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  1. I was sleeved on Aug 20th. I've lost about 120lbs between the pre-surgery diet and surgery itself. A few things I've noticed that concern me: 1) I haven't lost any weight in over a month. 2) I can eat a good deal more now than I could a couple of months ago. I still get the "did I stretch my pouch?" worry sometimes. 3) I've been really hungry lately. I'll eat, get full, then an hour later I'm hungry again. When I say hungry, I mean I feel like I'm starving. I must add, that i broke my foot in October and was pretty much immobile for nearly three months. I still limp, but I'm at a point where I think I can start exercising again (just no cardio or foot-related exercises yet). But, from everything I've seen,read,heard,been told by doctors and so on, the first year weight just comes off, your metabolism shouldn't adjust to your new caloric intake for at least a year. Do "stalls" still happen five months out? I'm currently in a "that's it, the weight loss is over" phase. Hopefully I'll step on the scale in a few weeks and see that five more pounds have vanished!
  2. I had no issues drinking beer. The only difference was I drank it much slower. I definitely have an issue getting in all my Protein. It's tough because there isn't alot of real estate for all the Protein shakes, and Water, and food etc! Gym days it's easier because I'm so conditioned to do my pre and post-workout shakes. Thanks for the assurances everyone!
  3. I've read a couple posts on this forum that say "stretching your stomach is almost impossible, the part of your stomach that is left is the toughest part". I've read online from other doctors that your stomach will stretch if you overeat. Other doctors say that it's very hard to stretch your stomach and you'll vomit before you get to the point of stretching it. My doctor makes it sound like it's very easy to stretch it, and to be careful to not overeat, and chew your food well etc. I really wish I knew with 100% certainty what the deal is with stretching. I don't want to live my life worrying about my stomach being stretched every time I feel "full". Any thoughts?
  4. My plan is/was to weigh myself once a week for the first two months, then start weighing myself every two weeks for a while. I only weigh myself first thing in the morning, in the same spot, same scale, with no clothes on. I even do my best to use the bathroom first (even though I barely ever poop anymore). Long story short, I weighed myself this past monday (10/7/13) and I weighed 295.8. For some reason, this morning (10/10/13) I felt the urge to check on my status and I weighed 296.8. I am now freaking out that I'm doing something wrong. Someone tell me there isn't a problem please, so I can go back to enjoying my progress! Oh, and remind me how it's not good to step on a scale that often because it causes panic like this!
  5. dandeegan

    How long did you wait to have sex

    With the pain meds I was taking, the drain bag thing, etc I wasn't even thinking about for about two weeks.
  6. I'd say stop thinking about it and do it, but find a different doctor. If he's quoting you "20% chance of a leak" then he isn't that good. My doctor was completely confident, didn't mention any increased risk (but he did say it was extra work) and acted like it was no big deal. He did the operation and nailed it. I was banded in 2008 with a different doctor. I spent 4 days in the hospital because of complications, could barely walk for a few more days when I finally went home, ended up with all kinds of problems (food getting stuck constantly, mainly), and lost less than 70lbs total. I started gaining weight back in less than a year. I had the band to sleeve revision with the aforementioned doctor August 20, 2013. I was in the hospital for 2 days, had no trouble standing up and walking around, and overall had 1/100th of the recovery time than when I got the band. Between the pre-op diet and the surgery, I've lost over 80lbs already and the only difference I really have between pre-WLS life and now is I eat a whole lot less, and burp a whole lot more. Do it!!
  7. dandeegan

    Dropped 3 pants size in 2 months

    I was a 48, and in 8 weeks (two week pre-op diet and 6 weeks from surgery) I'm wearing a loose 44. When I was buying the 44 pants a couple of nights ago, I had to keep my hand in my pocket to prevent my shorts from falling down. Pretty much none of my clothing fits me anymore. On a side note, I can't believe how much weight I've lost in such a short time. It doesn't feel real. I haven't even started back at the gym yet!
  8. dandeegan

    9.17.13 - 4 weeks post-surgery

    Weight at this point - 312lbs. Pre-surgery weight - 353lbs. Pre-liquid diet weight - 383lbs.
  9. Hello all, I'm pretty new here. Just wanted to say I'm glad to see an area that is centered around male-related issues. The information in here will be very helpful for me! Most of the weight loss forums/communities I've seen are mostly women for some reason.
  10. dandeegan

    Pouch Stretching Information

    This is indeed true. I wasn't looking for you guys to tell me if my band is stretched, I'm more or less looking to see if anyone knows what the real (or at least most commonly known) answer is in regards to stretching. Does it or does it not? Does it shrink back or doesn't it? Things like that. Thanks Dave, that information is great. I did see the 5 day test and am looking into doing it. Already have it printed out You lost 120lbs in less than a year? That's extraordinary.
  11. dandeegan

    September 2009 Band Date

    Add me please! Sept 15th

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