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  1. prdmommyof3

    Anyone have RNY on 01-18-16

    How is it going now? Have you been able to start your loss again? I'm on week 2 without any loss, and had surgery 1/11.
  2. prdmommyof3

    Anyone have RNY on 01-18-16

    She said that I;m not eating enough Protein or eating enough calories. She said to aim for 30 grams/protein a meal, yes 3 times a day, and to supplement with a Pshake twice a day as well. It's quite overwhelming! So far, I've found that the Jenny-O turkey burgers for lunch & dinner are my best bet, since they're right at 30 grams of protein. They take about 45 minutes to finish, but I can finish one now. Breakfast is the hardest!
  3. prdmommyof3

    Anyone have RNY on 01-18-16

    Hey there! I had my surgery on 1/11 and am feeling, for the most part, great! I cannot eat very well yet. Greek yogurt and cottage cheese goes down great, but when it comes to my "moist meat", I have a difficult time. I'm down 20 pounds since surgery day, and my dr was not very happy with my loss. She thought I should have been down more. So, here we are a week later, and I haven't lost a single once since my 1 month appointment. This is very difficult!
  4. In April 2010, I had a lap band placed by Dr. Terry Simpson in Scottsdale AZ. I did well while on the liquid diet and lost about 10 pounds, but as soon as I was able to transition to solids, I encountered many issues. Unfortunately, my body didn't adjust well to the band, and after struggling for 6 months with dehydration and constantly being stuck (and losing only 22 pounds), I elected to remove all of the Fluid and live life as I had before the band. Fast forward to October 2014. I started to get bad stomach pains and stuck all the time like I did when I had fluid in my band. I was referred to Dr. Podkameni at Banner Estrella (Phoenix). He did a barium contrast study and found that things were passing as expected, but that I did have a a rather large hiatal hernia that could be the culprit. Next step to diagnose pains was en EDG. The EDG results showed that my Lap Band had eroded through my stomach and needed to be removed. I decided after the EDG that Dr. P and I were not a good fit, and coincidentally saw one of his office partners during my follow up; Dr. Flavia Soto. There was an instant connection; I loved her, so she became my new doctor. In April 2015 I had my Lap Band removed and discussed my options with Dr Soto about how to proceed in life. The band made quite a bit of mess with my stomach, and Dr Soto was concerned that due to the stricture created with the scar tissue, future blockages were a large risk. Combined with the hiatal hernia, we started discussing how a RNY procedure, although never something I had ever considered or thought necessary, would be a very good option for me. I had to wait 4 months to heal from the lap band removal before starting the 3 month MSWL for my insurance to cover the RNY. I was approved for the RNY surgery in November and scheduled to have my RNY on Jan 11, 2016. The surgery was the least difficult part of this entire journey! I was in very little pain post-op, was up and walking 6 hours after, and went home without any drains, tubes or issues! I took that week (Jan 11-15) off from work and returned the following week ready to resume life as a gastric bypass patient. On the day of surgery, I was 250.2 and today (3 weeks later) I am 233.5, down 16.7 pounds. I can't believe that in 3 short weeks, I'v already passed 15 pounds! I don't have any issue drinking water/fluids, and find that I can take 2 swallows at a time without incident. Daily Vitamins have become part of my routine, and aside from my nighttime omepriazole, I rarely forget to take them. Aside from only being able to eat tiny portions, I feel 100% normal; like nothing ever happened. There are a few things that I struggle with on a daily basis though: not drinking when I eat. This will take me quite a while to get down. drinking the Protein shakes needed to maintain the 65 g goal my Dr has set dealing with head hunger unreal expectations with regards to daily losses. For example, I have been the same weight for 3 days and am.going.insane. grasping the do's and don't of what to eat in life BELIEVING that this time I will lose weight taking compliments that I look good Anyway, I just found this forum and am very much looking forward to browsing and learning from everyone here! -Melanie
  5. Happy 35th Birthday prdmommyof3!

