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  1. Mammysm

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    October 25th ..Sadi Surgery?was suppose to have the Sadi but unfortunately I couldn't get it done. There were too many adhesions, I knew that there was a possibility òf this happening or not happening. Ì was disappointed ofcourse. My doctor did remove alot of adhesions in the abdomen. Abdomen is quite sore and bruisec..I go back to my Dr. On Tues. the 14th and will see what he will have to say..I do however still have the sleeve, which I "think" is fine..when talking to my husband after surgery, my husband didn't quite get the information correct...and I wasn't talked to, if I was idon't remember. Anyhow thats my story of my day of surgery...2 weeks of liquid diet. For nothing...oh well I lived through it. Maybe the future will be better. Hope they don't want me to go to Nutritionist again and the trainer...I have all that info...just another loop hole. Donna Smith
  2. Boy do I know how you feel...went in for surgery Oct. 25th , 2021 to have the "Sadi" done...I, too, woke up to find it could not be done because of too much scar tissue..the Dr. did remove some of the scar tissue, guess that's good. I knew there was a chance that this may not be able to be a success because of the scar tissue, most of which is from a couple of abdomen surgeries from yrs gone by. I do however still have the sleeve and it hasn't stretched..but just couldn't succeed with it, very little weight loss.. Long story short, they sent me home that night, just as sore nonetheless. This was my last chance at Bariatric anything, already had the Lapland, that was horrible, sick so much...but anyhow thought I would get my 2 cents in....and don't know what I will do now...I just did the 2 week liquid diet....with great anticipation..feeling disappointed in Maine...Donna
  3. Mammysm

    Anyone from Maine ?

    Appears to be old posts but going to reply anyhow.. I am from Maine...Augusta area..have Dr. Trieu...I had the sleeve quite some time ago..Maybe we can catch up if you are still here...Donna
  4. I am having Bariatric Surgery ,( the "Sadi") I need prayer that my surgeon will be able to do this surgery on me because I have alot of adhesions and have lost some of my small intestines yrs ago because of something I went through. I ask that my body lines up enough for everything to fall into place. I know there is power in prayer. And God can make things happen. I ask this in Jesus' Precious Name Amen. Thank You Donna Smith
  5. Mammysm

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    Hello my friend..my surgery is the 25th, I am having the Sadi, as long as my Dr. can do it. I have alot of adhesions and lost alot of small intestines yrs ago from something I went through. I'm praying it can happen...I'm so worried about that, he won't know until he looks.. Best of luck to you.....hope you have no problems..Donna
  6. Anyone here have weight loss surgery in Augusta, Maine..I am having Dr, Trieu..would like to hear from people from here and other places too...r
  7. Mammysm

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    Yes I'm scheduled for October 25th 2021, for the Sadi. I had my Covid test today, at the end of my 2 week liquid diet, no fun...but surveying it. I am in Maine, I am having the surgery at Maine General in Augusta, Maine...if anyone else is in that area or elsewhere pls feel free to keep in touch. Donna
  8. Mammysm

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    Its very hard to stick to the liquid diet...I haven't got too many days left. Had Covid test today...got to be at hospital at 6am on Monday....I'm so not a morning person but for this I will get up...lol. I wish you the very best with this journey and it all works out with you ...just remember "Nothing Tastes As Good As Thin Feels" they used to say this at Weight Watchers...and "You Bite-You Write" JS Write anytime....I will reply as soon. As I find it sometimes it takes me awhile to find stuff. Your Buddy in this Journey Donna Smith
  9. Mammysm

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    Hello Teri...I'm scheduled for the Sadi on Oct. 25, 2021...are you on a liquid diet . ? I'm on week 2 of it..I am doing ok I guess, I think I get disgusted with the choices (or should I say lack of) so I opt to not eat anything because nothing thrills me....How are you doing with this if you are going this lovely route.. Long story short...I have tried it all..and this is my last chance to Onederland....I've had the Lapland that was really horrible when I had to carry a Barf bag with me everywhere...ofcourse junk food went down good. Didnt loose a whole bunch. Had that removed...got the sleeve , felt great but didn't loose a real lot with that either ..had it checked, not stretched...just my luck...anyhow...Dr. says this is my last resort....not sure if it can happen..got alot of adhesions and lost some small intestines from previous misfortune....but will see when he looks...I pray it can happen for me.. And guess that's my story in a nutshell.. I'm from Maine...relatively healthy for my age...tired of being this big... I wish you the very best with your surgery on the 25th...saw you with the same date so grabbed the opportunity...Waiting in Maine
  10. Mammysm


    Thank you so very much for the up and up on the up coming surgery..its always nice to be fore warned...so there aren't any BIG surprises that could be scary if not engaged aware...Thank you for all the little tidbits about the surgery..I will try to keep it all in mind....people handle things different....I could ome up with what you didn't. But glad you are getting past all the downs of it..you were helpful o me..thx again. Donna
  11. Mammysm


    Thx for writing...thats great...been reading some of the comments..guess you better take alot of the vitamins, etc. Really glad to hear you are doing well, that makes me feel reassured...Donna
  12. Hello...I use saw your note on here, its old but thought, what the heck going to write anyhow. Your story is so much the same as mine. I started off with the Lapland, quite some time ago, lost some, not a huge amt. It was such a hard live with, couldn't seem to get the right fill, I spent alot of time throwing up.....had that taken out,got the sleeve, lost a little not a huge about, think I got down to maybe 223, then gained wt. Back..so tried to be real good for awhile My dr. Says the only thing now is the Loop Duodenal Switch...I did all the nutrition appt.s, the trainer, the psyche evaluation, which I ended up paying out of pocket, then I've been waiting and waiting and noone called, then they called the other day and say its been so long (their fault not mine, they had everything ) i wasn't happy but went, so I'm lingering at 260 myself. Now according to her they are suppose to submit it to my insurance and then will set up appt. to make a date. They better I called iurance an it us covered, and he said it takes about 14 days, maybe quicker.if not I will be bugging both of them. I bet by now you have everything done. If you don't mind would love o hear from me either by Facebook messaging me DonnaRobbinsSmith. Or by email Mammysm@aol.com. thx for listening. Donna
  13. Mammysm


    I am preparing to have the loop duodenal switch surgery.My doctor advised this for me. The sleeve didn't early work for me. Anyhow I have gone through the things I had to do like the dietician, the trainer and the psyche evaluation. Just waiting now to revisit my doctor now. I don't know what is expected of me now. But I will find out. I've been trying to follow the bariatric eating and getting in protein. Any advice that anyone can give me..I'm a little anxious about it..Surgery doesn't scare me, its the unknown I suppose, the expectations of after. Thanks to anyone...Donna in Maine
  14. Mammysm

    Sleeve to DS

    I am going through the steps to have the Loop DS from the Sleeve. I have had the Sleeve or about 6 yrs. And has not worked out for me. I have talked with my doctor. Would love to talk to people who have undergone this. I am located in Maine and just want to get through all the steps so I can have the surgery. Thank You in Advance. Donna. Mammysm@aol.com

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