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  1. Hey My name is Carmella,i had surgery with Alberto Aceves Feb 2010,in Mexico,I lost about 70lbs all together, it was a great experience,My sister is seriously thinking about getting the sleeve by him before the end of the year.Regarding your question...I dont think people intentionally disappear, but i think the energy that goes into the weightloss prior to surgery is so excessive that after its done you can finally move on to another topic in your life.Its an emmotionally draining situation.Most people struggling with weight loss have centered their lives daydreaming about what life will be like after losing weight.There are several people i talked to one this site who also had surgery by my doctor and i poured my worries and cares onto them which was extremely helpful for me.I understand your concern and i'm hear to tell you the surgery for me has been a great experience,only downfall is taking Nexium daily, but i knew this side effect prior.Talk to some of the moderators who are always online and available.Good luck!!!

    Before and After....

    I'm am very happy that i made the decision to have VSG on February 19th,2010.Looking i cant beleive I went thru with this (Dr.Aceeves) in Mexico,But i cant imagine where i would have been by now.Life is amazing! 75 LBS DOWN! Wow!

    Quick update...

    First let me say to all the fellow georgians who have been reaching out, I'M VERY SORRY TO HAVE KEPT YOU WAITING THIS LONG, And to all others who have reached out.A quick recap, i had surgery on Feb 19th,2010, and i have stayed away from the boards because i had a three week stall post op.I started getting extreme anxiety with shortness of breath everytime i got on the scale and it hadn't moved.I did however lose alot of inches around my waist (at least 6-7 inches) at that time which was keeping me sane.I started working out and i saw results but the only people commenting where my mom and dad saying i look like i lost weight.My hairdresser almost three weeks after surgery asked me again if i had had the surgery yet.Bummer!Flash forward,i have definetly lost weight and can see some real results.Although i've only lost 33 pounds or so, i have estimated my weight loss to be around 10lbs per month + INCHES,which is slow compared to most, but i eat what i want and workouT.People are commenting and saying i have lost alot of weight now.Prior to surgery,i started looking into Plastics, but at this rate, i wont need it.So my advice is that even if you are a slow loser, the fact that you had surgery is a motivation and it has really helped me to stay focused on the long term.There is no way i would have been this successful for this long without setbacks had it not been for the surgery.Even on my bad days or when i'm invited to an all u can eat buffet, the sleeve is still working for me.My hopes are that i will continue losing 10lbs per month till i reach goal.By the way,i dont do any meal replacements with shakes for all wondering which may also be causing slower weight loss.:cursing:

    Let's get this singles forum going!

    Hey ladies, let me put my two cents in.....I dated my sons father for 5 years on and off,which i was looking pretty good when we met 170 or so and we had a son born Jan 2009.We couldnt handle a relationship it seemed so we have just been co-parenting.So now my sons father seems to be more interested in a "relationship" after i started obsessing and set a date for surgery.It seems very coincidental.i was 238lbs after having my baby then i balloned up gradually to 275lbs in 2009-2010.He has never said anything about my weight, but he is a barber and works in a shop full if men.So i started not wanting to go in,waiting in the car and stuff like that because i was embaressed.I would like to think its a confidence factor that has him back on the horn, cause you know when your fat, all u talk about is your weight....but i was looking forward to meeting new prospects with my new body.Do yall think he'll be acting different when i'm slim and if so should i be bitter because he never expressed his disapproval with my weight when it was an issue in his mind??:wink0:

    Surgery Tomorrow Feb 22nd

    Hey Shylady, Good luck with surgery tommorrow,your in all of our thoughts.I was sleeved on the 19th and all i remember was them telling me to take a deep breath, they put the mask over my face and i woke up in recovery.I couldnt beleive they had already done the surgery, so i asked three different nurses was i sleeved?? Crazy i know.... but you'll do fine and it's relatively quick.Please keep us posted.:thumbup1:
  6. Thanks to everyone who replied with there experience.I'm feeling better already.Thanks again
  7. Hello, I was sleeved yesterday and was wondering how may people felt nauseated post-op? and if so how long it took to go away? I have recieved meds but, i'm hoping this wont continue. Thanks in advance for your responses.

    I'm sleaved!

    Congratulations Shauna!!!i'm right behind you.Glad to hear your doing well!!!:001_smile:
  9. Hey everyone, I?m here.Getting ready to take the plunge tomorrow.Hotel is nice.Ate at Itialian restaurant,a little expensive, but really good! bout to go sit out by the pool and have a Margarita!!! Dr. Campos said i could. He looks really young yall!!!
  10. Hello everyone, I am nervous,excited,scared, optimistic,hopeful and everything in between.Two Georgia natives whom i communicate with were sleeved on the Feb.12th and i missed that boat.They had a good experience and said i'll be in good hands.I so badly want to be slimmer.i've been reading all the sucesss stories and i want to be successful.One of my biggest fears is ongoing nausea and vomitting that some sleevers experience.I have been praying and asking God to give me a sign if i shouldnt proceed, and everything has been smooth sailing.I'm so looking forward to being able to have a steady weight at some point, and not gaining weight weekly with every bite of food.Thanks to everyone on the board for all your inspiring stories and motivation and mostly your support.
  11. I am very sorry, i was taking zofran, not reglan.i looked at medicine package which said onadasteron, which i dont know why i mixed them up.Sorry for the wrong information!

    Is Reglan bad?

    Hi everyone, I started to use zofran on my 5th month of pregnancy thru labor.Never had any problems with it and my child is healthy.I will be loading up on it in Mexico because of the cost of it here in the states.It worked for me and i stand by it.:001_unsure:
  13. Hi Angel, I'm so sorry about your trouble as well.I would suggest asking your doctor for Reglan.It works really well for nausea,heartburn etc.....Promethiziene is like taking a tranquilizer.I had nausea and vomitting for my whole pregnancy and nothing helped except Reglan.Please get better soon.Your in my thoughts and prayers.
  14. Hello, this question is really posed to folks who already had the surgery.Anyone who had complications such as vommiting etc... Do you think transition to liquid prior to surgery instead of Atkins would have helped.It is a major insult to the stomach having this surgery, but I'm wondering if the shock of no food suddenly could be a possible cause.:confused1:

    190 Degree turn around

    Hey Lucygoose, I'm also very thrilled to hear that you are feeling great!!! What a journey, but no place to go but up!!!:confused1:

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