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Duodenal Switch Patients
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  1. Hi guys, I had my procedure done on 7/1 and looking for someone who had the sips done to buddy up with and share experiences etc. anyone interested.
  2. sweetsagi

    New here

    Just had the sips done on Monday July 1st.
  3. sweetsagi

    Loop Duodenal Switch

    Just had it July 1st.
  4. sweetsagi


    This was so easy it’s almost unbelievable. My insurance literally has no requirements other than the BMI. Under 40 one co-morbidity over 40 you’re good. That’s it! No psych evaluation or 6 month diet. I was told by the insurance if I meet any of those requirements I’m automatically approved and I was! YAY!! Surgery date 7/1. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
  5. sweetsagi

    No requirements????

    I got approved!!! This was the so easy it’s almost unbelievable.
  6. sweetsagi

    July 2019

    Congratulations!!! I’m July 1st.
  7. sweetsagi

    No requirements????

    @SeatleLady they called my insurance again and was told exactly they told me so since I met the BMI requirements she went ahead and scheduled me for June 24th.
  8. sweetsagi

    No requirements????

    So I just called my insurance AGAIN for like the hundredth time cause I need to make sure. I was told that no prior authorization is needed and the only requirement other than the BMI is BRS Called BRS and they said the service is actually optional. I’m so confused.
  9. sweetsagi

    No requirements????

    Thank you. @NYJenn that’s what I thought.
  10. sweetsagi

    I Can't Believe It...

    Congratulations 🎉🎊🍾🎈
  11. sweetsagi

    No requirements????

    I’m revising from sleeve to SIPS and was told by my doctor that I need 6 months medically supervised diet psych evaluation and all the other fun stuff. I called my insurance today and they told me there’s no requirement except I have to go through a different dept. which basically guides you through and make sure you are ready for surgery. I’ve had WLS twice. From band to sleeve and I’ve never heard this before. I have UHC. Has anyone else ever been told that??
  12. sweetsagi

    SIP Surgery

    Thank you!!!
  13. sweetsagi

    SIP Surgery

    It’s Stomach Intestinal Pylorus-Sparing surgery and is similar to the duodenal switch. Doesn’t seem to be very common.
  14. I notice there wasn’t a forum for SIP surgery and up until today I never heard of it. Has anyone here had that done?
  15. Was given both options. Told I would lose more weight with the bypass but I also know that’s a little more serious of a surgery than the sleeve.

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