  6. Happy 34th Birthday prdmommyof3!

  7. Feeling down and depressed. Is there a light at the end of this tunnel?

  8. prdmommyof3

    10 months out....feeling hopeless

    Hi Fellow Bandsters, I was banded 3/31/10, 10 months ago. To date, I have lost 20 pounds. I go into my surgeon religiously every month for a weigh-in and fill. Ususally, I go in soon after a fill for a slight unfill, because I end up not being able to eat or drink. I chose my surgeon b/c he was labeled as the leading weightloss / LapBand surgeon in AZ. I now wish I NEVER had it. I am always "stuck", I feel like I can eat MAYBE a meal a day when I'm lucky. Usually, I can't eat more than a bite for my meal at any time of the day. I know that means I'm too full, but when I go into my Dr. to let him know that I cannot eat, and he can't see that I've had a loss, he makes comments like, "Obviously you're eating enough to maintain your weight." "are you measuring?" Before the band, I worked out 6-7 times a week in a boot camp routine and on my own (hard workouts). Now, I don't have energy or patience to play with my kids, let alone work out. I am EXHAUSTED, so stressed, depressed, short tempered and so so so incredibly frustrated with LOOKING at my food and not being physically able to eat. I feel like before the band I could make healthy choices on what I ate...now, I'll eat anything that the band will allow, even if it isn't healthy. I can't do it anymore. I am going insane, and it is really messing with me in every aspect of my life! I joined weight watchers to help with my choices and accountability. I am allowed 41 points/day. I can manage to eat 5-8...and if I get stuck I cannot drink Water either. No one at work knows I have the band, but they've all created a new saying about people who aren't hungry...."You're pulling a Melanie today. You're just going to absorb your food by staring it down." I see my Dr. again on Thursday. I need some support/advice on what to tell him about how I'm feeling because I feel like he really doesn't listen to me or believe that I really am STARVING TO DEATH. He just thinks I'm making bad food choices, but the truth of the matter is that my metabolism is completely SHOT and in starvation mode. How can I get him to listen and really hear what I'm saying without the judgement and preconcieved notion that I'm lying?!?!? Thank you for all your comments. Melanie
  9. I'm right there with you, and it sucks! I got my band 3/31/10 and have lost 20 pounds (started at 217.5, now 197.5). I cannot eat anything, and for 2 days haven't even been able to drink more than 1 gulp every few hours. I HATE HATE HATE this, and am starting to wish I never had the lapband. I cannot seem to find my sweet spot; either I have way too much in or my Dr. takes out too much and I don't have any restriction. I have decided to go in tomorrow and ask him to remove Fluid. I've joined weight watchers, but cannot even eat 5 points throughout the day. When I tell my Dr. I can't eat, he says, "You're obviously able to eat some things since you're maintaining your weight." and won't take out fluid. I am literally going insane from not physically being able to eat. You definately need to ask them to take out fluid. Not being able to eat is not healthy physically or mentally.
  10. prdmommyof3

    Unfill or DEAL??

    I am so glad I'm not the only one dealing with this dilema! I am 3.5 mos post op. I had my 3rd fill 6/28. I "think" I'm at 3 cc's in a 10cc band. That day, only had liquids. on 6/29, I had some applesauce. I could feel it going down slowly, so it took about an hour to eat a single serve cup, but it went down, never got stuck. That night, I tried some canned chicken...HUGE mistake! Got stuck and couldn't even get Water down the next day. Went to have my Dr. unfill then refill my band. All was OK. Ever since then, when I take 1 bite of pretty much anything...I get stuck. Liquids are the only thing I can eat. On RARE occasions, I can eat without a problem. One night, I actually ate 2 slices of pizza! That's the most I've eaten, and pretty much the only "solid" food I've eaten since I got my fill. Now, I have an appointment on 7/19, and am SERIOUSLY considering asking my Dr. to take a little out. I'm hardly eating anything, and (if you can believe it) am not losing ANYTHING either. I just don't get it. HELP!
  11. So, here I am, nearly 3 months POST OP from my lapband surgery, and extremely disappointed in myself and my (lack of) progress. I was 217.4 on surgery day am only at 209 today. I got my 3rd fill yesterday, and let me tell you...I am THRILLED. Until yesterday, I didn't ever "feel" my band. KNEW it was there, but never felt full after a small amount, got stuck, or anything. It makes for a very trying time telling yourself to portion control when you don't have a full sensation yet. Anyway, last night, I could even feel yougurt passing slowly, and today, the same thing with applesauce. No problem keeping it down, but I can definately feel it taking it's sweet time to go throught the band. I am FIANLLY hopeful that I will start to see some progress. Slow to start, but so hopeful that THIS IS IT!!
  12. I probably shouldn't have said your doc is full of it. YIKES I am sorry for saying that.


    I just happen to know I feel restriction and it is very real to me. I also feel like he was discouraging you when he told you that restriction isnt real. I mean that is what us bandsters need for weight loss.


    As far as diet, and excercise, it sounds like you are doing everything right. I am sure after a few more fills it will start happening. Just try and stay positive. :-)

  13. prdmommyof3

    Does anyone have Aetna Health Insurance

    To my knowledge, Aetna is very specific & firm that they do NOT cover ANYTHING related to weight loss. They do offer discounts on Gyms & programs like Jenny Craig, but when it comes to dieticians, surgery or things of that nature, they specifically state that they don't cover anything. Let me know if I'm wrong
  14. Let me correct myself, I didn't write that right. I fluctuate between the same 2/3 pounds a day, so one day I'm 207, the next 208, then sometimes 209...then 207 again...yada yada yada. I just can't seem to get past this "210" ghost. I'm always hanging around there.


    I find comfort and fear in you saying my Dr. is full of shit, because I chose Dr. Simpson since he was "the best in AZ" re: lapband. He doesn't tell me how much he's filling me with, which is a little annoying, but it shouldn't be.


    A typical day will consist of no breakfast, a protien shake or 1/3 can chicken w/a little mayo & celery or a little BBQ sauce for lunch, and a "normal" dinner of a chicken breast & veggies. I do cheat occasionally & have Taco Bell for lunch or a tiny scoop of ice cream.


    I have been "feeling" the band...getting stuck on Chicken a lot, and a boiled egg.

  15. "I fluctuate 2-3 lbs/day gain" Am i reading this right? You are gaining this much weight daily??


    Now that being said. What on a typical day are you eating? Maybe I can help you get on the right track here.


    Also your doctor is full of shit, Restrcition is so real! And just so you know.. I didnt have significant weight loss until after fill No 3. So that is something for you to look forward to.


    Try and keep your chin up kiddo. It is so possible to gain or not lose if your eating too many slider foods. I made some bad food choices over the memorial day weekend also.


    BTW.. You are working out like a champ.. keep that up! DOnt stop. I need to start doing that.