't even get it. Maybe I should talk to someone. maybe ill feel different in the morning....
  11. I had ovarian surgery in december and didn't get any saline removed. I did just fine....i made sure that I did mushies and liquids for a few days to be on the safe side. Goodluck!!
  12. Do not get a fill! I had respitory issues a few weeks ago and had to get an unfill. I was so miserable...couldnt breathe (cuz I was sick) and couldnt eat....cuz the respitory issues made my band so tight. I would def wauit til you are better. Get well soon!77
  13. trishfish

    sonic food

    I don't do sonic (non around me) but I do taco bell usually once a week. I used to get a certsin item and eat half thinking I was "good" on calories...then I happened to look up the nutritional content and was shocked at what I was eating! So now I get a crunchy taco sub the meat for beans and a little tiny bit of sour cream. im satisfied and its pretty good on the calories. But when I do eat fast food I really try to have lean protein and low carb veggies for dinner. I also treat myself once a week to starbucks...then workout an extra half hour that day. Whay can I say my lattes are totally worth the extra work...
  14. trishfish

    Any easy at home exercises?

    acadia I LOVE this! I am in the gym almost every day and sometimes I am too cold and don't wanna leave my house...I'm gonna do this next time im watching tv...thanks

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