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  1. Happy 54th Birthday tazzyinheels!

  2. Happy 53rd Birthday tazzyinheels!

  3. Hello I had a tummy tuck on March 15th and with lipo of both hips, 2 drains, my incision was hip to hip and my umbilicus was relocated. I went home from the recovery room and like you I am a teacher and was concerned. I had a niece who is a nurse stay with my for 5 days. I am also the can't sit still type. I have been very blessed. I had no pain, a little road rash from the binder (putting tight underwear and spandex under the binder resolved that issue in 1 day).Some people told me to wear my old big underwear and that didn't work for me (the wrinkles were worse) The hips were hard and hot for 2 days and about a week out they itched like hell for 2 days but that also resolved. I was told the itching was a good sign. I still have my drains but one will probably come out tomorrow. I have varying stamina and had one dizzy spell in the bathroom the 1st day post op (i think i had a hot flash and was a little hypotensive so I skipped BP meds for the next 2 days and it all resolved. As to activity, I was probably bad and had a lot of adrenaline the 1st day post op and actually went out to lunch and a little shopping. I probably over did it. I am able to walk daily (4-5miles), but have learned to listen to my body and take naps if desired. My results are phenomenal already , no regrets and more than pleased so I am anxious to see the results in a few months when it all matures. I wish you the best. Tazzy
  4. tazzyinheels

    Had My Surgery December 19th!

    Thanks for the suggestions. I have help planned for the first week (my niece) then I have good neighbors and friends but don't want to impose if I don't have to. So I am trying to get my stuff organized. I appreciate your help. Tazzy
  5. I am 52 and getting ready for a tummy tuck as my abdomen and love handles resemble Jabba the Hutt or a shar pei puppy. Just to give you a mental picture. I am not complaining as I lost 100 pounds getting ready for surgery then another 60 since my lapband. So I have nothing to complain about. Starting a savings plan is never a bad idea. I wish you the best. Tazzy .
  6. tazzyinheels

    Had My Surgery December 19th!

    My turn is coming soon. Any suggestions to make the first week smooth? things I should get in the house? Thanks Tazzyinheels
  7. Hello Okay I have lost weight (160 pounds from my highest) and am now 230 pounds and a dress size 16-18. I also have a 42DD chest so I can't go much smaller and fit them in (they were 44G a year ago) so I am making progress. I tried to venture into online dating but not getting many matches. I chose full-fiqured. Am i using the wrong category? I am still finding many shallow people, some are at least honest about it, others are what others have called frogs (half of what they said online was incorrect on further email). I was hopeful and thought I was ready but this is so hard. This is really a lot of rejection. Makes me think maybe I shoudl get a pet. TZ
  8. tazzyinheels

    What foods can't you eat?

    I am 1 year and 8 months out and I have trouble with moist bread, chicken and rice/nori sushi (I can eat sashimi and Poke without a problem) If I am socializing I have to be careful to chew well as thats when the dry meat gets me if I don't chew to apllesauce consistency. I also drink in social settings (Water, ice tea) to keep things flowing ...My band doesn't like carbonated things I am tight in the morning. Haven't filled in 7 months by my choice as I am trying to change my lifestyle and don't want to use up my band too soon You do need periodic adjustments because you stomach also loses size so the band becomes looser from the changes
  9. tazzyinheels

    girdle / corset / shapeware after the band

    I have worn some form of spandex for a long time and think it does help to remind me to have good posture and suck it in Try things on: try the discount stores such as ross's TJ maxx and Marshalls and sample what you like it does run small so spanx was not my friend I love flexees and they sell at costco Avoid the dryer as it will weaken over time, don't buy too much of anything as hopefully you will shrink too. Good luck
  10. tazzyinheels


    Hang in there. I am coming on being 18 months post band and only lost 25 pounds last year despite all my efforts including exercise x 8 hours a week. The body does get thrifty and I was extrememly frustrated but was seeing NSV (non scale victories) then boom My body has go9ne back to losing significant weight again. So keep pluggin in as we are all in this for the long haul
  11. I agree that it is probably variable for everyone but especially related to Fluid retention I have gone from a 10W and 10EE to being able to wear normal 8 or 8.5's I have lost 100+ pounds total: at first I didn't need the wide unless I ate salt (reason for my salt/fluid comment) and recently I have lost the length I am a year post op with a recent bandversary So beware as my friends are making out raiding my shoe closet now.. As to your tennies: I was able to wear them a little longer by wearing thicker socks but my sandals/pumps that are too big cause blisters so no can do:thumbup:
  12. Enjoy your family and take things at your pace Your recovery should be going well at this point (gas pains over) and hopefully your endurance is coming back I missed my naps when I went back to work rememeber Soup and scrambled eggs or egg beaters in my case were good friends. I love the southwestern version. Best Wishes
  13. tazzyinheels

    Flying to Japan

    I have experienced your dilemma I fly about a week a month and I usually do fine but I did have one bout of tightness on the plane. We are all inidividuals, I often get tighter 3 weeks after a fill then initially so I just eat how my band is, tighter in the am. I can swallow pills except Calcium tablets What seems to help me is when I fly I break cardinal rule #1 and drink with my meals to keep things flowing and I typically drink something warm to wake up my band that I want to eat. I also try to remember to chew, chew and avoid dry meat (my downfall). I do take a few powder mixes with me on trips and a Protein bar or two for the travelling days especially when the airlines is only offering Pasta. The sashimi and noodles in Japan go down easy. Enjoy and take things as they come.
  14. tazzyinheels

    Weight loss and your Cpap

    I was told they would re-test me at a year post op I have lost 140 lbs from my heaviest and 100 lbs in the last year I can manage a night or two without it now but on the fourth day or so my symptoms start to come back and I went out in a hot meeting so I know I am not ready yet I agree that I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love that I sleep all night if I don't take fluids after 7pm and I dream again but if my allergies are acting up then its hell So talk to your PCP as if you do need it and stop on your own you may also see your symptoms re-appear and of course your BP and crankiness will likely increase I remain hopeful as I want to lose another 50 pounds but I am still a success regardless.