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  1. I am almost two years post operation and I have been stuck before but this has to be the worst ever. My throat is burning and I can barley even get water down without pain. This started 2 nights ago. Is this a call to the doctor ?
  2. Nean4488

    Banded 3 weeks ago

    Don't let the stalls stop you. You will have them over and over throughout your weight loss journey. I gained a few pounds when I was able to eat mushies, its pretty common. But if your only eating 1000 calories and working out that def isnt enough to even fuel your body and its holding on to whatever fat it has. It will get better once you get to solids, just focus on healing right now.
  3. Nean4488


    This is one of the main reasons why I don't tell people I had the surgery. My close family knows and thats it. I know that people will always judge and say stupid things and thats why I made the choice to keep my personal business to myself.
  4. Everyone is different. I know someone with 3.6 cc with a 10cc band and needs to go get an unfill because she barely can keep water down and on the other hand I have 8cc in my 10cc and I can still eat normally, i just eat less and stay full longer then before I had the band. You dont lose fluid but as you lose weight you will most likely need to get a small fill to get you back to where you were.
  5. Nean4488

    Looking for May Bandsters

    I think I would call this a plateau. I didnt lose weight for 3 weeks but I just kept pushing and pushing and pushing and the weight started coming off again! You can do it!
  6. I do not do low carb. I do choose my carbs carefully though. My diet consist of no more then 40% carbs though. I dont want to live the rest of my life doing no carbs so I dont think I should start off that way.
  7. I dont follow the no more then 40 carbs rule. I dont want to be on a diet the rest of my life and low carb is a diet to me. I am teaching myself to eat right and that includes having good carbs in my diet. You need the carbs to be working out and having energy. You dont need to follow what your surgeon says as long as its not hurting your band. If you can lose weight with adding more carbs to your diet, then go for it.
  8. Nean4488

    Why can't I use a straw?

    I drink with a straw all the time. I was never told not to , so i never became scared of the straw, I use it all the time and nothing difference happens.
  9. I have been banded for almost 3 months now and I burp prolly 7x more then the average person now. I just have learned to live with it.
  10. Nean4488

    A little discouraged

    I have lost 20 pounds since my surgery in may. I would take your 25 any day. lol Can your fills be done by someone else in the office until you can switch doctors?
  11. I had this feeling for 6 weeks post op. I still had swelling for that long. Once it goes away you will surely no longer be thrilled about bandster hell. lol ! BTW Your doing great!
  12. I think everyone is different when it comes to this answer. To me I am at perfect restriction with 6cc in 10cc band. I can eat normally, whatever I want, granted I cant take huge bites, but normal bites are fine for me, along with bread I can also eat with no problem. I eat every 3 hours so I dont really know how long I am hungry for. But im losing at about 2 pounds a week and I can eat normally but in small amounts. That to me is restriction to me. I could probably eat more then I am suppose to but I make my portions and eat only that.
  13. I can understand what your going threw. At over 300 pounds I didnt care what I looked like, what i wore. It didnt matter, now 50 pounds lighter Im stopping at every mirror, looking at how fat on am, how disgusting it is. Shaking my bat wings, how gross they are. I try on outfits over outfits to see which one makes me look the least fat. It is terrible and I feel like its only going to get worse. I hope we can find a way out of it!
  14. Nean4488

    Protein Shooters?

    Omg I seriously almost threw up when i tried one of these!!!!
  15. Nean4488


    I personally dont think you need a fill, but I use my band a lot differently then a lot of people. I eat every 3 hours and I eat alot more then you do. I dont think I want to starve myself and live on 800 calories the rest of my life. I dont want to slow my metabolism down by eating only 3 times a day and barely anything, therefore I keep my band on the loose side. I keep it tight enough where I stay full for 3 hours and I cant overeat, but I keep it loose enough where I can eat anything I choose to eat and can eat pretty normally still just smaller portions but not insanely small. My diet is usually pretty clean and I eat really well most of the time, so it does seem like I am still on a diet, but until i lose the weight this is how I choose to use my band. Its all up to you on how you want to live with your band! Good luck to whatever you do!

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