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  1. Happy 29th Birthday suzahhn!

  2. Totally back in the game. Loving being in control again!

  3. During the seminar I went to, the doctor said more people died from NOT having the surgery (due to obesity issues) than the control groups that "needed" it and didn't get it done.
  4. suzahhn

    discomfort with fill

    I actually had a fill today, and sometimes I get the pain as well. Are you only on liquids? I tend to swell so I do all liquids for a couple days afterwards.
  5. suzahhn

    having second thoughts

    You shouldn't have the surgery unless you're 100% and have all the information It sounds cheesy, but it really is a commitment to a weight loss journey and it will work for you if you work for it. Which means, eating the right foods (which you will learn about). You will definitely count calories and protein and some foods won't work. If you can accomplish the same results without it, perhaps you don't need it? Just something to think about
  6. We to my 2 year check-up and got a tiny fill. My nurse was SO motivating! I am so glad I went and I'm focused on starting over. I gained 11 pounds back but I know I can do this!

  7. It is definitely hard! But keep the end result in mind, this part is only temporary. You can do it!
  8. suzahhn

    I'm banded!!!!

    Congratulations!!! Nothing will be the same
  9. suzahhn

    Do I have to say goodbye to chicken?

    I can do a whole chicken breast but it has been about 8 months since I've had a fill. I'm thinking I'm due for one though
  10. suzahhn


  11. suzahhn

    the dreaded fat folder!

    (keep your hands at the level of your eyes)
  12. Very motivated tonight...a trip back to this page has helped me so much. No more excuses, just good choices :)

  13. suzahhn

    shoulder pain

    Hmmm, on average maybe 2-5 times a week. Sometimes it's minor, sometimes I just can't stand it. I do the heat pad too, and I cook healthy all the time. I'm thinking some foods just make the gas worse, if that's what it is.