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  1. janellody

    Breastfeeding With Sleeve

    Hi! I got sleeved over 2 years ago and continued breastfeeding easily. I expressed milk while in Mexico and waited (I think) about 1-2 weeks until I finished one of my meds, can't remember exactly. I started back up after that and it was fine! I wouldn't have done it if my son was under a year old, I waited until he was about a year and half and it worked fine for me.
  2. janellody

    Any Oregon Sleevers here?

    You can schedule within a month or so. I go through OCC and did for my band also (this is revision), and they are excellent. They gave me a pre-op diet I am on now and I spoke to a doctor before I scheduled. I speak with the nutritionist through email all the time for diet help.
  3. janellody

    Any Oregon Sleevers here?

    Salem here! My insurance excludes bariatric surgery so I am headed to Mexico for surgery on May 2! Super excited
  4. janellody

    Newbie :) surgery date 5/10/18

    May 2 and it can't come soon enough!! We can wait patiently together
  5. Thanks everyone! Very helpful.
  6. I have talked to many people frlom different parts of the country who have had different "rules" after surgery. Some said no alcohol, some said no caffiene, etc. What rules did you get? Have you followed them?
  7. janellody

    Anybody switch from band to sleeve?

    Have you checked to see if the sleeve was done correctly or if there is somethig wrong? From what I can tell you should have way more restriction than that. I am so sorry it hasn't worked out for you!
  8. janellody

    Breastfeeding With Sleeve

    This post is so helpful, I appreciate all you ladies taking time to let us know about your experiences. I am breastfeeding a 19 month old and am terrified of my supply dropping or drying up if I have this done in Mexico and am gone for a while. I am also concerned about the medication afterwards, I am assuming you guys didn't need anything that interfered with breastfeeding and/or would cause harm to baby?
  9. My insurance, although really good, excludes bariatric surgery. I am looking at options in Mexico but because of many factors, I would like to get it done here if possible (US). I saw someone mention secondary insurance and am wondering what that is about? Can you get more insurance to cover something like this?
  10. Thinking about a revision from Band to Sleeve at OCC. I was very happy with OCC for my band and although it did well 8 years ago, 2 kids later it isn't working it may have slipped, I am not entirely sure). Anyhoo, does anyone have experience with this? Wondering what the costs might be and how long I will have to be out of work. I have a semi-physical job (massage therapist) so I need to factor that into my decision. Thanks!
  11. janellody

    Anybody switch from band to sleeve?

    That is great to hear. How is eating different? I see that you still can't drink water while eating (bummer) but is the eating similar? Bigger/smaller portions, etc? Do you end up throwing up at all? I always had issues getting stuck if I was at my proper restriction.
  12. Hello, I got my lap band about 9 years ago. I lost some weight at first but after 2 kids, it doesn't seem to work anymore. I am thinking about getting the sleeve and I know a few years ago many people were switching from band to sleeve, so I was curious if anyone had done that and had some insight. Do they remove the band when you switch to sleeve? How different is it? Any info you have will help. Thanks!
  13. Happy 30th Birthday janellody!

  14. Happy 29th Birthday janellody!

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