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  1. ha im with ya on that one girl! i had my last fill on august 9th, i now have 8.5 ccs in a 10 cc band. but i CAN eat anything/everything i want. so its def up to me now to not do that. which is hard and one of the reasons i got the band in the first place. much luck to you!

  2. thank you so much!! :)

  3. thank you!! :) its been a long & windy road.

  4. haha its okay i like questions! first of all just a heads up, i jsut got my 4th fill in june & im at 6.3 ccs in a 10 cc band.so maybe your 3rd fill will be your magic number. also i try to work out & i give myself too many excuses not to, but i DO walk with my daughter every day....or at least run around the backyard playing with her or something....im not really a good example when it comes to working out! lol. sorry. but i wake up feeling hungry too, cant you eat in the morning? like i said, i cant. but maybe curb your hunger with some tea or sugar free something to drink instead of eating. im a chewer, i need to chew something haha. so i freeze my juices & they become slushis! then i eat them, takes about 40 minutes to eat cause theyre frozen. anyways ask away! :)

  5. awe thank you! hehe. youre doing great to miss thing!!! :) to pressure yourself, dont count calories, just eat a 1/2 of cup of your breakfast, lunch & dinner. its weird for me i cant eat anything until about 2pm, so i usually just drink my calories, with sugar free juice or something, & eat a larger lunch...then drink something at night... once you get your 2nd fill the weight will start falling off! trust me. :) what were your stats?

    mine were, weight= 360, bmi= 57

    now im 265 & 42.3 bmi.

  6. okay so girl, you truly inspired me! your before & after photos are AMAZING. im sure you hear that alot, but its no lie. im currently 4 months out & im down 60 lbs, i have a bit more to lose then you, i started at 360, so my goal is to lose 150, but i could even lose 200 lbs & be good. so gimme some tips, if you'd be so kind! thanks. hehe.

  7. omg rebecca thank you!! hehe. & likewise, enjoy your new self!

  8. hey girl! youre looking amazing! gimme sime tips, im about 1 month & a couple days post. only lost 40!! HELP!!! i have about 115 to go.

  9. umm i was looking thru your photos, & i hope this doesnt come out rudely, but why would you want weight loss surgery? from what ican see of your only head shots, you look thin. just curious. maybe you could post a body shot to prove me wrong, lol. but you look like my goal weight!

  10. oh man i know!!!! haha some people tend to go back to old habits tho, for some reason. but im determined to start new ones!!! go us!

  11. ya i had like a spoonful thrown in my lovely mixture of mush. haha. im gonna stay off bread entirely!!!!

  12. ya i had like a spoonful thrown in my lovely mixture of mush. haha. im gonna stay off bread entirely!!!!

  13. hey! mine was great! the blender came in handy when mushing up, the lowcarb stuffing, sugar free sweet potatoes & gravey! haha. it was very interesting. lucky, i havent had any veggies!!! im dying for a salad. ha. how ya feeling??

  14. hey! came across your page & wanted to know if you wanted to be sorta band buddies? lol. sorry if that came out lame in any way! anyways, lemme know! thanks!


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