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  1. just wanted to say Hello..... it's been a while... so much going on.  

    1. ProudGrammy


      hey bud-nice to see you!! busy, busy girl!! loosing weight, life after GOAL+ is great, glad you are enjoying - take care kathy

    2. BayougirlMissC


      hey Kathy.... nice to see you are still around.

  2. This is the thing.... when looking at the "trending topics" on the right side of this.... you don't see that it is a "male" or "female" room.... So sometimes when you get to reading a topic, you simple make a post... it's not a matter of "poking" around. Plus in 2009, when i joined, there was no Male/Female rooms.... we were all one and all gave and took advice for whom ever wished to give it. Some good, some not so good..... but for sure we had a reallyyyyyy great time. Then people started getting their underwear in a knot and drove some of the great people away. and you are incorrect.... lots of men give advice in the womans room..... at least they use too.
  3. hey guys..... been a long time.  Update:  We are nearing a conclusion on the propery settlement with my ex.... it's been two longggg years.

    It will be two years March that my beloved Tina (my band) has been gone.  Not going to lie, keeping the weight off has been HARD... but still chugging along.  Weight is at 155ish.... but I joined Crossfit and my body is becoming more leaner and stronger.  I didn't realize how weak i had become.  I really thought id die doing crossfit.... but i have really started to love it.... I know... but i do.

    Two weekends ago... i bought my very first wedding dress.... (picture attached).  I know i was married twice but both were when i was prego... and never had one.  This is the last time, so im doing it right.  We are going to Jekyll Island Club Resort.... Looks like September 2019....

    Thursday the 7th we leave for a short mini vaca to San Pedro.... and then the Honeymoon May 15-24 is in Italy.... Venice, Florence and then Rome.  I know we are doing it backwards, the the trip was planned first.

    Miss you guys..... if anyone wants to fb me or Instagram or email.....  Christina Callahan Cenac (fb), christinacenac (Instagram) or christina2315dd@yahoo.com (email)

    P.S.   Yes the dress still needs adjustments... hehe


    1. BigViffer


      You are going to be a beautiful bride Bayou!

      Wow, still having to deal with that property settlement? Man, that is crazy.

      You so deserve all of this happiness you have found with Tim. I swear he is the reward for all the years of suffering. I hope he knows he got the rainbow unicorn!

    2. weneebug


      I have actually thought of you a many times after you lost your band and wondered how you are doing. I think your weight is absolutely amazing. I don't know if I could hold my down without the band! Jekyll Island is great...I live in Georgia...it is beautiful and you are going to make a beautiful bride! Good luck!

    3. weneebug


      I am adding you a FB as I don't get on this site much anymore.

  4. in the "neighborhood" and wanted to say hello....

  5. HMA.... my opinion.... there are many other options than the Band or the Sleeve. In 2009 i chose the band. A 14cc band.... SW 232, LW 130, best weight 143 Current weight 155. I had my band till March 23, 2017. Till that day i didn't have any trouble. I got the flu and threw up very violently and slipped my band. This was not the bands fault or mine.... it's just something that happened. I LOVED LOVED LOVED my band and would do anything to have her back. In the almost 2 years with out her i put on 15 lbs. which i think is not bad. And the reason....because I followed all the rules and learned to eat not only for today .... but for the rest of my life. I still, eat pretty much the same portions, never drink with a meal or after..... I just joined Crossfit and i am loving it. As far as people saying the band is not successful..... well they are misinformed. I AM A SUCCESS....!!!! and as far as people saying the sleeve is the end all be all.... well again, they are misinformed. The sleeve has just as many problems as any other WLS. It just so happens that the Sleeve is what the doctors are pushing right now..... who knows what it will be in 10 years when they are saying..... the sleeve didn't work the way we wanted it too. I have a number of friends that had the sleeve and GB..... and in about 3-5 years they all are back to the weight they started. But the one thing they don't have ...... 3/4 of there stomach to do any other surgery. The only other WLS that has another option except the band is GB.... you can do Band over GB. This is the thing.... if you don't learn what's causing you to over eat, how to eat, what to eat, NO WLS is going to work. I've had two very close friends that had the band and converted to the sleeve... didn't lose a lb.... why, because they didn't get to the root of their issues.... So i say..... do more research..... go to more phy evals..... go to some support groups and listen.... make sure you have a great support system.... Then make your choice. Peach shirt was 2018 Christmas party at mine and my fiance's home (almost 2 years). Swim suit and peach dress, this summer (almost a year and a half). other two was 2018 New years eve, after a year with out the band. I was a success with the band and still a success without the band.
  6. BayougirlMissC

    To tell or not to tell?

    looking back i wish i had not told a soul.... grant you it was in 2009, people were much more judgmental back then. People looked and acted like you just sold your soul to the devil or something. Tell was one of my biggest regrets.
  7. BayougirlMissC


    I'm a lover of the clean cut man.... long hair has never been my thing... with that being said. Yeahhhhh love the new do....
  8. Haven’t been here in a while. I came by to look up something i posted years ago. But found out, even though I haven’t been here I’m still ruffling feathers. Haha and I didn’t even have to try. Anyway I figured if I were here i may as well catch you guys up. Still bandless 😞 and i still miss Tina every day. It’s been 1 year and almost 4 months. Hanging in at 150-155. Managing to still wear 4-6 mostly 6. Yes im still divorced 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Still with tim and living in Madison. Job is going great. Still being spoiled beyond belief. This amazing man adores me. He hides wrapped gifts around the house and when he’s away he’ll send me a message.... you are so wonderful you deserve a gift..... go find one in the spare bedroom ... and there will be a beautiful blouse or Pants or a dress. He baths me every night he home and washes my hair. Irons my clothes, cooks and cleans (I still do cook and clean) and has a cocktail waiting for me. We just got back from the most incredible NYC vacation (my first time there) couple things he did... Yankees game, vip tickets to watch the Macy’s fireworks from the top of the Empire State Building, Wicked (2nd row center) Dinner at NOBU, museum of natural history, kinky boots, Chinatown, and lots and lots of shopping. Necklace from Tiffany’s and a new charm from Pandora. He bought me a new Kona bike. It’s kicking my a$$. But it’s great. New lawnmower so I can cut the grass which I love. So I told him it made no sense to pay someone to cut, when I Love to do it. I miss most of you guys.... just kidding, I miss all my friends. If you want to reach me. Message me and I’ll give you my contact information ❤️ Chris aka bayou girl
  9. What a bunch of hypocrites. Taking advice from a person whether they are male or female shouldn’t matter. If it’s good advice it’s just that..., good advice.
  10. Ash.... Alex and I go wayyyyy back. I’ll tell him hello for you
  11. Omg.,,, you do realize that post was made in 2016. Stop being so overly sensitive. If you don’t want to know what the guys are posting, don’t go in there. I started coming here in 2009 wayyyy before there was a guys/girls separated places. We all got along and I excepted all advise whether it was from a girl or a guy. no wonder I stopped coming here. I only came to find an old post and I see the a crap. Gezzz people
  12. Godspeed, my friend!

  13. Hey all.... I️ know i haven’t been on here in a while. But i do miss you guys just wanted to let you all know our dear friend Elode aka Sarah lost her husband on the 17th. It was very unexpected, he passed in his sleep. Please keep her and their young son In yiu prayers. Miss you all