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  1. Theresa'sMom415

    Broccolli Slaw/ Stuck

    Poor thing! I can't eat any fiberous veggies ever! Even if they are cooked down to nothing I have to stick to green beans (only french style) cooked carrots and peas Nothing else works for me...not even if i peel them
  2. Just press down and all around your stomach you will be able to feel it in there! There is no mistaking it!
  3. Theresa'sMom415


    It will be ok!!! It is so hard that's the reason we all got this to begin with, I had to have an unfill a few months back and it was so hard! I know exactly what you are going through, the hungry feeling is not fun at all!!! If I were you I would make sure to start and end every meal with fruits and veggies to help keep you feeling full longer. And just know even if you do gain you are going to get a revision soon and will lose it again!!! Hang in there! Sorry
  4. Theresa'sMom415

    5Cc In Band

    hello! My name is kelly too! I had 5 cc in my band and all I could keep down was mashed potatos and cereal lol I had 3 cc's removed and now I am a bottomless pitt...go figure! So I am going back for a fill but the doc said he is going to take it slow at .5 each time...I couldn't deal with the tight band for 18 monhs I did nothing but vomit (I finanlly went in and had it fixed)...hopefully you can find a happy medium too! If I were you I would stay away from anything with skin or anything fiberous like hard veggies or white meat. Good luck and keep me posted!
  5. Theresa'sMom415

    DOWN 100!!!

    thank you all
  6. Theresa'sMom415

    DOWN 100!!!

    I am finanlly down 100...I am so happy...these last few pounds have been killer to get off...I still have a long way to go, but and so very happy
  7. Theresa'sMom415

    5 Days post op - very light headed and weak

    Poor thing! I think everyone says that at first, but in a few weeks you will feel better...I'm not sure about the light headedness...maybe you should call the doc! Just keep drinking the protein and take it ease! Hope you feel better
  8. Theresa'sMom415


    nice!!!! great job
  9. Theresa'sMom415

    11 Weeks post-op: Spring Fever Strengthens Will!

    Congrats!!! You are doing soooooo good!
  10. Theresa'sMom415

    Give and Take

    Wow! I was looking at your profile...you look soooo good! OMG! You are losing so fast! GO GIRL! but ya i am with you on this one...I hate my arms now...I am looking into getting them tucked as soon as I hit goal weight...I want to wait in the hope that working them out at the gym will help...we will see
  11. Theresa'sMom415

    Somethings never change...

    Girl, haters are everywhere! Don't let them bother you! I know its hard, because I went through the same thing, but you will learn how to laugh! You are doing soooooo amazing, just focuse on that. And next time someone hates on you, just say if I were you, I'd hate me too! LOL Keep up the good work and keep us posted.
  12. Theresa'sMom415

    8 months along...

  13. Theresa'sMom415

    Somewhat dissapointed

    Slow and steady win the race! 10 lbs in 3months is good! Thats almost a lb a week. And a lb a wk is 54 lbs in a yr. I think sometimes when you lose slowly it's easier to stay off. Don't feel bad, let your body adjust and do it's thing! Stay positive and keep us posted! GL you are doing great!
  14. Theresa'sMom415

    Starting Anew

    I do!!!! LOL The smallest I can remember ever being was 170. On me that was small...and now I am hoping for like 150-160. That would be the best! I just turned 29, so I figure if I can look good in my 30's then who cares how I looked in my 20's. lol....can't wait to have this baby and get back on track!!! Good luck with your date and keep us updated!
  15. Theresa'sMom415

    Fearful of weight gain.

    Hi! I am going through the same thing. I was banded in dec and lost 55 lbs and found out in late jan I was pregnant. This is my second baby(totally unplanned) I am so happy but it sucks to be back to gaining instead of losing. I have only had one small fill, so I am hoping after the baby comes I can get a good fill and get back on track. I am 5.5 months pregnent and have gained 2 lbs. But I know I will prob gain a lb a wk from here on out... :thumbup:

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